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What happens in the Afterlife? Is it Heaven? Is it Hell? Is it somewhere in between, such as Limbo or Purgatory? This is assuming that you believe that we are spirit beings. We all want to know what happens to us after our physical death. Thanks to some pioneering doctors, we are presented with some very credible evidence that answers a lot of questions about the Afterlife, or what some call the Spirit World.

Over four decades ago, a licensed hypnotherapist discovered that past life regression was possible by hypnosis. He discovered this quite by accident, since he himself was an atheist and did not believe in life after death. He was a man of pure science and regressed patients by hypnosis to their childhood to clear up any childhood traumas. However in one session, the patient went back beyond this lifetime, back to a past life. The good doctor was astounded, and this started his lifelong investigation into past lives, our souls, and the Spirit World.

It seems that this patient had come for this treatment because of recurring stabbing pains in his side. There was nothing physically wrong with patient, and other medical doctors labeled it as “phantom pains”. It turns out that the patient had been repeatedly stabbed by bayonett to death in a past life in a French war. Once the patient’s conscious mind was aware of the cause, the pains disappeared. But even more importantly, the doctor realized he was talking directly to the man’s unconscious mind, or what we would call our soul.

The doctor was Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D (1931-2016), who founded The Newton Institute, which specializes in spiritual regression through hypnosis. He was a pioneer in this field and developed the steps to this procedure by trial and error through the years. He also developed a program to train other hypnotherapists in this work. Today The Newton Institute has over 200 Licensed Hypnotherapists, certified in spiritual regression, located in 39 countries throughout the world, speaking over 25 languages.

Here is an excerpt about the doctor, from their website:
“Following discoveries in clinical practice, Michael began to explore the afterlife through the eyes of his clients. It was to be over 25 years before Michael first shared his work with the world, having researched and assembled a model of the spiritual realm through the eyes of 7000 souls and over a career spanning 35 years.”

I have been reading his work, it is stunningly brilliant. So many questions were answered for me. So many concepts are now understood. I have almost finished the second book, and look forward to reading the third book. I can now understand that it is possible to see past the spiritual amnesia I was born with. For the first time in a long while, I am filled with hope and filled with a sense of freedom. There is no need to fear death like society and religion would have us believe. We were very aware that this existence was temporary before we ever came here. I believe that these are testimonies that come straight from our souls. (The books are listed at the bottom of this story)

There is absolutely nothing to fear about our physical death here, our spirit knows that life on earth is a temporary assignment for us to learn our karmic lessons. We are here to learn about morals, scruples, integrity, kindness, humility, love, forgiveness, respect, loyalty, honesty, openness, and a lot more of these positive traits. This is difficult to do here on Earth, for we have to oppose the negativity that exists here. We have to be resilient in the face of adversity. This physical existence is all about correcting our flaws as beings.

Even though most of us do not remember it, we as spirits carefully chose this lifetime in this particular body. For whatever reason, this lifetime holds the lessons that we as spirits wish to learn. And some lessons may take more than one lifetime to learn. Just for an example, in one lifetime you were born wealthy, privileged, and pampered; and you treated the people around you just horribly, because you felt you were better than them. In the next lifetime, you as a spirit might choose to be born into poverty, with very little material things and no wealth. Your soul does this to learn humility, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for others. And this will also help offset the karma of a flawed lifetime that you had before.

One soul during hypnosis with Dr. Newton admitted to having a very wealthy previous life, but during that life she ignored or looked away from the plight of impoverished children and unwed pregnant mothers living in the streets of that time. She could have easily helped these people, but her ego self chose not to, and believed that they were the state’s responsibility. Here is what she had to say about choosing her next life:
“Between lives I decided to correct my superficial ways. I agreed to experience the anguish of loving my own child and having her taken away. God, what pain, but I am learning compassion.” (from the book, “Destiny of Souls”)

Even the souls admit that Earth is a very difficult school for learning. There are many other planets in the physical realm where we could incarnate to learn our lessons, yet we chose Earth. It is said by the more advanced spirits that Earth produces very insightful souls. Our physical lives here may be in horrible circumstances, but we need to view these as challenges that we need to overcome. It is our reactions to the events in our lives, our intentions, and the consequences of our choices, that matter the most in these physical lifetimes.

Nobody forced us to come here, we come of our own free will. In the Afterlife, there is a great amount of time spent on studying our past lives; on what we did right and what we did wrong. We study in groups and we study individually. We have more advanced souls as guides who advise us and help us reach our goals. We are part of soul clusters, or what some call soul families or soul groups. This core group of souls, that you belong to, are almost always involved in our incarnations here on earth. They are our family members or even our close friends here on Earth. They help us with our lessons, and we in turn help them with their lessons.

