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How I Unplugged

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Are you looking for more tranquillity in your life? Do you need a change in your environment? It really is a matter of perspective. This story describes how to make that possible.

There is no better feeling than to have peace and calm at home. I literally unplugged myself from mass media and media news. There are a lot of things that I realized, that made me want to be independent, to do more critical thinking, and yes, it made me happier.

Nobody is saying to give up your favorite comedy or detective show. It’s the news that we question. Whatever the topics of the day that are pushed at you. These subjects also appear in daytime and late night talk shows. How do you recognize the truth? Because it was on the television? How do you see that a slanted perspective is being presented? Do you know when there is purposely omitted relevant news?

My first realization was that all mass media news anchors were using the exact same script. No matter if it was radio or television, no matter where the station was located, they were getting the same stories on their teleprompters for the announcers to read. Well I wondered about that and started researching about this phenomenon. It seems all of our news is censored, altered if necessary, and sometimes not shown at all. And the announcers are provided with instructions on how to spin it to the public. So what we see is scripted news that should provoke a carefully guided response from the audience.

  • "The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth." - Garry Kasparov

Seeing how almost all media stations are owned by just a handful of corporations, then it starts making sense. The media news anchors are bought and paid for, to read the official script of that day. The approved stories that are being peddled as truth yet often are not, with you not being able to see the whole picture.

Try not watching or listening to mass media news reports. I avoid them altogether. Try alternative news from the internet, sign on with online news from other countries, get other reports from new sources. Compare between all sources, and use your critical thinking to choose which are reliable and trustworthy and use those instead.

I try to also avoid any program that is seeking a debate or something controversial. These shows are carefully crafted to entertain you with drama, often distracting you from true stories. They could also be trying to quietly modify your opinion of a current event or a staged event.

I try to avoid commercialism, which is impossible where I live. Yet I try to ignore TV commercials, online ads, billboards, promotions in stores, radio commercials, etc. They are all trying to sell you a service or a product. Which most of the time is something you do not absolutely need. Just think before you purchase. I don’t know how much money I have wasted on less than useful products. Save your money for things that are more essential to you.

How do you free your mind? Step One:

Once you see for yourself how these things are conditioning your mind, and how the news media entraps you and binds you to their narrative, you will realize to let it go. It is a false reality. And you will seek the truth on your own terms.

You will come to realize that most of what we are presented with, through radio and tv, the official scripted narrative, is not even close to right sometimes. You will start to look behind the scenes, discovering the motives being used to manipulate the general public. You will also discover that your news is censored, that some current news reports are not there, yet these stories are reported in other countries news agencies.

  • "Advertising, music, atmospheres, subliminal messages and films can have an impact on our emotional life, and we cannot control it because we are not even conscious of it." - Tariq Ramadan

What do I watch? Mostly a paid movie service or an online video service. I go to the internet for news. If I watch any shows on free air channels, I just avoid or ignore the commercials. I have been unplugging for over ten years now. It is an ongoing process. I find that my clarity of thought and awareness has improved. You just need to get all these negative thoughts and emotions out of your head. These needless scripted dramas that are poisoning your thoughts. Declutter your mind. This modification to my lifestyle has resulted in me being a calmer and happier person.

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J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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Open Your Third Eye

A lot of people are not aware of their pineal gland and what it does. The pineal gland is a small, pea-shaped gland in the brain. It produces and secretes the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate biological rhythms such as sleep and wake cycles. It is believed to also secrete the hormone serotonin, which regulates our moods. Researchers are still investigating the many mysteries of this small gland. The pineal gland is located between the two hemispheres that make up your brain, near the center of the brain.

The pineal gland can also be known as your “third eye”. Physically, the pineal gland has rods and cones like the retina of your eyes and is also wired to your brain’s visual cortex. However this inner eye has a mystical concept referring to an eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. There are several studies that suggest DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is actually produced by the pineal gland. DMT exists in our brains in order to provide consciousness and as a spirit molecule allowing us to gain access to non-material realms. Many consider the third eye as our connection to the spiritual universe and other dimensional realities.

Calcification of the pineal gland occurs when you are exposed to fluorides, as many studies have shown. Over time fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland more than any other organ and leads to the formation of phosphate crystals. This makes the pineal gland slow down or stop making the necessary hormones for your body. Your sleep cycles are almost always interrupted by this occurrence.

If possible, avoidence of flouride is recommended. However some areas have flouride added to their water supplies. And some of the products you use every day and some of your foods may contain flouride or other harmful ingredients.

Here is a list of substances to avoid by experts that will allow you to prevent further calcification of the pineal gland :

● Fluoride
● Chlorine
● Bromide
● Calcium
● Tap Water
● Sugar
● Caffeine
● Pesticides
● Mercury
● Other toxins
● Alcohol
● Tobacco

There are some obvious reasons for decalcifing your pineal gland. You will sleep better and deeper. Your rhythm of waking and sleeping will be more natural. Your moods will improve, and be more stabilized. There will be a newly perceived clarity to your thinking. You could discover many more possible reasons, relating to the spiritual and your sense of well being.

  • "When we begin to see each other through what the metaphysician calls, the third eye, we begin to know each other on a level that is beyond what our physical eyes can see." - Marianne Williamson

You will begin to perceive the truth of the reality that surrounds us. Your perceptions could go beyond this physical world as your mind awakens, and could possibly connect to another plane of existence. You will realize that this world is full of manipulation, and there are many hidden controls that restrict us as free beings. You can become more aware of the injustices and the many inequalities that are present in this society. You may feel that humanity is out of harmony with the nature that surrounds us, as well as being disconnected from the rest of the universe.

You desire to feel free and strive to take control of your path with wiser decisions. You wish to live in a community that is full of love, compassion for others, and the truth. Your connection to nature strengthens and your awareness of the universe is increased. You will find that your imagination and creativity are highly improved. Solutions to problems will come easily to you now. Your intuition will be vastly improved, to guide your actions.

Here is a list of substances by experts that can help decalcify the pineal gland: (this is not medical advice, do your own research)

● Spring Water
● Raw Chocolate
● Citric Acid
● Garlic
● Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
● Oregano oil and Neem extract
● Melatonin
● Iodine
● Boron
● Tamarind
● Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil
● Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2)
● MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
● Distilled Water (detox – short term use)
● Nigella Sativa (the black seed)
● Zeolite

As with any substance, please research possible interactions with any medications, or interactions between substances. Use these items with caution with the directions of recommended dosages. Consult with a healthcare provider or holistic healer if you have questions or concerns.

This is a lengthy process, depending on how much calcification has occurred in your pineal gland. Patience is key to this endeavor.

After you feel like you have decalcified your pineal gland, some want to force the activation of it. Yet many people say that activating your pineal gland should not be rushed, that it will happen naturally. I tend to agree with this view. This is not something to be taken lightly, it should be an experience taken with caution. The pineal gland will activate at the right time for you.

There are numerous ways of activating your pineal gland. Some I don’t agree with. To me there are only a few safe practices to assist your pineal gland on its journey to activation.

  • "I have three eyes. Two to look. One to see." - Bellamor

The most traditional way is meditation. Meditation will focus your inner energy to the places of your body where you need it most. There are articles about meditation here. Set some time aside if possible once or twice per day for meditation.

There is also a set of Mind Awareness videos, seen here. These help you to tune your brain to a more natural frequency. These videos are in progressive stages and free to view. They have helped me to focus my concentration and raise my level of creativity.

