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Do you believe in extraterrestrials? The evidence just keeps on growing. Extraterrestrials, also known as non-terrestrial beings, can exist in our reality, outside the barriers of the movies. Why don’t we see them, is a common question, that will be answered later in this article. Just because you have not seen something with your own two eyes does not mean it does not exist. There are many things that are not seen, but when we have overwhelming evidence, shouldn’t we at least consider the possibility?

There is a commonality that goes through all of our civilizations back to ancient times. That commonality is that both non-terrestrial beings and flying crafts have always been been here and are still here now. We find both depicted in our art, in our drawings, and in our writings, no matter what human culture or society was here at the time. The earlier peoples did not know how to describe what they were seeing, for they had to use terms from their own vocabulary. Quite often, flying crafts were called flying chariots or fiery chariots.

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino created by: Domenico Ghirlandaio (person watching a UFO in sky)

Nearly half of people worldwide believe in extraterrestrial beings. There are just too many eyewitness accounts. Some are reports by pilots, the military, the police, and other very credible witnesses. But you also have reports by the common people, from every walk of life. The number of ufo sightings is just too great to ignore. Many of us believe the abduction stories, for these are also a possibility that can be very real situations.

The chart below shows how many reports of unidentified flying objects were in each year from twenty eight years ago to present day. In the past, most people would not report these sightings for fear of ridicule. More recently they could do so anonymously online, and there has been an increase in reporting. But it is interesting that 8670 sightings were recorded in 2014, that is nearly 24 sightings per day.

Source: National UFO Reporting Center / Chart by: Statista Charts

Ancient megalithic ruins have been found all over the world, in almost every country. Our conventional science cannot explain these in a satisfactory manner. There really is no good way to actually believe the preposterous explanations we have been given. Ancient people using manpower, ropes, pulleys, sleds, and logs to move tremendously heavy blocks? And often, the blocks had to come from a distance of forty miles or more away. Some of these stone blocks are estimated to weigh from 100 tonnes to 800 tonnes. Even today, with our heaviest lifting machines, those massive blocks cannot be moved. At some of these ancient sites, the stone blocks appear to be laser straight on the edges and angles and are placed precisely together with no mortar. You cannot even get a sheet of paper between the blocks. At other sites, the blocks are fitted together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. And the majority of these stone blocks are smooth on the surfaces with no tool marks. All of this points toward advanced technologies which our ancestors did not have. There is a belief that these structures could only could be achieved by extraterrestrials in our past.

Sacsayhuaman walls dated to 900 AD. (Some of the base blocks weigh up to 200 tonnes)
The Great Pyramid constructed 2580 – 2560 BC. It stands 481 feet tall.

The Nazca Lines are in the desert of Peru. They were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. (24 – 14 centuries before first flight of airplane) There are over seventy different shapes, ranging from one quarter mile to three quarters mile in width. Designs with animals, birds, fish, trees, plants, a human body, and geometric shapes, along with others. They can only clearly be seen from a higher altitude in the sky. It is doubtful that the indigenous people of that time would have labored at these. These are huge diagrams that would have been very difficult to draw at that scale from ground level. Even if the natives could have done this, who was it made for, and who was supposed to see it?

Nazca Lines – Hummingbird
Nazca Lines – Monkey

Hopefully you can see that non-terrestrial humans have been here in the past and are still here now. We can see their space ships when they are not cloaked, as those are physical objects. However it takes a little explanation as to why we do not see the non-terrestrials.

All of our reality is from frequency. Everything has a vibration. There are seven layers of existence, but they do all overlap. These layers most people call dimensions, but a more accurate term would be density. Density of frequency. We are in the third density.

Non-terrestrial humans are at higher densities. Mostly fourth, fifth, and sixth densities. The simplest explanation why that we do not see them is they are out of phase with us, but that’s not quite it. There is a cosmic mechanism involved. We being in third density just can’t perceive these higher beings, not unless the higher beings wish to be seen to us. It is called the veil of illusion.

This is done on purpose. We must believe the illusion of us being isolated. It is only way we can have free will to make the choice. The Choice is a decision that each one of us has to make, to either being of positive polarity or being of negative polarity. It has to be done for us to ascend from third density to fourth density. For more on that, see our article Ascension Theory. The extraterrestrials have been here all along.

(Interpretations by the author of The Law of One and other sources)

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