When we leave this earth through physical death, all of the negative emotions and feelings we had are left here. There is no negativity in the Spirit World. There is no judgement by other souls or even our Creator. There is only acceptance, kindness, love, and understanding. The Spirit World is our natural home and we are in our natural state of being when there. So when we experience physical death here, we can go home.

But souls who could not cope with this physical life, the ones who commit suicide, say that this one irrational act was the stupidest thing they have ever done. You see, we know what we are and our goals, at the moment our spirit leaves the body. We realize that we have just wasted all of the learning opportunities that would have occurred in that lifetime to teach us the lessons that we had planned for. Now these souls have to start over with new plans and a new lifetime.

The souls say that after our physical body dies, while we are floating above it, we grow aware of a tugging or a sense of direction in which to go. What we feel is the part of our soul essence which is us, wanting to be reunited with our soul essence that is still in the Spirit World. There is always a tunnel of light which is a portal to our spirit home. But the souls report the location of the entrance to the tunnel varies. It might start right above our dead physical body or it might start above the earth. It seems to depend on how advanced of a soul we are.

No matter what we have done in our just completed lifetime, we are always welcomed back home into the Spirit World. We are greeted by who and what we need to feel comfort and love. We are often confused and disorientated when we first leave the physical body after a long residency. Our personal guides and loved ones will meet us at the entrance of the spiritual realm in a setting that is familiar to us. It could be a field of flowers, the seaside, or our mother’s house, whatever is one of our most favorite places. We will see our loved ones in an appearance that we can recognize, and sometimes we will even see our most loved pets. Everything is welcoming, and we feel love, kindness, and acceptance. Sometimes we might have a “Welcome Home” celebration by our soul group for us.

There is absolutely no judgement from anyone about the good or bad things we did in our just completed lifetime. It is we ourselves that judge our behaviors during our life review. We evaluate ourselves by examining our values and our conduct toward others. It is hard to accept our flaws, and that is part of the learning process; is to love and forgive ourselves. We are striving to overcome and correct our mistakes, for we wish to be a more perfect being. Sometimes when we arrive from Earth from a particular hard life, or a life where we did a lot of wrong things, we will go into a self imposed isolation to heal ourselves (get rid of any negative residue from Earth) and reflect on our earthly actions before rejoining our soul group. In severe circumstances, a highly damaged soul might go into spiritual energy regeneration.

Even as energy beings in our home in the Spirit World, we seem to have mixed feelings about our lessons on Earth. Some treat it as something temporary to endure to be able to better ourselves. Other souls cannot wait to reincarnate on Earth. Here are two constrasting viewpoints of different souls from Dr. Newton’s research:

Young Soul (returning to the Spirit World): “It’s so … warm and comforting. I’m relieved to be away from Earth. I just want to stay here always. There is no tension, or worries, only a sense of well-being. I’m just floating … how beautiful …”

More Experienced Soul (going to Earth): “Our guide knows we (his soul group) identify too much as actors playing parts on Earth. He hits … on superficiality. He is trying to get us to cast ourselves from the inside out, rather than the reverse. He knows we waste opportunities. He assists us in interpreting the predicaments we get into in order to get the best out of us. Every time I leave for a new role on Earth, I zestfully say goodbye with, “See you all back here A.D. (after death).”

(Above quotes are from the book, “Journey of Souls”)

There is an incredible amount of information and details from these documented testimonies of souls. And the souls describe the same activities and surroundings in the Spirit World. This is over 7000 cases from one doctor alone. This is a proven science, since anyone can repeat these procedures and get the same results. And this has been going on for decades. There are now trained hypnotherapists worldwide who perform spiritual regression. Just the thought of contacting my soul directly and perhaps learning my purpose of being here, brings me comfort.

I wish I had known sooner about spiritual regression, for this is something all of us need to know. There is no reason to fear death, for we do not die. And negative emotions only exist on Earth, we do not have them in the Spirit World. Every soul has a personal guide that always stays with them. I totally recommend to anyone who is curious about our souls and the afterlife, to read the books listed below. As a soul myself, I plan on getting all the information I can on my natural home. And if I am able to, I would like to have spiritual regression to get some clues on what my purpose on being here is.

This world, this physical reality, is the dream, and when we die, we wake up.

(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including books by Dr. Michael Newton of the Newton Institute. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

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