I hope this article about the pineal gland has helped you. This tiny gland is still mysterious and researchers are still investigating it. There may be more information in the future. Good luck on your path to a healthier you.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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The Power of Free Thought

Do we recognize the power of our own thoughts? We should always have the freedom to shape our opinions and our beliefs free of outside influences. Let us do our own research and come to our own conclusions of truth.

This is worth repeating.

Words of wisdom that we should use in our own lives.

Originally published: 12 Mar 2019 – 1:55:14 PM

Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion).
>Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).
>Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs).
>Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts).
>Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).
>Decide for yourself (be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements).
>Decide for yourself (be free)
Those who attack you.
Those who mock you.
Those who cull you.
Those who control you.
Those who label you.
Do they represent you?
Or, do they represent themselves (in some form)?
Mental Enslavement.
The Great Awakening (‘Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.
When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.
The choice is yours, and yours alone.
Trust and put faith in yourself.
You are not alone and you are not in the minority.
Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

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How to be a Critical Thinker

Anytime we are questioning something, this is a guideline to go by to arrive at the most truthful answer. To have a belief, we must believe it to be true. We must believe in ourselves to get the answers we need.

This did not originate here and the author is unknown, but this is very important and beneficial for anyone to learn. Quit being told what to think and how to think. Start thinking for yourself. Knowledge is power. Ask these thought provoking questions to arrive at the truth you seek:


Who benefits from this?
Who is this harmful to?
Who makes decisions about this?
Who is most directly affected?
Who have you also heard discuss this?
Who would be the best person to consult?
Who will be the key people in this?
Who deserves recognition for this?


What are the strengths or weaknesses?
What is another perspective?
What is another alternative?
What would be a counter-argument?
What is the best or worse case scenario?
What is most or least important?
What can we do to make a positive change?
What is getting in the way of our action?


Where would we see this in the real world?
Where are there similar concepts or situations?
Where is there the most need for this?
Where in the world would this be a problem?
Where can we get more information?
Where do we go for help with this?
Where will this idea take us?
Where are the areas for improvement?


When is this acceptable or unacceptable?
When would this benefit society?
When would this cause a problem?
When is the best time to take action?
When will we know that we have succeeded?
When has this played a part in our history?
When can we expect this to change?
When should we ask for help with this?


Why is this a problem or a challenge?
Why is this relevant to me or to others?
Why is this the best or worse scenario?
Why are people influenced by this?
Why should people know about this?
Why has it been this way for so long?
Why have we allowed this to happen?
Why is there a need for this today?


How is this similar to _________?
How does this disrupt things?
How do we know the truth about this?
How will we approach this safely?
How does this benefit us or others?
How does this harm us or others?
How do we see this in the future?
How can we change this for our good?

Crucial thought steps to take when examining serious issues. Are you a critical thinker? What do you believe?

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Why Is Free Thought So Challenged?

This is a drop from 28 Mar 2020 – 2:15:18 PM.

We must break free of mind control and mind conditioning. To be free, we must free our mind. Post 3905 begins below.

A person(s) value:
1. vote
2. monetary value (tax contribution)
Why is ‘free thought’ ridiculed, challenged, and threatened when a person is opposed to the ‘mainstream-narrative’?
[2] remains fixed (degree allowable by ‘economic recession/expansion’)
[1] remains a variable
[1] dependent on a ‘controlled’ system of information dissemination
What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?
What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
What happens when the news is no longer free from bias?
What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent?
What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy?
What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party?
Fact becomes fiction?
Fiction becomes fact?
When does news become propaganda?
Identity creation?
How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?
Do people [human psyche] tend to follow the ‘majority/mainstream viewpoint’ in fear of being isolated and/or shunned?
‘Mainstream’ is used for a reason [dominate trend in opinion].
[If majority of people believe ‘x’ then ‘x’ must be validated / true]
Why do ‘mainstream’ media heads, within different orgs, always use the same keywords and/or catch phrases?
Coordinated? By who? Outside entity providing instructions?
Do they count on the fact that people [human psyche] are more prone to believe something if heard over-and-over again by different ‘trusted’ sources?
Do ‘echo chamber’ tactics provide validation / credibility to the topic/point being discussed?
Threat to intellectual freedom?
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Read again – digest.
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Logical thinking.
Why, after the election of 2016, did [D]’s and media corps jumpstart a [coordinated & planned] divisive blitz intended to create falsehoods re: illegitimacy of election, character assassination of POTUS through sexism, racism, every other ‘ism’?
Pre/post 2016 election?
Why were violent [masked] terror orgs such as Antifa immediately created/funded?
Why were these orgs tasked w/ immediate intimidation/shut down of any pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized to counter and silence pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized which divided people into sex/gender, race, [ism]?
When you control the levers of news dissemination, you control the narrative.
Control of the narrative = power
When you are blind, what do you see?
They want you divided.
Divided by religion.
Divided by sex.
Divided by political affiliation.
Divided by class.
When you are divided, and angry, and controlled, you target those ‘different’ from you, not those responsible [controllers].
Divided you are weak.
Divided you pose no threat to their control.
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or stable [livestock kept – sheep].
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.


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When Awake, You Can Clearly See

This is a 

drop from 28 Mar 2020 – 2:18:02 PM

When we start questioning our environment and the motives of our society, that is when we start finding the rabbit holes. Post 3906 begins below.

>Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion).
>Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).
>Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs).
>Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts).
>Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).
>Decide for yourself (be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements).
Those who attack you.
Those who mock you.
Those who cull you.
Those who control you.
Those who label you.
Do they represent you?
Or, do they represent themselves (in some form)?
Mental Enslavement.
The Great Awakening (‘Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.
When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.
The choice is yours, and yours alone.
Trust and put faith in yourself.
You are not alone and you are not in the minority.
Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.



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Saving America and the World

This is a

drop from 28 Mar 2020 – 2:21:09 PM


We are all hoping and praying that we can escape the tyranny of these sick and twisted people, these unelected leaders who have been our puppeteers. These megalomanics who would rather kill us than to let us escape their control. Their wealth is just a means to an end. They must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. The world is watching. Post 3907 begins below.

The entire world is watching.
Patriots from around the world are praying for AMERICA.
We are all bound by a feeling deep inside, a feeling that cannot be publicly expressed for fear of ridicule, a feeling that challenges the mainstream (narrative), against that which we are told to accept and dare not question, put simply, that people are being abused by those in power and time is running out.
Remember the battles of Lexington and Concord – “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”
For far too long we have been silent and allowed our bands of strength, that we once formed to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY, to deteriorate.
We became divided.
We became weak.
We elected TRAITORS to govern us.
We allowed EVIL to prey on us.
Those who claimed to represent us gave us false hope, made false promises.
The evil and corruption only grew.
This is more than party politics.
This is about restoring OLD GLORY.
This is about saving our land and our people from those who wish us harm.
This is about preserving our REPUBLIC.
This is about preserving our SAFETY.
This is about restoring our STRENGTH.
This is about PROTECTING our children.
We are all God’s children.
We are, FATHERS.
We are, MOTHERS.
We are, SONS.
We are, SISTERS.
We do not look at race.
We do not look at skin color.
We are, and will always be, PATRIOTS.


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Do We Have a Solution?

