Escaping the Loop of Reincarnation

We are so much more than these physical beings, but we need these real experiences to grow spiritually. We need to learn these life lessons to expand ourselves. Learning to be loving in all situations is our purpose here and we actually agreed to do this in this physical state. It is unfortunate that we cannot remember this, but this amnesia is necessary for us to have new experiences that benefit this spiritual growth. We are here learning to develop our knowledge of self and service to others, and more importantly, to help others also grow and develop in this way. We are here to learn to love and accept others and ourselves for what we are. These are some of my beliefs, yours will be different. A person’s beliefs are unique to them and change throughout our lives.

Spiritual growth means developing your light body, by cultivating and maturing your soul. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you join a religion. Religions can guide you in some ways but sometimes they are misleading in other ways. There are a lot of distorted truths in this world, and it is only you that can choose the path you walk. Whether it is right or wrong, it is your choice. Meditation is often the key to understanding the choices that we have made.

You will have bad things happen in your life, as well as the good. Everything that occurs in our lives is some form of learning and is here to teach us. It is up to you to interpret the lesson and grow spiritually. To be ready to ascend when the planet is ready or to ascend on your own. This is our solution to escape the loop of reincarnation. To progress, to go to the next phase; to go from the third density physical world to the fourth density light body world. As long as we have negative karma, we will be keep being reincarnated until a positive balance is achieved.

In these physical bodies, we have energy centers, called Chakras. All of our Chakra centers need to be unblocked and operational, to draw the spiritual energy needed to achieve ascension. If our Chakras are blocked or drained, then our body, spirit, and mind cannot function properly. There are several methods to heal and balance our Chakras, which are found in different philosophies. The pineal gland, our sixth Chakra, also called our third eye, is considered to be critical to connecting our spiritual aspect to the universe.

Our karma has to be at least slightly positive, even if it is just 51%. This evaluation takes place between incarnations in what some call the afterlife. See Ascension Theory. So know and accept yourself, and be kind in your actions with others. We can be loving to others and understand that we are all of the same creation. We need to accept that we are absolutely the same no matter what our differences may be. Be forgiving and be compassionate. There is wisdom in recognizing that we are all connected and are just different guises of the same universal consciousness.

These are our roles, to progress until we can finally ascend. But you have to achieve positive karma, and to express the desire to ascend in your mind. Your vibration needs to be high enough to be at the right frequency, to go to the next layer of existence. Meditation is seen as the most common technique to raise your vibration and spirit energy levels. Positive karma comes from loving others and service to others. Negative karma comes from infringing on anyone’s free will in a negative way.

If the universe allows it, we will ascend into the next level of density. Meditation is the key to raising the frequency of our vibration. The most important concept that we have to understand is that each one of us is the same, and to treat others with love and kindness. Each one of us is a fragment of the same consciousness. There is no you and no me, there is only us.

Only after we ascend, we can finally see past the illusion of isolation. We can pierce the veil that separates us from our higher selves. We can overcome this amnesia of forgetting. We can see the overlapping layers of reality and existence. We learn how this cosmic web is woven. We realize that this physical place called Earth is a testing ground, a place to learn and grow. Our progress is gauged by karma. Loving actions towards others are positive and hurtful actions are negative. We really are spiritual beings having a human experience, and yet we must realize that we are in a spiritual universe. And that universe is guiding us to be loving intelligent creatures.

There will always be some negativity in your life, as positive and negative are trying to stay in balance with each other. If this life’s existence seems miserable, stay patient, and usually problems will find solutions. We can make better choices when we throughly think about decisions. Just because our souls don’t die, do not ever think that suicide is an answer. It is not like pressing reset on a video game. You will come back, but with a lot of negative karma that might take several incarnations to work off. This negative karma is self evident in explanation. You have murdered yourself, and hurt everyone who loved that incarnation of you. There are always other solutions to consider instead of suicide. We seek happiness, never realizing it is inside of us already. We have to choose to allow ourselves to be happy with the positive things in our lives, and try to forgive ourselves and others of the negative things that happen.

Multiple Versions of Ourselves – Photo by Alan King on Unsplash

We must have thousands of versions of ourselves throughout our time of existence. But there is a way to progress, that was not known to most people here in the west. Here, we are systematically conditioned to discourage any spiritual or mystical activities in our society. We pride ourselves on science and logic. We are given nothing substantial that we can believe in. It is saddening that our true past is hidden from us. We look for the truth and we often find nothing approaching the truth by the way of disinformation.

There is much confusion in this world, much of it due to the forgetting. But we have to start with a blank slate, to be able to learn the lessons we are supposed to learn. There is a part of us that is in sixth density, which is our higher mind or higher self that remembers all. There is the veil keeps us separate. Our higher selves always try to help us in various ways although. Our subconscious sends us dreams, often to help us solve problems we are encountering. Our sense of intuition is also a part of this, we need to learn to trust it when we feel it. This is what we sometimes refer to as our subconscious, and it helps us in making hard decisions between good and bad. Because of the veil, there is limited communication with our higher selves. I was sent a past life recall, and I am convinced it was so I would keep seeking spiritual truths.

Some of the ideas and concepts discussed here are fairly new for me, yet for the first time in a long while, I have hope for the future. Our existence does progress by stages. It will take many layers of densities in our planes of reality for us to understand the most basic concept, that we are all one with the universe.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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