Layers of Reality

As many people have suspected, yes there are different levels and many dimensions to this reality. There are different layers, alternate realities, and many possible timelines. What is described here is the simple basic structure of our existence as known by non-terrestrial beings of higher dimensions. The writings in this article are from the author’s interpretations of The Law of One.

For those who do not know, The Law of One was a contact between a human medium and an extraterrestrial memory complex named Ra that took place in 1981 to 1984. There were 108 question and answer sessions that were audio recorded, and later transcribed into books. This body of work answers many questions to the way our reality exists. It was discovered more recently that the source was the Blue Avians. For more information, go to the article discussing The Law of One and follow the links to study it for yourself.

The chart in the middle of this page is a graphic representation of these layers or dimensions. It seems that these different levels are layered together. They were called densities in The Law of One. There are seven main densities, that correspond to the Chakras of our bodies. The chart is helpful to some people to visualize what is discussed in The Law of One. Here is a brief description of each density.

  First Density

This is the beginning, only the basic elements exist. Fire, water, air, and earth. The characteristic of this cycle is awareness, that is the end goal of this density. When a part of these basic elements strives to be more than it is, it has become aware of its environment and the very beginning of self awareness. This is the forming of a consciousness. That awareness is able to be incarnated into the Second Density in its next life cycle. First density, before second density, was approximately two billion years in duration.

  Second Density

This density consist of all life that has a consciousness that is not totally self aware yet. Animals, birds, fish, plants, reptiles, amphibians, insects, trees, everything. The Law of One says the three main groups are animal, vegetable, and mineral. This density is called the cycle of growth. This second density life seems to instinctively group themselves, into packs, herds, flocks, schools, etc. This striving toward growth is also a process that involves learning that they can be outside the group as an individual. They start thinking about “me or I”, which is recognizing their individual nature. They have moved beyond the thinking of a group mind, and are also able to think for themselves.

The perfect example of this is our pets. We give them a sense that they are an individual, by us talking to them and caring for them. When an entity becomes self aware, they are able to go into Third Density in their next incarnation. According to The Law of One, this is called a mind/body becoming a mind/body/spirit. Approximate duration of second density on this planet, (before third density existed), was 4.6 billion years.

  Third Density

This is where we are, and yes, we are thinking self aware beings. This physical existence can be overwhelming. We are born not knowing anything at all. We are always obsessed with survival. We have to have water, food, and shelter to nurture this physical body. It seems like this existence is the biggest challenge in which how we can progress to the next level. This Third Density is called the cycle of self-awareness.

There are obstacles in this density, some are cosmic rules and some have been brought on by ourselves. We have been born into a corrupt society and we are constantly mind conditioned. We are alarmed to find out that this society benefits a very select few while letting the masses suffer. This society keeps us away from anything relating to the spiritual. And strangely enough, we need this as a catalyst to strengthen our polarity. Soon enough, we will restructure our society ourselves, we will make our world a better and peaceful home.

We are given circumstances in which we have to make a choice. The Choice is between Service to Self (negative polarity) or Service to Others (positive polarity). The forgetting we experience at the start of each lifecycle is a necessary ingredient to preserve our free will to make this choice. This life’s experience will be evaluated at the end of the lifecycle, in the afterlife, where the result will be added to your total polarity. This is the accumulated amount of either positive or negative polarity over all your lifecycles. We are able to ascend when we have sufficient polarity to do so. If we can not, we are reincarnated into another third density body either here or a another suitable third density world.

The approximate full cycle, called the Master Cycle, for third density is 77,760 years. This is three Great Years, each one being 25,920 years, which is how long our solar system takes to make one revolution around the galactic center. At this time, our lifecycle is less than 100 years, although just a few thousand years ago, we lived to 900 years of age. Higher beings say that now we are just spiritual children when the death of this physical incarnation occurs. This shortened existence is highly restricting to our spiritual development and growth.

Layers of Reality 


The veil is a barrier between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, also known as our higher self. Because of the veil, third density uses time and space as part of our reality. We cannot perceive the other densities very well, if at all, either. Dreaming is a piercing of the veil, a way to give knowledge to the conscious mind from our higher self.