It looks like to me, we already have the solution to ending the killing being done by covid19. Everywhere I look, there is a magical list of drugs that are available and that work against covid19. I am no doctor and this is not medical advice. But I surely want to notify people that this treatment exists, and they can get their own doctor to prescribe this treatment if needed. The medications to be used would be Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and a supplement Zinc Sulfate. Even our president is recommending this. I will list different articles that discuss this treatment throughout this article.

This article with videos:

US doctor claims to have cured nearly 500 Coronavirus patients using hydroxychloroquine

This video:

Macomb man with COVID-19 says Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin saved him


The first two items on the list, Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, are medications that must be prescribed by a medical doctor. They have been FDA approved for over twenty years as a malaria treatment. But just recently the FDA approved Hydroxychloroquine for use against covid19. The last item, Zinc Sulfate, is over the counter supplement.

Do not substitute anything other than exact prescribed medicine. There was someone who poisoned himself with a fish tank cleaner, which was the totally wrong chemical, but was similar in the name. Let your doctor prescribe this treatment to get the correct medicines at the right dosages.

This article:

FDA Approves Anti-Malarial Drugs Chloroquine And Hydroxychloroquine For Emergency Coronavirus Treatment

This article:

Henry Ford uses hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 symptoms, says benefits outweigh risks

A typical treatment looks like this:

200 mg per pill
Taken 2 x day for 5 days

Azithromycin – (antibiotic known as Z-Pak)
500 mg per pill
Taken 1 x day for 5 days

Zinc Sulfate
220 mg per pill
Taken 1 x day for 5 days

Dosages will vary, since medicine strength is calculated by your body weight. Treatment may vary also, depending on your doctor. Let your medical doctor determine your treatment. 

Note: Zinc must be taken with the Hydroxychloroquine. The Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine work together. Use all three ingredients for this treatment to be effective.

Quote: from a recent Epoc Times article, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said, “The virus is inside the cell, the zinc cannot get inside the cell for biochemical reasons, so the hydroxychloroquine opens the door and lets the zinc in. That’s all it does, in this context,” he added, noting azithromycin protects the patient from secondary infections.

This article:

Malaria Drug Helps Virus Patients Improve, in Small Study


This article:

Michigan Democrat Governor Asks Feds for Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus, Four Days After Banning Use…


This is the type of treatment I was looking for. The medications are cheap and it can be done quickly. Personally I am not looking for an instant cure in the form of shot. (My last personal experience was the time I had a pneumonia shot, for prevention, and six months later I was hospitalized with pneumonia, several years ago) I am not looking for a vaccination either. There is doubt in my mind about how safe are the ingredients used and the possibility of ingredients not being listed. It is these unknown factors that affect my decisions, my health matters a great deal to me.

Companies donating:

Novartis to donate malaria drug in fight against coronavirus


I wish to stress that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am merely pointing the way to more information about this subject matter. You will need to research this for yourself, so you can make your own informed decisions.  It is my hope that this crisis will pass quickly with very little death. Please do not listen to the hype and hysteria that some news sources are putting out. They are peddling propaganda, they pushing fear and chaos through false claims. We will certainly beat this pandemic. Stay calm, stay at home. If you do go out, keep social distance at least six feet away. Protect yourself and wash your hands.

Update 29-4-2020: See studies using above treatment. See report.


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More about this subject:

DEADLY COVER UP: Fauci Approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccine

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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From Dark to Light

Excellent information by Petrus, published on Stillness in the Storm.

From Dark to Light: Ending the Elite Victimization of Children


Source – Operation Disclosure

by Petrus, April 12th, 2020

Purpose of this Note

This note aims to inform readers about hidden crimes against humanity, and help them prepare for an upcoming shock to our collective consciousness. This may follow expected revelations about the systematic victimization of children by the world’s power elite. Those who know and understand something about this disturbing matter will be better able to help others through the moral and spiritual crisis now appearing on our collective path. Our successful resolution of this crisis will constitute a profound transformation of human consciousness, and clear our path of entry to a New Age and a vibrant New Earth.

A few applications of this information and perspective are possible:

a. personal:
learning, reflecting, and re-grouping intellectually, morally and spiritually

b. social:

helping ‘mainstream’ family and friends through a crisis of worldview

c. community:

helping to mount community-level responses to assist anyone in need

d. institutional:

advising concerned authorities about how they might best respond


Terms of Use

This note may be circulated or re-published on condition that it appears in its entirety, continuously and without any changes, and that no fees are charged.


1. Introduction to the Elite Death Cult
2. Adrenochrome
3. Pedophilia, Ritual Murder and Cannibalism
4. Scale of Child Abduction
5. Means of Child Abduction
6. Victimization of Children Underground
7. Liberation of Captive Children
8. Prospect of Public Discovery
9. Light Workers and Light Warriors
10. Pandemic as a Medium of Global Power Struggle
11. Demise of the Elite Death Cult
12. What Comes Next

Background of this Note

Italics indicate search terms that readers can use to find definitions and information.

1. Introduction to the Elite Death Cult

The global power elite belongs to an ancient death cult. After millennia of abusive rulership, this powerful cult is finally being destroyed, as humanity rises up from ignorance and fear.

Members of the elite death cult worship a god that hates the One and holds humanity in contempt. This dark god relentlessly strives to outwit the One and replace human happiness with suffering. Cult members believe they are other-than-human or improved humans: appointed by higher powers (more powerful species) to rule (enslave) humanity and keep it in ignorance, poverty, pain and conflict. This agenda has been continuously pursued through direct or indirect control of all aspects of society, along with occult practices that invert empowering arts and sciences that the cult ridicules and marginalizes.

In the modern world, the elite death cult has maintained its rule through private central banking: internationally integrated and independent of all elected governments. The key point about private central banking is that it creates money as debt. Collecting interest on money that did not exist until it was loaned allows central bankers to amass vast economic power. Under this system, government pays interest on loans to privately controlled banks, while individuals pay taxes to government and interest on loans (for house and car) to privately controlled banks. These financial flows transfer massive wealth from families, communities and countries into the hands of the ruling class, which controls private banks and stands at the core of the death cult. These vast discretionary resources allow the cult to fund its internal operations, pursue secret projects of any imaginable scale, and accumulate the ownership and control of all major corporations.

 Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska

Every 50 to 70 years (two or three generations) this system collapses under its own weight, and is reconstructed under cover of a major war, disease or critical shortage. Such events are engineered and timed by the ruling class to create the conditions of chaos and confusion needed to reconstruct the banking and financial systems without any significant public understanding or oversight. Presently such a renewal of elite financial power is being attempted – under cover of a global health crisis – but failing. As people have become aware of the colossal banking scam, organized efforts to stop it have emerged and are succeeding.

Until today, full corporate control has afforded the elite death cult unchallenged power over: (a) mass production, research and technology, which allows economic dominance; and (b) news, entertainment and advertising, which allows major cognitive and cultural influence in favour of the cult’s agenda. A good example of (a) and (b) working together is supply and cognitive support for a medical system that administers toxic drugs to manage illnesses instead of developing and administering safe and effective cures. Keeping people ill is obviously profitable, but is primarily required to gratify the dark god served by the cult.

