8 “Facts” About Coronavirus That Are Actually Lies

It is actually refreshing to come across some truth about something that is affecting all of us. All of us are concerned about the coronavirus, but there is conflicting information coming from all sides. Do you trust the information coming from mainstream media? How do you determine what is truth and what is lies and propaganda?

Below are excerpts from an excellent article by Ty & Charlene Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer. Use your critical thinking and common sense to see what should be obvious as truth. Do not be confused by the lamestream news. Everyone is urged to read the entire article but here is what you can expect. There is a link at the end of this post that will take you to the article.

8 “Facts” About Coronavirus That Are Actually Lies
By Ty & Charlene Bollinger
July 16, 2020

Have you ever pondered the fact that the current COVID lockdown, masks, and fear may be a result of official “facts” that are not facts at all but are, well, actually lies?

In our opinion, the propaganda campaign surrounding this so-called “pandemic” has achieved its goal. Inundated with voluminous amounts of contradictory information coming from all angles, people in general have succumbed to “analysis paralysis,” confusion and fear.

Many have given up trying to actually understand the situation and apparently have decided that, regardless of how insane or illogical the directives may be, it’s just easier to act like “robotic sheeple” and obey … even if it means giving up freedom and liberty.

We constantly hear about the “new normal” which includes COVID testing, contact tracing, monitoring, surveillance, mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantine and isolation, with the possibility of mandatory vaccinations and microchipping coming soon.

But cognitive dissonance has taken over. For instance, multiple studies have confirmed that sunlight kills COVID in a matter of minutes, as reported in a recent New York Post article.

In light of this fact, why did Gavin “the Dictator” Newsom recently go full totalitarian and ban activity on the beaches in California? And although multiple studies have shown that COVID fatality rates are rapidly decreasing, the California “dictator” has arbitrarily (and capriciously) proclaimed that indoor activities (including churches, gyms, and bars) in over two dozen counties must be stopped … except for his winery, of course.

This is the stuff of tortured logic, and it’s a primary reason why many “thinking” Americans are suspicious of government’s COVID guidance, and frustrated with private business response to the guidance.

There are several official “facts” which have led to this insane state of fear and irrational and illogical recommendations about COVID, and in this article, we’re going to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lies.

OFFICIAL “FACT” #1: If a mayor or governor or other “official” issues a COVID directive, it’s the same thing as a law.


OFFICIAL “FACT” #2: The COVID “Virus” Has Been Identified & Isolated


OFFICIAL “FACT” #3: COVID-19 “PCR” Testing is Accurate


OFFICIAL “FACT” #4: The COVID-19 Official “Death Count” is Accurate


OFFICIAL “FACT” #5: COVID-19 is Exploding in the USA!


OFFICIAL “FACT” #6: Global “Social Distancing” Directives are Scientific


OFFICIAL “FACT” #7: The COVID-19 “Mortality Rate” is VERY HIGH


OFFICIAL “FACT” #8: Everyone Should Wear a Mask, Even Healthy People



For the facts (truth) and evidence (references) please go read the full article. Click the link below.



Source: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/8-facts-actually-lies/


Update: 27 July 2020

Doctors expose the pandemic, there is already a remedy. These doctors hold a summit in Washington DC, to enlighten the public about the virus. These are licensed doctors who treat coronavirus patients everyday. Please watch the videos from America’s Frontline Doctors in the post: Real Doctors Speak Out

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