We have a higher self which is existing at mid sixth density, which is our future self. This future self protects us as needed and guides us when asked, in the lower densities as a way to give service to its other self. In the third density, we are veiled from our higher self, but in fourth and fifth there is more connection to this future self. Apparently we will become this higher self in sixth density. It is hard for us to grasp this concept. The Law of One says we exist in all levels simultaneously.

The veil is what keeps us from knowing who we are, that this is also the cause of the forgetting we experience when we are born into third density. Yet this is the only way we can make the choice of positive polarity or negative polarity using our free will without previous biases of past lives.

Time and space, the way we experience it, is a condition of this third density. We think of time as linear, but higher beings say time is experienced very differently for them, that all of time exists simultaneously. This concept is difficult to understand for us, but we will experience this ourselves sometime in the future, in fourth density.

  Fourth Density

The fourth density is called the cycle of love and understanding. We have a fully open green ray energy center of our heart chakra. In this plane, we are fully aware of the thoughts and the vibrations of our self and others. We feel compassion for the pain from the sorrows of our third density existence. Our mental and spiritual pain are used as catalysts as we strive toward greater wisdom.

It should be noted that in fourth density, positive polarized beings and negative polarized beings are separated. Each group will have its own existence on different fourth density planets, which is a condition of forming a group consciousness of the same polarity. This social consciousness will ascend as a group into the next density. Even the negative polarity beings at this level must function as a group, however they have much fighting for positions of power within the negative group.

In this layer of reality we form a social memory complex consciousness in addition to our own self awareness. This involves telepathy and other abilities that make our minds transparent. It is impossible for us to be disharmonious in this cycle. Our individual differences are made obvious yet are automatically accepted within the group. In this plane, we have more life energy from the density of this existence.

An incarnation in this density lasts approximately 90,000 years normally. The complete experience of this cycle for a planetary group takes about 30 million years. But remember, time as we know it, is only in third density. Higher density beings experience time much differently.

  Fifth Density

The seeking of wisdom and light are our objectives for fifth density. We accept the responsibility for seeking oneness through honor and duty.

At this level, the manifestation of our physical body is more directly under the power of our conscious mind. This means that we can appear as we wish. We have the ability to dissolve our physical body and build a different manifestation if needed. This will be helpful in our path to service to others.

It should be mentioned that at the higher densities, part of our spiritual progress is gained by being of service to other beings of other densities. If the situation is guiding beings of a lower density, then we can adjust our appearance to be able to communicate with them.

Again, our ascension to the next density is done as a group consciousness. All must be ready for the transition. Time duration of fifth density is unknown.

  Sixth Density

This layer is the cycle of love and light. We work toward the unity of wisdom and compassion. At this density, the concept of negative polarity is abandoned. We all strive in the path of loving others, seeking more wisdom in this love.

We understand that all things are made of light and our bodies become light. The goal is to understand this light and how we can become closer to the light of the Creator. At this stage, some of us will have offspring that will become a source of light, much like our sun, in our effort to comprehend the love and light of our Creator.

We ascend as a group consciousness, when we are all ready for the next level. Time duration for sixth density is unknown.

  Seventh Density

This is called the gateway cycle. In this realm, we become one with all. There is no identity or any memory. We exist in the all, with no connection to time, and we exist only in the now. Through our close awareness with the Creator, we become aware of all things. It is said that when ascension occurs, seventh density beings turn into light.

  Eighth Density

This density is mainly a mystery. The Law of One says it is the start of a new octave. It is my interpretation that this is where we merge back into our Creator. The Creator then has our memories of our experiences as a way to understand itself. This may be the point where this new octave is referring to another universe that is vibrating at even higher frequencies and the process will begin anew. Or maybe the Creator uses us to form a new universe. This is all just speculation since this level is largely unknown.

In Conclusion

It turns out we are existing in a living spiritual universe. Something that today’s society does not want you to know. If our sciences were allowed to discover this, we would find that what we call magic is indeed quite possible. Our intentions, feelings, and emotions do affect our reality. The Law of One and most of the major religions agree on quite a bit of information. They all talk about karma, ascension and reincarnation. They all talk about the Solar Event that will be happening soon in our future. We are here to learn how to love ourselves and others. How to be kind, forgiving, and understanding. How to have positive karma and how to activate our heart chakra. For we must understand such concepts if we wish to progress to the next level which is fourth density.

(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including “The Law of One“. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

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