The elite death cult achieves indirect control over governments and religions by applying an ancient mix of spying (to monitor), bribery (to motivate), and blackmail (to enforce) among top officers: growing in number as infiltration progresses. Civic organizations that appear to oppose authority or challenge specific policies are often infiltrated to become ‘controlled opposition’; this serves to soak up altruistic effort, sustain public divisions, and prevent recognition of the underlying problem (the existence of the elite death cult). The most militant and dangerous organizations are founded by cult members and openly express its contempt for humanity. They include terrorist groups and the criminal cartels that produce and ship narcotics and traffic human beings. War and addiction also gratify the dark god.

Persons of authority or advanced knowledge who will not submit to the cult (honourable actors; white hats) become a threat to it: particularly when they cooperate with one another (the alliance). Recent gains in human consciousness (expressed in the growth of interactive communication enabled by the internet) have increased public awareness of the death cult (or at least some aspects of it) and pressures for a solution. After decades of hard and dangerous work, the international alliance against the cult finally has it cornered. And the liberation of humanity – long prophesied and prayed for – is now at hand.


2. Adrenochrome

Members of the elite death cult are addicted to an organic substance called adrenochrome. This is a form of adrenaline that is extracted from human beings in a high state of fear. Consumption slows the aging process and induces an altered state of consciousness that evidently supports the cult’s vampiric outlook, thoughts and actions.

The adrenochrome produced by terrorized children is particularly potent. For this reason, the elite holds populations of children in captivity, and periodically tortures them for adrenochrome extraction. This is an ancient practice that has continued into the present. There’s reason to believe that the scale of this practice has increased disproportionately with population over the past generation, as the cult has further entrenched and expanded itself. The average lifespan of a captured child after abduction is estimated to be two years.


3. Pedophilia, Ritual Murder and Cannibalism

Many members of the death cult are also violent pedophiles (pizzagate in the US). The rape of captured children – sometimes during their torture for adrenochrome extraction – is common. Some members of the death cult are also called pedovores because they ritually kill and eat children. The consumption of human blood is common among cult members and may, like adrenochrome, form an addiction. Adult humans may also be ritually killed and eaten, evidently in celebration of the cult’s absolute power and impunity. Ritual murders are embedded in occult rites that radiate intensely negative energy into the world.


4. Scale of Child Abduction

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that about 40,000 American children disappear annually. Extrapolating from the US share of world population (4.29% of 7.8 billion people), about 932,400 children would disappear annually worldwide. However, independent critical sources estimate that fully 8 million children disappear annually. Below are three different estimates of the percentage of children who disappear (with the world population aged under 15 being 2.03 billion at mid-2019). The second estimate is provided as point midway between the first estimate (extrapolated from official US data) and the much larger third estimate from critical independent sources.

Official 0.93 million > 0.047% ≈ 5 of 10,000 children each year

Intermediate 4 million > 0.20% = 2 of 1,000 children (4x official estimate)

Critical 8 million > 0.39% ≈ 4 of 1,000 children (8x official estimate)


5. Means of Child Abduction

Mechanisms for abducting children include: (1) child-snatching by well-paid agents, including some trusted community members; (2) separation from parents in war and forced migration, through infiltrated military groups and relief agencies; and (3) abduction through social services, through infiltration of police and child protection agencies. Evidently (1) happens in all countries, (2) happens in badly disrupted societies, and (3) happens in well-organized countries, e.g. in the US and parts of Europe.

6. Victimization of Children Underground

The death cult has anciently maintained crypts for its religious activities, consistent with its focus on death; and apparently some or all of these facilities are still in use. However, since at least the late 1990s, the contemporary cult has also built a large system of underground bunkers known as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), said to be linked by high-speed underground trains. Populations of captive children are kept in pens and cages in the DUMBs and other underground sites. The network of underground facilities seems to be concentrated in the US but extends to Canada and around the world. The DUMBs have many purposes – all disturbing – including adrenochrome extraction from captive children.

Presently the DUMBs are being overtaken and/or destroyed by the alliance (underground warfare). One insider has indicated that at its peak the system included 265 DUMBs, each with a capacity of 65,000 persons. In the US, the underground system appears to be concentrated in the state of Colorado, including a multi-level city beneath Denver airport, and a very large complex beneath a mountain to its south.


7. Liberation of Captive Children

Since the summer of 2019, the liberation of captive children has been conducted in tandem with the takeover and destruction of DUMBs inside the US by the US military. Something similar is reported to be happening in Europe. At time of writing, 35,000 captive children are reported to have been rescued from tunnels under major US cities. Apparently they are found in clusters of 2,000 to 3,000, severely malnourished, and often deformed and wounded, near piles of small corpses.



8. Prospect of Public Discovery

At time of writing, the American ports of New York City (NYC) and Los Angeles each accommodate a large US military hospital ship with 1,000 beds and 1,000 staff specialized in trauma. The US government has openly assigned these ships to treating medical conditions other than COVID-19. At the same time, a cluster of medical tents, staffed by volunteer health professionals, has appeared in NYC’s Central Park. Fragmentary reports from volunteers, and images of playpens and diapers delivered there, have appeared on social media. As a result of these developments, some observers speculate that children rescued from underground may appear for emergency treatment in these partially visible locations.

There is reason to believe that the alliance has planned for disclosure about elite victimization of children to begin in the spring of 2020. This is only one the cult’s many crimes against humanity, but it’s the one most likely to ignite and unite humanity against its hidden enemy.

Many reports state that underground facilities also house human breeding and mind-control programs, which produce a slave labour force (to expand the underground infrastructure) and a ‘stock’ for the cult’s human sacrifices (ritual murders). Genetic engineering programs – going as far as human/non-human hybrids – are also reported. Obviously the public revelation of any one of these activities would be explosive.

But nothing will unleash the emotion and conviction of the world’s people like the disclosure of the systematic abduction, abuse and killing of their children. Hence the timing of this painful but necessary disclosure may be a critical element in the final stage of the secret war.

This disclosure could begin with information trickled out through the internet. Over a few days this could trigger collective shock and outrage. At such a point, the mass media and/or social media may be temporarily shut down; a duration of three days has been cited. During this period many types of structural change (e.g. in banking and the internet) could be consolidated by the alliance. There have been indications that videos documenting elite crimes (including video confessions by cult leaders) will be broadcast worldwide during or immediately after a communications shutdown. At such a time, those who have prepared themselves for this collective spiritual crisis will be able to assist others who have not.


9. Light Workers and Light Warriors

Light workers counteract the death cult’s psychic and energetic attacks on humanity by recalling and anchoring higher-frequency energies and higher forms of consciousness. The experience of peace and universal love (distinct from thoughts about them) is upheld through compassionate presence, prayer, meditation, and other practices and technologies that raise vibration. Light workers may be Christian or Moslem, metaphysically schooled or secular in approach, and of any age and status. What they have in common is a direct personal sense of the One God, and the will and capacity to share that freely. Unfortunately, some light workers have been subverted or neutralized by the cult; and some other light workers are simply exhausted. Despite much adversity, light workers as a group have fulfilled their commitments; and most of them realize that victory has been achieved in principle.

Light warriors are active members of the global alliance to eliminate the death cult and restore freedom to Earth. Light warriors work in business, science, government, military and independent media and arts. Their efforts have led to a remarkable degree of inter-governmental cooperation in the past few years, which has already reduced warfare, the drug trade, and human trafficking. Light warriors tend to differ in sensibility and capabilities from light workers, and often excel in organization, planning, analysis, strategy and executive action. Light warriors leverage the spiritual capital generated by light workers, applying it in various kinds of worldly action. Active resistance to intimidation and manipulation are essential characteristics. Insight into deception, and skill in decryption, are necessary to understand and counter cult plans and strategies. Unknown to many light workers until recently, the light warriors are succeeding in three-dimensional reality: still taken as the only reality by those who’ve been raised in dimensional confinement and not yet found a way out.


