Custodians of Earth Humans

There is an abundance of non-terrestrial beings all around us, yet we cannot perceive them due to their vibrational frequency. It is thought that they help maintain this illusion of isolation for us (so we have free will) behind the scenes, so to speak. There is a story behind the reason for this illusion, which will be discussed later. Why are all these beings here? Most are benevolent, and wish to help and guide us. But why now? It is partly two different things.

We called them here is one reason. On the day of the first atomic bomb test, we basically announced to the universe, that here we are on this planet in third density, and we are at this level of technological development. A nuclear explosion goes across all densities, all dimensions, all layers of space and time in the cosmos. It was a vast bright beacon that we cast, and it called across the universe.

There is a highly diverse group of beings now watching over us. Over fifty types have bases on the dark side of the moon, and on other planets with their moons in our Solar System. They are monitoring us to keep us from interference from other beings as much as possible. It is such a large variety so they can keep each other honest, as well as keeping negative beings contained from interfering too much.

This non-interference must be maintained, as we have to make a choice of our own individual polarity (positive/negative) for spiritual development, and this decision must be made of our own free will. These higher density beings will not tolerate much interference into our lives, this is why you will never see a extraterrestrial invasion like is portrayed in our movies.

Another part of the non-interference that is maintained for us, is that anything that will threaten more than half of the world’s population will be stopped. These non-terrestrial humans will actively step in and will end any threat of this nature. This is a lesson that they learned the hard way about five hundred thousand years ago that resulted in a complete tragedy. That band of rocks that orbits our Sun, that we call the asteriod belt, well that used to be a planet in that orbit. It was a super earth. The inhabitants there were third density, like we are now, and very warlike. They somehow managed to destroy their entire planet in one of their wars. Those souls had to go into healing for several centuries. Sadly, our society is just like those people and our planet should be a nuclear wasteland many times over, but the watching extraterrestrials have always stopped those actions.

The second reason is that we are rapidly approaching a cosmic event that will change our planet. It involves a Solar Event that our Sun will produce, which in turn will shift our Earth from third density to a fourth density planet. This will cause a mass ascension of the souls that are incarnated here now. For more details, see Ascension Theory.

These non-terrestrial humans are here to witness the Solar Event, but more importantly, to assist and guide us during our planetary ascension. Our karma will be evaluated at that time. Our karma determines both our choice of polarity and our eligibility to ascend. Some of earth’s peoples will be relocated to other planets to match their density and polarity after this cosmic evaluation. The only terrestrial humans staying here on Earth will be those who did ascend to fourth density and are of positive polarity.

Unfortunately the majority of this world’s population will not ascend from third density at this time. There are too many people who are not awake and are not aware that they should be working on their spirituality. These people will be relocated to another third density planet. Although it should be noted that people who have no knowledge of these concepts, who are basically good people at their core, can be eligible to ascend with enough positive karma. The ones staying in third density will have to start another Cycle of Time with repeating reincarnations to learn the lessons that will improve their karma.

One of the non-terrestrial human groups has been our custodians and guardians since the very beginning of Earth humans. They are a very ancient people who want to help by teaching the basic principles of the universe to those who need to learn these principles. They answer the call of those who are seeking such knowledge. The social memory complex of this group called themselves Ra. These beings are of sixth density who are seeking seventh density.

This Ra group experienced their third and fourth density on the planet we know as Venus. At fifth density, they relocated to another planet, as yet unknown. These people have existed for several billion years, yet it is always mentioned that time is experienced much differently at the higher densities. They are benevolent and only wish to teach, mentor, and guide us. They normally travel by thought through the cosmic web.

Cosmic Web – Artist Rendition

In 1981, Ra made a mental contact through a channeler. What followed was over one hundred question and answer sessions that lasted into 1984. This material was called “The Law of One” by Ra. It is not a theory or religion, nor is it a philosophy. It is simply the basic principles of the way this reality works. It is to guide us in our own spiritual growth.

In our past, the Ra group came physically to our world to teach these same principles. They contacted the Egyptians and the natives of South America. Unfortunately the peoples of that time started worshipping members of the Ra group as gods. This was never Ra’s intention, they only wished to teach and mentor. This unexpected result made Ra leave this place, for this worship was a negative aspect that was contrary to the principles involved.

The teachings by Ra at that time became distorted by the priests after Ra had left and were eventually lost. However some teachings remained that were not modified too much, yet they were influenced by the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures. These formed the origins of the Tarot, and the other was Astrology. And yes, this Ra is what the Egyptians made into a god. Their sun god, who is commonly depicted as a human figure with the head of a hawk. Again, this result was never intended by Ra.

Ra – the Egyptian Sun God

After the disastrous results that Ra got, they and other non-terrestrial humans initiated the illusion of isolation. They had little choice since Earth humans could not view non-terrestrial humans as equal beings, not with their mental abilities and advanced technologies. The things they could do, it was magic, they had to be gods, in our ancestors’ viewpoint. Ra admits to the building of the Great Pyramid as an energy center for healing and priest initiates to build their mental abilities. This was accomplished by thought alone by Ra, yet it had to be disguised as something built by existing earth humans.

This illusion of isolation placed upon us is strictly adhered to, to keep our free will. We simply cannot see these higher density beings unless they allow it. It is apparent that sightings of their physical craft are sometimes allowed, which is supposed to show us that there are mysteries that are beyond our world. Ra and other beings keep helping us by mentally connecting with us, or through our dreams, or simply by wishing love and light to us. But these extraterrestrials will not show themselves until we are ready to see them in our physical reality as teachers, mentors, and guides.

It has been determined, fairly recently, that the Ra social memory complex of beings are also known as the Blue Avians. They are indeed as the Egyptians depicted, a bird like head on a humanoid figure with other avian characteristics. They communicate telepathically, like mostly all of the higher density non-terrestrial beings. Language is not a problem when no spoken speech is involved.

(Interpretations by the author of The Law of One and other sources)

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