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These are stories about technologies that are way more advanced than what we have been allowed to have. These are disclosures of formerly classified projects. Links will open in new page.

The Secretive Inventor Of The Navy’s Bizarre ‘UFO Patents’ Finally Talks
Dr. Salvatore Pais has finally spoken to The War Zone concerning his seemingly out of this world patents filed on behalf of the U.S. Navy. BY BRETT TINGLEY JANUARY 22, 2020

General Makes Eyebrow Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology
Retired Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast says fantastic technology exists that could transport a human anywhere on earth within an hour. BY BRETT TINGLEY DECEMBER 11, 2019

The Truth Is The Military Has Been Researching “Anti-Gravity” For Nearly 70 Years
It sounds like science fiction, but the military began working to overcome and harness gravity in the 1950s. From what we can tell, it never stopped. BY BRETT TINGLEY OCTOBER 29, 2019

Scientist Behind The Navy’s “UFO Patents” Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor
The latest in a series of bizarre Navy patents isn’t just for a revolutionary reactor that could power cities, but also potentially a craft. BY BRETT TINGLEY AND TYLER ROGOWAY OCTOBER 9, 2019

Aerospace Tech Boss Claims Key ‘UFO’ Patent Is Operable
Navy officials claim their radical electromagnetic and superconductor technologies aren’t theoretical, they’re already operable in some form. BY BRETT TINGLEY AUGUST 2, 2019

Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances
Patent documents indicate that the U.S. and China are actively developing radical new craft that seem eerily similar to UFOs reported by Navy pilots. BY BRETT TINGLEY AND TYLER ROGOWAY JUNE 28, 2019

The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal  The US Navy has been granted a patent for an advanced aircraft which resembles a flying saucer UFO. Military inventors filed plans for a highly unusual flying machine which uses an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ to travel at ‘extreme speeds’. Jasper Hamill Thursday 18 Apr 2019 

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Update: 14th January 2022

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