10. Pandemic as a Medium of Global Power Struggle

The present pandemic – which has temporarily turned world society inside out – is not playing out according to the death cult’s plan. Like other bioweapons before it, this virus (or group of viruses) is not as lethal as advertised. Critically, the alliance is using the cult’s anticipated responses – including economic shutdown and social separation – against it. The current global lock-down is blocking the movement of bad actors and facilitating their arrest in the US and Europe (and likely elsewhere). Elite member announcements of corona virus infection appear to be covers (imposed and/or mutually agreed) for their arrests. Social isolation inhibits terrorist incidents (e.g. school shootings in the US) which require predictable public assembly to plan and execute (see false flags).

Social isolation and going off work are also giving many people more time to reflect on what really matters, and to learn new information and perspectives. Recently censorship on Google and YouTube was eased (although this may be an ongoing battle in information warfare), which accelerates the evolution of information and perspective. As representatives of the death cult become more open about their vision of the world – including curtailing individual freedoms and inserting biological control mechanisms – people become more able to interpret the underlying message and make choices about the kind of world they wish to live in.

In the US, power over central banking has shifted from private hands (elite European families) to the US government. Its vast emergency expenditures provide short-term relief; but they could also drive the entire financial system – based on money as debt – over a cliff. Control over the cult’s intended economic collapse has been taken away from it: clearing the way for a financial system designed for popular prosperity instead of exploitation.

The cult’s plan for this pandemic was to create mass hysteria, destroy economies, globalize government, create a new financial system using global digital currency, kill dissenters, implant those who remained with biochips, regulate them all through 5G, and secure vows of obedience to cult leadership and devotion to its god. But the apocalypse that cult members have so assiduously prepared for us turns out to be an apocalypse for them alone.


11. Demise of the Elite Death Cult

Light warriors’ effort to remove the death cult from power has progressed to the point of imminent victory. In the absence of reliable reporting, it might even be happening now. At time of writing, the mass media seems to stand as the cult’s last effective weapon. As its messages become more extreme and less trusted, it opens a clearer window onto the cult’s intentions. In the US, it’s possible that cult control of mass media is merely tolerated (under recently introduced conditions of ‘medical martial law’) for a few more days or weeks: in order to increase public understanding in preparation for the cult’s final elimination.

Worldwide, the cult’s supply of funds and adrenochrome has been constricted enough that many are experiencing adrenochrome withdrawal, which accelerates aging and disfigures the addict’s body in a characteristic way. This has now befallen Hollywood celebrities, as can be viewed in photographs and memes online (since people are so keen to document celebrities).

In the final stages of elite collapse (beginning now) many members are expected to commit suicide or die through adrenochrome withdrawal. It is not yet known what combination of imprisonment, execution and unforeseen outcomes awaits surviving cult members.


12. What Comes Next?

Available information about alliance plans for managing the collapse and rebuilding afterward is limited and murky. Insider reports suggest that the alliance considers that only a partial and/or staggered release of the truth will allow social stability to be maintained.

On the other hand, many popular gains can be generated once the cult is removed from power: (1) financial benefits from monetary and banking reform; (2) lifestyle improvements from the release of suppressed energy, transportation and materials technologies;

(3) improved confidence and contentment from chemical and electromagnetic decontamination and ecological regeneration; (4) improved health from (3), better food, improved work/leisure balance, and the release of suppressed health technologies; and

(5) increased social harmony and synergy, with the end of engineered opposition among men and women, young and old, and all the world’s diverse religious and cultural groups.

It is possible that hidden truths – only some of which are discussed here – will be released in stages to the public as it progressively experiences these benefits: counterbalancing inevitable growing pains with long-term gains. It is also possible that some aspects of the truth will not be released by governments. Yet it seems likely that inquiring minds will be able to research the truth for themselves more fruitfully than ever.

The freedom won by light warriors will dramatically expand light workers’ capacity and sphere of influence. Exhausted light workers can retire from the Earth experience, while others will help human consciousness reach heights undreamed of in our reality of today.

As our most victimized children are freed and healed, so may we all be.


About this Note

The author began to sense a hidden global power structure with a hostile agenda when he began his career in international development assistance in the late 1980s. This perception crystallized in 2001 through the events of 9/11, and direct observation of chemtrails and the inability of most people to recognize them.

At that time, the author shifted his focus from paid professional work to advancing the technology of sacred geometry, which augments the life-force and accelerates the expansion of consciousness. By designing, building and using forms that embody the golden ratio and fractal symmetry, the author regained access to his higher self. On this basis he composed two volumes of literature, under the name of Petrus, about humanity’s present passage from separation to unity.

In 2005 the author began to return some of his attention to informed critical discussion about world affairs. In 2014 he began educating himself about hidden sectors and agendas, after meeting Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, and Michael Tellinger. Once the author recognized the secret global war in 2018, it provided a focal point for some 1,000 hours of online review of research and ongoing independent journalism. The content of this note is informed by that review. The interpretation is supported by the author’s professional studies and work experience, and grounded in his personal awareness as a life-long meditator, sacred geometry practitioner and spiritual communicator.

The collective base of knowledge that is glimpsed in this note is very substantial, and goes back several decades. It includes hundreds of books by brave and dedicated researchers, and field reports from others who have risked their livelihoods – and even their lives – to bring hidden facts to public knowledge.

Dark to light!

Source – 

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White House Briefings

The list below contains the most recent (US) White House briefings about the Coronavirus or other recent events.

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The Great Pandemic

This is a video series by David Wilcock discussing the coronavirus pandemic. The videos by David Wilcock ( listed below may give some clarity to the situation. Transcripts are available for translation on some of these videos. 


GP Series – Cosmic Pep Talk and Global Peace Meditation 

Transcript Not Available 


GP Series – Wikileaks dumps all files

Transcript Not Available 


GP Series

Transcript Not Available


The Great Pandemic Part IV

Transcript of the above video is available for translation into most languages. 



The Great Pandemic Part III

Transcript of the above video is available for translation into most languages. 



The Great Pandemic Part II

Transcript of the above video is available for translation into most languages. 



The Great Pandemic 

Transcript of the above video is available for translation into most languages. 


Source: David Wilcock (

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A Liberation of a Planet

For those who are really, really awake, I am passing along a message from Jo with the FB group, Raising Vibrations. This corresponds with everything I have researching. This is a much needed message of life to this planet. Thank you if you participated in the mass meditation, and thank you to all the Starseeds and Lightworkers who are raising the energies. The message in its entirety:

Hello my darling light friends, So much happening on the energetic realm, along with massive awakening on a daily basis!..Have been waiting for this all my life! I know most of you are feeling it, and are finally seeing a new dawn  Thankyou for all your support, photos, videos and of course all your gratitude to me, and for RV, its so uplifting and enecouraging. Im blown away how well everyone is coping, and how you are using your time and energy. Just want to send you a cosmic hug, angel kisses, and a new transmission today filled with light.. I love that I have you, like minded souls to walk with. Keep doing your amazing work for this monumental shifting of paradigms. Always here  Jo


Great Ones,
The Great Awakening has moved into High Gear as Operation FREEDOM EARTH sweeps across the planet.

