Let Them Go

A lot a us have come to realize, that yes, we are a being of spirit. We do reincarnate, and we will continue to do so throughout our existence. In this third dimension, we do not understand our reality due to the veil hiding our memories. We have forgotten who and what we are. That we are these almost eternal beings that go through life and death many, many times. That there is another part of self, one that exist in the sixth plane, that helps us and guides us. That both of you mapped out every aspect of the life you are living now. You even chose who would be your parents in this lifetime. 

None of us can comprehend that our present reality is an illusion. That time and space do not exist. For it feels so real, the weight of time seems to always be pressing down upon us. We are so driven, with most of us searching for our purpose here, our mission in this life. If we are fortunate, we will find that mission. You will know when you find it, a sense of contentment will be felt. Along with this feeling of a raw energy that is nourishing your soul. This is us, being the best version of ourselves. Sadly, a lot of us will not find our original mission.

And yet the universe only wishes us to make decisions and choices. This is a crucible of which we emerge from the other side with the answers to two questions. Were we a positive being or a negative being during this lifetime? Is our karma in universal harmony so that we can progress to the next level? And probably the biggest question of all, did we learn how to love? The most difficult part of that is learning how to love yourself. But equally important is loving others, even if it is a someone you have never met. These answers will be self evident in the afterlife.

Death is a topic everyone tends to avoid, although it is a natural part of life every day. There cannot be a physical life without physical death at the end of that life. For us, there is nothing to fear, we are simply going to leave the physical body in our spirit form. And we will be greeted by loved ones who will guide us to the afterlife. Our higher selves, some call oversouls, exist in this realm of the afterlife and will help us with the transition after physical death. Our consciousness will be grateful for this assistance, for sometimes we are confused by the transformation.

The moment of death is something that I think we should be prepared for, as morbid as that sounds. We should have a fairly established set of beliefs that we will utilize at the proper time. Every detail of our death has been planned just as much as details of our life before we came here. It is not a destiny exactly, but we were aware of it. We actually agreed to undertake the life we are living, we were shown the entirety of this lifetime. Death will find us at the appropriate time.

The reason we should be prepared, is death can occur at anytime. Sudden death by accident or other outside circumstances can happen. If we have the knowledge of what to expect, then we have a much greater chance to go where we are supposed to go. We do not want to end up as earthbound spirits, which we call ghosts. It seems these souls are confused by the transition and are delayed before passing to the afterlife. People who die by violence are often confused and shocked, and usually will have a period of healing in the afterlife before reincarnating again.

So if you find yourself hovering over your body, you are either astral projecting, or your physical body is dead or near death. Look for your spiritual guides and accept their help with getting to the afterlife. Come to the realization that your consciousness can exist separately from the physical body and accept this new reality. We need to understand that we are no longer living in our physical body and are seeking how to go to the afterlife. Do not let yourself become bound to this physical place from mistaken intentions.

Some of us will be fortunate enough to have a period before our death to know that we will be dying soon. Do not waste such an opportunity! That will give us time to make amends with people that we have karmic bonds to, if we need to. Prepare your family and loved ones for your death. Do not show fear, for now you know what to expect. Tell them, especially children, that you will be going on a wonderful journey. An adventure into another dimension. Explain that you will be leaving this physical body and returning to your spirit form. Tell them that you will see them again and will return to physical life one day in a different body. That reincarnation is a natural part of our existence.

However painful it is, realize that you will have to let go of your loved ones here. That you are going somewhere that they cannot follow, until it is the proper time for them. There will be grief and sorrow and mourning but that is how we are. Our physical bodies are full of emotions and feelings and it is only natural to express our feelings. But we need to try to keep a positive attitude around our most cherished loved ones. We need to project that our death is a natural process, and to share our positive memories of this life with those who will take the loss of you most intensely. Always remind them that this is a transition of your form, that your consciousness will survive. Share your wisdom with others.

From the other opposite point of view, if you have someone you love about to die, be sure to be understanding and compassionate in their presence. Be sure to express what your feelings are for them, and discuss any unresolved issues. Talk of memories you had together. Reassure them that you care deeply for them yet you understand that they have had a good life and the time for their transition to the afterlife will come soon. In other words, you need to let them go too when it is the proper time. Do not become the cord that binds them to this earthly reality. Support them and comfort them, and hopefully say your farewells to them. Wish them luck on their magical journey. Express that you know you will see them again in the afterlife or in another physical incarnation. And you have memories of them in your heart.

Many workers at hospitals and hospices report that patients who are in their final moments, will often get a burst of mental clarity. It also appears that the patients can see into the dimension of the afterlife. Some will ask, how did the room become so crowded? What they might be seeing are their loved ones’ spirits, who have come to guide them to the afterlife. Others will exclaim, how beautiful, so many stars and planets! The patient could be seeing their path to the afterlife.

The important thing here is to treat the dying with respect and dignity. Their lifetime is at an end, their physical body is unable to continue living. The spirit will continue to exist after separation from the body. The Law of One states “the only need at death is the releasing of that entity from its body by those around it and the praising of the process by those who grieve”. So “Let them go” needs to be applied by both the person dying and the people who are mourning. There should be a severing of all emotional and karmic connections to allow the spirit to leave and crossover into the realm of the afterlife.

(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including “The Law of One“. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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