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Wouldn’t you like to know how to level up? How to progress in this game of life? I do not know about you, but I have always felt like I was missing something. That there is more to life than what we perceive with our limited senses. I think that maybe there are mysteries and mysticism that we should be aware of. But as a people, we have been carefully steered away from these phenomenon. We have been educated to only see our surroundings from a certain point of view. And we have been told to only see our environment in a logical and rational scientific way.

But this is not the kind of world that we exist in. There is so much more beyond what our science tells us. There are too many instances of things that cannot be explained, which are then hidden away from us. These activities that we can do by the power of our mind alone. Telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and astral projection to name a few. Healing by thought. Manifestation of our true desires. What we think as random circumstance, reveals itself to be symmetry.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that we do exist after death. Ghosts are encountered all over the world. They show up in our pictures and videos. Some have been filmed as they were leaving the body! We all know that these ghosts are ourselves in spirit form, or also known as our soul. Yes, like it or not, this world seems to be more spiritual than anything else.

We are incarnated here by our Creator, and our main mission at this place is to learn how to love. Our progress is tracked by a cosmic meter that we call karma. Every decision we make, and every action we take, results in consequences that are either positive karma or negative karma. It seems that karma is always trying to balance between positive and negative. Yin and yang. To achieve our next level, we should always try to be on the positive side of this balance. We should try to love and accept ourselves. And we should also try to love and accept others, this will let us progress in a positive way. These things are easy to say, yet are hard to do. And that is because we are all flawed in ways that encourage mistakes to be made that cause us to grow spiritually.

We have no idea of what our cosmic score is on the karma meter. Of what we have done in previous lifetimes. When our current lifecycle ends, that lifecycle is evaluated and the score is added to cosmic balance. This is done in the afterlife, when we can connect to our higher selves. From there, we can go to the next level, which is fourth density, if we are eligible. If we are not, we are reincarnated again into third density until the lessons are learned on how to love yourself and others.

The ultimate goal is to merge back with our source, our Creator. But this is done through progressing through seven layers (densities) of existence. Yes, these do correspond with our seven chakras. When going from third density to fourth, our green ray energy center, our heart chakra, must be activated. With each layer, or density, we get closer to understanding that we are each a part of our Creator, who is trying to learn about itself. It is said that all matter in the universe comes from light, and in seventh density we transform into beings of pure light and are rejoined with our Creator.


Karma is a tricky thing, it is all around us and experienced everyday. If you consciously look for karma, you may learn to recognize it in your life. There are no hard and fast rules about karma. It seems that negative karma will attract negative karma, and positive to positive. But there is also the balancing factor, which is striving to keep your karma well balanced. If you do something exceeding positive, there will be negative trying to offset that. Karma is complex and subtle at times, but also can be very obvious, right in your face so to speak.

balanced karma
Balanced Karma

It is a puzzling concept most of the time, but I believe our intentions have a lot to do with karma. Just for an example, this is extreme, but makes the point. What if you go camping, and you accidentally left a campfire smoldering enough, that it catches the woods on fire after you have left the area? You didn’t intend to start a fire, but the end result was twenty acres of burnt trees and grounds. Then sometime later, your garden shed burns to the ground. Ok, I can see that as karma balancing. But let’s take the same example, but this time, you intentionally set the fire in the woods, hoping for the end result of twenty acres of forest burned. Well this time, in the future, instead of just a garden shed burning, your whole house burns down with you getting injured in the process. It is again karma balancing, but your intentions have greatly affected the magnitude of the payback effect.

Another example would involve something I did and how it probably affected my karma. I was walking behind a father and his teenage daughter through a store parking lot to get to my car. The father had a large piece of furniture that was flat-packed and looked heavy, on a cart. They got to their pickup truck, and I decided to help the guy load his furniture into their truck. I decided this because I had been in that same situation too many times in the past, where I needed to load something bulky and heavy, with nobody around to help me. So I told him that I would help him, and we proceeded to load his truck. When we were finished, the father brings out his wallet. I just waved that off and told them to have a nice day. It was never my intention to have this situation benefit me, I was just being kind to them. As such, that probably got me a large amount of good karma. If I had taken the offered money, it would have greatly diminished the amount of good karma that I received. We have to give kindness with an intention of selflessness. That is, we are not looking for any benefit to ourselves at all when we help others.

Well, I could talk all day about karma. Every situation and every person is unique. Just know, that you need to be positive toward yourself and others. Have loving thoughts and actions. Be kind, be accepting, be respectful to yourself and others. Be selfless. You want to accumulate positive karma. Our karma is crucial to determining whether we are eligible to progress to the next level of reality.