An incredible Evolution of Consciousness has occurred on planet Earth over the 30 Earth days as the FORCES of LIGHT continue to dismantle All 3D paradigms, and replace them with NEW, Harmonious 5D-Earth Systems that are much more Beneficial to Sentient Human Life.

Everything in this World is Changing in a Profound and Positive way and a NEW Era of LIGHT has finally Dawned for Humankind.

The StarSeed Collective of Earth is leading the way in this Great Planetary Awakening and are sending the Blinding LIGHT of Higher Awareness and Truth into every dark corner of the Earth matrix. The recent Global Mass Meditation had an enormous impact on Consciousness levels on the surface and BEcause of this, Humanity is much more Aware NOW and they are finally ready to Fully WAKE UP.

A NEW improved Positive Gamma TimeLine was created several Earth days ago as a direct result of that Mass Meditation and efforts are underway as we speak to coordinate an even more powerful upcoming Global Mass Meditation. This will be announced in the coming few days.

As we move forward towards the Grand EVENT 2020 Culmination and the Long-Awaited BEginning of the NEW Age of Aquarius, things are well underway in the Greatest Planetary Freedom Operation that Humanity has ever witnessed.

Benevolent LIGHT FORCES have been arriving in Earth’s Solar System in Great Armadas and in mass numbers over the last few Earth days to witness the Grand EVENT 2020 Culmination and the Spectacular Liberation of planet Earth.

The Earth Alliance reports that thousand of sightings of these Galactic Armadas have been reported and more and more photos and videos are BEing posted on Social Media showing these incredible LIGHT Ships moving into Earth’s Solar System.

The Earth Alliance received a recent LIGHT FORCES Data Stream which indicates that Full Disclosure of and First Contact with our Galactic Family is NOW imminent.

As the latest Federation Armada was detected arriving in Earth’s Atmosphere yesterday, Energy levels all around the Globe started rising as powerful, 40-Hertz, 5D, Gamma LIGHT Beams permeated Earth’s Atmosphere between the hours of 12-18 am EST yesterday morning.

Recent Earth Alliance Data shows that a Powerful inbound Wave of Exotic 5D particles are headed for Earth and will impact the planet BEginning mid-morning on Sunday.

This Powerful Cosmic Energy Wave will Greatly Strengthen StarSeed LIGHT Bodies and further accelerate the Great Awakening of HUmanity.

Ascension symptoms continue in an elevated state as StarSeeds all around the planet are reporting moderate to strong layered body symptoms.

Among the wide range of Ascension symptoms being reported right NOW, “Powerful Vivid Dreams” stand out as the most prominent and unique symptom that is mentioned in the latest Earth Alliance Date. These Vivid Dreams are a natural manifestation of the Great Awakening that is currently underway on Earth and are simply a shortcut to Healing something important in your life.

If you are experiencing these Ascension Dreams, try to see the Higher Purpose in it all and KNOW that All Is Well.

We assure you that the Angelic BEings who have come close to Earth recently are working with you in these Dreams to promote the Healing of your Mind, Body and SOUL.


Two Earth weeks ago as part of Operation “STORM”, Elite Delta Security Forces were deployed on Special Mission all across the planet for the purpose of Neutralizing All remaining dark cabal beings from the surface, engaged in harming other BEings.

Emphasis was placed on areas of smuggling and trafficking such as hidden underground tunnels, seas / sea-ports, and borders in this Positive Military Mission.

This Special LIGHT Forces Delta Security Mission has a Covert Military Status for good reason and is BEing Orchestrated out of the public eye, in the Best interest of Humanity who is NOT Awake yet.

This is why it has been said generally to, “TRUST THE PLAN”.

Most StarSeeds know what is really going on under the Covid-19 cover and we absolutely can tell you that All darkness is being systematically removed from the face of the Earth, right NOW by the Forces of LIGHT who are in Full Control of All Earth’s Systems.

Nothing can stop the Grand Evolution of Humanity that is coming and the Invisible Enemy of Humanity that hides in the dark is BEing Eradicated from every corner of the Earth.


There are several other main Delta Missions underway right NOW each with different objectives.

One current Special Covert Delta Operation Mission was deployed to eliminate several Dark-Web Nodes and to perform a RESET of Major Internet Hubs.

This Mission is still ongoing and when this Operation is complete, Global comms could go down for around three days.

Another current Special Covert Delta Operation Mission was deployed to deal with the old 3D matrix Global Debt-Based Fiat Money System.

Under this Successful Operation, the Leaders of LIGHT have already taken Full Control of the corrupt Federal Reserve Central Banking System.

This Special LIGHT Forces Operation is bringing about a completely NEW, Asset-Backed Abundance System where every Citizen of Earth will BE Relieved of All 3D matrix debt bondage and will Live in Abundance on the 5D NEW Earth.

As the old harmful fiat money system is Re-structured by LIGHT Forces, unprecedented Debt Cancellations are occurring all across the World from the top down including the IMF and World Bank and will continue to occur until All Global Debt has ended.

The Galactics are working overtime from the Sky to the Ground at this hour on behalf of Humanity to completely Liberate Planet Earth.

As we move closer to the Great EVENT 2020 Culmination and the Grand SOLAR FLASH soon the entire planet will BE completely Shifted into the 5th Dimensional NEW Earth.

Great LIGHT has come into this World and an incredible Paradigm SHIFT is well underway, Dear Ones.

Thank you for coming to Earth at this time and for your Great sacrifice.

Let us know what Ascension symptoms and major life changes you may BE experiencing at this time.



Channeled by Michael Love 💜

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Detoxify My Society

Well, if you have gotten to this page, you must be curious to what is exactly going on. I can only tell you what I believe, and it is partial information that I have obtained through sources that I trust. We are in the middle of a struggle between good and evil. There is an ongoing effort to remove the power from the elites and give it back to the people. The elites are getting desperate and using their emergency plans that have been in place for years. You should know that the elite’s goals are to depopulate the world and make human slaves for themselves from the remainder, while setting themselves up to be the permanent rulers of this planet.

Some of the scenarios that are a part of this preplanned event (cv19) are listed below. You will need to make informed decisions and guard against these agendas which will strip your fundamental rights of being an earth’s citizen.

  • To separate families: force testing of family members and send some members into forced quarantine away from home. A team would come to your home and force all occupants to be tested. Then (example) your kids would be taken away from you for their own safety. Or it could be your wife, your husband, your kids, your brother, your sister, or your parents.
  • To force vaccines upon the world’s population. These have been prepared and ready for this event and will be unveiled later. But these have been called “special” vaccines. They will have unknown toxins and possibly nanotechnology in them. Along with that comes micro chipping of individuals, to mark who has been vaccinated. (Also note: the 5G technology is rumored to be what activates the nanotech, once it is in your body.)
  • To force mail in voting in the next US presidential election. If the elites can keep this lockdown in place, this is how they can cheat to get a president that they can control. Your vote will not even matter.
  • To force the world economy to crash. The elites want to create as much chaos and confusion as possible so they can achieve some of their objectives. Also, they will blame as much as possible on Trump.

The elites have infiltrated all segments of our society through corruption and blackmail. The ones that could not be controlled were killed. But there are good guys throughout our society who have formed the Alliance. This alliance is worldwide and is all about taking the elites out of power before they can kill or enslave everyone. They are also the ones who asked Trump to become president, as a president that the elites could not control.

If you are still watching mainstream news, just stop it. Turn off the TV. They are pushing fear through lies and deceptions. All of the mainstream news is controlled by the elites and they are promoting propaganda. Anything to promote the elite’s agenda, which has been outlined above. The media has single handedly blown this virus way out of proportion to cause people to be afraid. They want the people to demand these “special” vaccines.

What you need to question is ” Why has this particular virus triggered a lockdown of this magnitude across the world”. This has never happened before, and we have had virus outbreaks plenty of times before. SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu, and Avian Flu just to name a few. This is an indicator that this particular virus outbreak was a preplanned event. An event to strip away your rights.

The truth is we can recover from this virus and build our own antibodies against it. (Do We Have a Solution?) A vaccine is not even needed. It makes no sense to keep healthy and recovered people in lockdown. Let the people who are the most susceptible with compromised immune systems be in self quarantine and use masks in public. This virus is far less deadly than anything we have seen before. Do not believe the inflated numbers from the msm.

For those people in countries, states, or cities that are still in lockdown, your rights are being ignored. This is not even legal. Voice your protests. For the ones who are in authority in these places, they are being controlled by the elites and are now being exposed. It makes no sense to keep the economy in lockdown. The people united can stop these adversaries. Claim your right to be free. Claim your right to freedom of speech. Claim your right to participate in your religion. Claim your right to work to provide for your family.

The good news is that in this war between good and evil, it appears that the good guys are winning. We know that the trafficking rings in pedophilia, sex slaves, and forced slavery are being taken down. We know that a lot of these victims that were enslaved have been rescued. We know that the drug cartels are being taken down. We know that the majority of DUMBS (deep underground military bases) that were used by the elites have been captured or destroyed. (From Dark to Light)

It really amazes me how many people are still believing the false narrative that is being put forth from mainstream media news. The truth is out there online, but you have to want to find it. You have to want to critically think for yourself, instead of just believing what is broadcast to you. You have to quit being lazy, and discern your own truth. There are plenty of citizen journalists presenting factual evidence.

One thing I have learned over the years researching fringe material, is that 95% of these so called conspiracy theories turn out to be true. You need to adjust your thinking and adjust your beliefs. One day soon, the power will be given back to the people with all of our constitutional rights intact.

#Trust the Plan

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J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

For more information:


The Plan to Save the World


The 2nd American Revolution


The Fall of the Cabal

(Ten part docuseries about the cabal (Deep State).


Out of Shadows

How Hollywood and MSM use propaganda throughout their content.

For Related Material:

Detoxify Me Information

Coming Soon
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Coming Soon
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?

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The Truth of CV19

Is something not quite right about the narrative being presented by official sources about CV19? Tired of masks and lockdowns? This is a repost that counters the lies and deceptions that we are being presented. Here is an excellent article showing a lot of truth from  I believe the people should know the truth. Well done to the researcher who did all of this hard work.

Government and Media Proven to Be Lying To Public About COVID Pandemic

June 27, 2020 by Derek Knauss


US medical doctor and state senator explains that the US government has sent official documentation telling doctors and hospitals to lie about CV-19 death and infection numbers. and

At this added link, the US government actually admits that every death counted as a COVID-19 death is either a) presumed to be caused by COVID-19 or was caused by another disease…and also counted as a COVID-19 death.

NY State admits adding thousands to CV-19 death counts with no testing. (article)

Medical doctor in Montana explains that CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked by US government.

German virus expert declares social distance isn’t based on science and that CV-19 can’t be found anywhere on any surface he tested. (article)

At this added link Dr. Andrew Kaufman clearly explains the faults in the testing system and explain why there is no virus what so ever. (Spiro Skouras interview)

Medical doctor explains there’s no way to test for CV-19 in the first place, so how is anyone confirming cases, even though most aren’t confirming….they’re just making them up.

State Health Department in Illinois declares they are faking CV-19 death and infection numbers.

Canadian nurse comes forward to testify CV-19 death and infection numbers are being faked.

Investigative reporter explains CV-19 statistics are being faked.

Head of UK National Health Services admits they’re padding the UK COVID death numbers as well, with people who never died of COVID.

After basic investigating of government statistics, CV-19 death and infection numbers are proven faked beyond belief.

Two US doctors come forward to hold a press conference, to discss that the current statistics and the science, in no way, warrant a shelter in place order.

Canadian member of provincial parliament is polite but obviously hints to some major obfuscations regarding COVID. (article)

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control explains that lock downs, social distancing and shutdown businesses to stop the spread of an infectious disease has no basis in science what so ever.

German MD calls corona lock-down measures “Collective Suicide Based On A Spook” after reviewing Sweden, a country that never locked down and didn’t quarantine at all…where everything is perfectly normal. (article)

State Department of Health in Washington admit to adding people who died of shotgun wounds to the COVID dead count.

Doctor with several degrees from MIT explains the numbers are being faked and why they’re being faked.

Nurse explains hospitals are empty and laying off nurses because no one is sick.

Houston set to demolish a $17 million temporary medical tent for COVID victims….because it didn’t even see one patient. (article)

Wisconsin government pays $10 million for a temporary COVID tent for the “over flow of COVID sickness” yet again…..not one patient.

Chicago invests 65 million in a conventional center to treat 3000 COVID patients. It shuts down after servicing 30.

Nightingale Hospital in the UK closed after ramping up for 4000 beds….and seeing only 50. What sort of pandemic is absent of any sick people?

NY field hospital with 2500 beds (costing tens of millions) closes after seeing 18 patients.

Cape Cod 100 bed unit for COVID patients, closes after seeing not one patient.

NJ the same..…

660 million spend on 16 field hospitals in the US, waiting for the big rush……. almost no one showed up.

Respiratory expert at US hospital explains that nothing is adding up and that the media reports should be questioned.

Funeral directors in NY come out to testify that they’re being pressured to toe tag everyone as COVID19 when the cause of death wasn’t COVID19.

Italian Leader explains the faking of COVID deaths in Parliament….

And yet another member of Italian Parliament takes the house floor to explain that not only is the pandemic fake, it’s being used as a back drop to remove human rights and poison people with a new untested vaccine. (speech by Sara Cunial)

Austrian member of Parliament unloads on the Minister of Health for lying to the Austrian public about COVID-19 and plunging the country in to complete disaster…based on weaponized fear, fibs and fabrications. (member Kickl)

In this article with English translation, we see another Italian Member of Parliament explaining why people are sick in Italy and how the entire lock down and CV-19 pandemic was a coup in that country orchestrated by outside forces.

Trauma doctor in NY declares all deaths are listed as COVID to pad the numbers, regardless of what they really died from. (NYC COVID 19 street testimonial from trauma care worker)

How many 2 week lock down extensions will it take for you to start understanding? COVID 19 exists on your TV, inside a fabricated government/media illusion….if you look out the window into reality, no one can find it.

Washington Post reports that COVID-19 the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon the American public in history by media and government.

Orange County Medical Doctor comes out to question the validity of the numbers and the sensibility of the government’s response. Dr. Jeff Barke

Medical doctor and surgeon out of the UK also explains the COVID hoax. (Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil)

Reporter in the UK points out more government lying about COVID death numbers. (Paul Weston)

Nurse in United States comes forward to highlight the media is lying to the public about the numbers and busy hospitals.