The Choice

At this plane of existence, besides learning to love, we are asked to make The Choice. Who is asking? Our Creator of course, and we are given free will to make this choice. What is The Choice? We must decide our path at this point. The Choice is either Service to Others, or Service to Self. Service to Others is of positive polarity. Service to Self is of negative polarity.

Please know that both are essential. But you can only follow one path. Negative polarized people are the catalyst that make positive people more positive. And likewise, positive polarized people are the catalyst to make negative people more negative.

Most people want to help others and be positive, which is why positive polarity is discussed so much. Yet negative polarity is needed too. We will discuss both types, because both can progress to the next level.

It should also be noted that because of The Choice, our free will must be intact to make this decision. It is only an illusion that we appear to be isolated on our planet, so that this choice can be made. However, we have had interference from both positive and negative beings from higher planes, sometimes in our past and also here in the present time.

Positive Ascension

You have made your choice, you are a positive person, and you are on the path of Service to Others. This doesn’t mean you have to volunteer in a soup kitchen or to be a nurse. Although many people answer this calling in the form of a career of service to others, you may not be compelled to. As long as you treat others kindly in a loving selfless way, you are on this path.

We only need 51% or more of positive karma, or positive polarity on our cosmic meter, to be eligible to be able to go to the next level. Fourth density, or the fourth plane of existence. Unfortunately, we do not know what our past lifetimes have done to affect our polarity. So we must try to be positive in this life cycle.

Positive Ascension – 51% or higher positive karma

Negative Ascension

This one is much harder to achieve ascension, Service to Self. This is someone who loves oneself above all others. Their ego, their sense of self, places them first. Anything that they do is motivated to benefit them. This negative type of person must have 95% or more of negative karma in order to be eligible to progress to the next level.

It should be noted that when a negative person reaches the sixth density, they abandon the negative polarity. To achieve spiritual progress in sixth density, everyone is of a positive orientation. There is no further need for the catalyst of opposite polarities to advance one’s spiritual growth.

Negative Ascension – 95% or higher of negative karma

Basics of Ascension

We have discussed the basic criteria to be eligible for progressing from third density to fourth density. There is one other way available that I call Advanced Ascension. It is very difficult, but is a shortcut to what we are trying to ultimately achieve. It is mentioned and linked at the bottom of this article. This next section tells us that we are running out of time and each one of us should be working on our spiritual development.

Earth Shift

We have just finished a Cycle of Time, which is three Great Years. A Great Year is 25,920 years long. This is the amount of time it takes our Solar System to make one revolution around the center of our galaxy. This cycle of three Great Years ended on December 21st, 2012. Yes, the Mayans were very precise with their calendar. There is supposed to be a Solar Event, a shifting in frequency and vibration of our Solar System. This Solar Event involves our Sun and all the planets of this Solar System. This has been delayed by benevolent beings because not enough of us are ready for ascension. We are now informed that it will take place sometime between 2023 and 2029.

solar event

When this Solar Event happens, Earth will shift in frequency from third density to fourth density, or the fourth plane of existence. We have been seeing signs of this energetic shift that will take place in the last few years. Our solar system is passing into a more energetic area of space, which is higher frequency particles that are hitting our planet and solar system. This energy will enable the Solar Event, which in turn will allow Earth to shift its frequency.

The dramatic weather and other natural occurrences on our planet are from Earth absorbing this cosmic energy. We are seeing more numerous events of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tornados. The hurricanes are bigger and stronger. The earthquakes are of a higher magnitude and cause more tsunamis. The volcanic eruptions are more numerous and more severe. Storms are more numerous and produce stronger tornados. We are seeing lots more flooding and droughts across the planet. And there are more wildfires that occur are from these droughts. We see more severe blizzards and more temperature extremes worldwide. All of this climate change is coming from the Earth becoming more energetic.

And this is not limited to Earth, all of the planets of our solar system are becoming more energetic. These observations are recorded and are quietly released in articles that do not draw any attention. No correlations are provided or even hinted at when you compare past observations to current ones. There are no reasons given or the reason is just listed as unknown when you find these articles. The information is there if you know where to look. Just the visual images suggest that each planet is changing, indeed everything in our Solar System is developing into a more energetic form.

When the Solar Event occurs, we will all be transformed. It will be instantaneous. Those souls that stay third density, will be relocated to another third density planet. The people who achieve fourth density of a positive polarity will remain on Earth, since our planet will now be a fourth density planet. The ones who achieve fourth density of a negative polarity will be relocated to a fourth density planet where all of the beings there are of negative polarity. The Solar Event will happen whether we are ready or not. It has been delayed to give us more time to spiritually develop, so that more people can ascend.

Advanced Ascension

This phenomenon, also called rainbow body, occurs on this plane, in third density. This light body is achieved through very disciplined teachings. To read click here

(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including “The Law of One“. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

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