PhD in Immunology and one of the world’s most well respected research scientists, explains that the media is not telling the truth about COVID19 – (Prof. Dolores Cahill)

Member of Irish Parliament questioning the faking of death certificates…… (Strabane MLA questions Covid death certificates)

At this added link reporter Jon Rappoport explains how easy it is to start a fake pandemic and exactly how it’s been done in the past.

At this added link the US government admits adding random deaths to COVID death numbers without testing.

At this added link we have UK officials do double counting COVID infections numbers, because a nasal swab and a saliva swab around counted as two people, when both tests come from the same person.

At this link the Ontario health force in Canada also admits to toe tagging absolutely any death as COVID, whether COVID was involved in the death or not.

Former Supreme Court Judge in UK explains that the government is fudging the COVID death numbers…..(Lord Sumption)

At this link the CDC in the United States actually removed over 30,000 deaths due to COVID-19 in one night because of the public discovery of their inflation tactics and even with those 30,000 COVID deaths removed…..all other deaths are listed as merely being “assumed” from COVID because they are aware that the test to confirm COVID infection can’t detect COVID infections. It’s all about the CDC getting ready for the lawsuits regarding their fabrication.

The UK Government admits COVID-19 is not a high consequence infectious disease….in March 2020. So why all the government tyranny continuing to march forward.

UK Minister of Health Chris Whitty ends up just telling the truth and saying COVID-19 is basically harmless and no greater a threat than the common flu.

Israeli professor declares that locking down and closing business does absolutely nothing to slow the spread of infection…..therefore lock down and business closure has always been completely unwarranted.

If you want to have the entire narrative linked together in a way that easy to understand hit this link.

For people who speak French, these two documents are from Quebec Canada where the government instructs doctors to label any death as COVID, without testing. 

(Images must be viewed at original article)

In this video we see a COVID testing station completely faked because no real person was interested in taking the test, because no one is sick and they also don’t trust the medical or government system at this point in time. Faked by CBS news to mind control the public. (Video removed)

Here we have a Facebook post from Lena Kay with 2 million views regarding her family member being listed as during from COVID19 when he in no way died from COVID-19

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains the new revelation that the UK government was conducting a full psychological operation on the UK public and that covid-19 never existed. It was invented as to manufacture fabricated fear, in order to use that fear against the public.

NY city Nurse comes forward with documents proving that covid positive tests were faked and fabricated….. and it gets worse. This nurse and many other nurses talking about the medical system using ventilators to actually kill the patients….. (Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine)

Canada’s top Constitutional Lawyer is now suing the Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments because nothing they’ve done or suggested the public do (regarding COVID-19) has any scientific or medical validity what so ever. In short, the government has fabricated covid-19 and its solutions out of thin air. Everything from 6 foot distancing to the closing of businesses and from wearing masks to even the idea of sick people having the ability to make healthy people sick……there’s absolutely no science on recording to legitimize any of it.

End of article

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Update: 27 July 2020

Doctors expose the pandemic, there is already a remedy. These doctors hold a summit in Washington DC, to enlighten the public about the virus. These are licensed doctors who treat coronavirus patients everyday. Please watch the videos from America’s Frontline Doctors in the post: Real Doctors Speak Out


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Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Coming Soon
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?

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8 “Facts” About Coronavirus That Are Actually Lies

It is actually refreshing to come across some truth about something that is affecting all of us. All of us are concerned about the coronavirus, but there is conflicting information coming from all sides. Do you trust the information coming from mainstream media? How do you determine what is truth and what is lies and propaganda?

Below are excerpts from an excellent article by Ty & Charlene Bollinger from The Truth About Cancer. Use your critical thinking and common sense to see what should be obvious as truth. Do not be confused by the lamestream news. Everyone is urged to read the entire article but here is what you can expect. There is a link at the end of this post that will take you to the article.

8 “Facts” About Coronavirus That Are Actually Lies
By Ty & Charlene Bollinger
July 16, 2020

Have you ever pondered the fact that the current COVID lockdown, masks, and fear may be a result of official “facts” that are not facts at all but are, well, actually lies?

In our opinion, the propaganda campaign surrounding this so-called “pandemic” has achieved its goal. Inundated with voluminous amounts of contradictory information coming from all angles, people in general have succumbed to “analysis paralysis,” confusion and fear.

Many have given up trying to actually understand the situation and apparently have decided that, regardless of how insane or illogical the directives may be, it’s just easier to act like “robotic sheeple” and obey … even if it means giving up freedom and liberty.

We constantly hear about the “new normal” which includes COVID testing, contact tracing, monitoring, surveillance, mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantine and isolation, with the possibility of mandatory vaccinations and microchipping coming soon.

But cognitive dissonance has taken over. For instance, multiple studies have confirmed that sunlight kills COVID in a matter of minutes, as reported in a recent New York Post article.

In light of this fact, why did Gavin “the Dictator” Newsom recently go full totalitarian and ban activity on the beaches in California? And although multiple studies have shown that COVID fatality rates are rapidly decreasing, the California “dictator” has arbitrarily (and capriciously) proclaimed that indoor activities (including churches, gyms, and bars) in over two dozen counties must be stopped … except for his winery, of course.

This is the stuff of tortured logic, and it’s a primary reason why many “thinking” Americans are suspicious of government’s COVID guidance, and frustrated with private business response to the guidance.

There are several official “facts” which have led to this insane state of fear and irrational and illogical recommendations about COVID, and in this article, we’re going to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are lies.

OFFICIAL “FACT” #1: If a mayor or governor or other “official” issues a COVID directive, it’s the same thing as a law.


OFFICIAL “FACT” #2: The COVID “Virus” Has Been Identified & Isolated


OFFICIAL “FACT” #3: COVID-19 “PCR” Testing is Accurate


OFFICIAL “FACT” #4: The COVID-19 Official “Death Count” is Accurate


OFFICIAL “FACT” #5: COVID-19 is Exploding in the USA!


OFFICIAL “FACT” #6: Global “Social Distancing” Directives are Scientific


OFFICIAL “FACT” #7: The COVID-19 “Mortality Rate” is VERY HIGH


OFFICIAL “FACT” #8: Everyone Should Wear a Mask, Even Healthy People



For the facts (truth) and evidence (references) please go read the full article. Click the link below.





Update: 27 July 2020

Doctors expose the pandemic, there is already a remedy. These doctors hold a summit in Washington DC, to enlighten the public about the virus. These are licensed doctors who treat coronavirus patients everyday. Please watch the videos from America’s Frontline Doctors in the post: Real Doctors Speak Out

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Coming Soon
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Coming Soon
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?

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Real Doctors Speak Out

Doctors expose the pandemic. There is already a remedy. The remedy also acts as a vaccine. These are doctors who held a summit in Washington DC to try to enlighten the public about the virus. These videos are from America’s Frontline Doctors, who treat coronavirus patients everyday.. 

Press Conference:

The original video was taken down within hours. This is how much the DS wants to keep the truth from the public. Here is a copy of the original video:

Full Summit:

Again the original video was taken down within hours.

It is time for truth and transparency, the public is tired of being lied to by mainstream media. For the effective treatment specifics, it is mentioned in the post, Do We Have A Solution?

The DS even shut down the doctors website.


Data was recovered from their website, to see it, click here.


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Coming Soon
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Coming Soon
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?

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