Living with Cosmic Karma

Everyone talks about karma, but do we know what it really is? Is it good or bad, angelic or evil, yin versus yang? It is believed to be universal, a kind of cosmic law. And we do not really understand this, as we often talk about karma in jest, in a joking manner. In western civilization, we have been carefully steered away from anything spiritual or anything that is beyond cold hard logic. It is such a stigma here, if you talk spiritually, you are often ridiculed, gossiped about, and your peers may look down on you. We have been conditioned by our society that this is all utter nonsense.

And yet, this is done on purpose. Little do we know that our spiritual progress is the main point of being here. Churches and religions have tried to point the way, but their message is often obscured and hidden in symbolism. These organizations in the far past have tried to edit and modify their teachings so that their priests were required to decipher the scriptures. Another system of control, this time concerning your spiritual destiny, which is wrong. We do not need a middleman between us and our Creator. Each one of us has the power of free will to choose our own spiritual path. There is a difference between seeking teachings to learn, and being manipulated or controlled toward someone else’s agenda.

It seems that the religions that were not modified in any way through the ages, are the ones that gets results. However, their teachings involve very difficult techniques and very strict disiciplines. One such teaching is Buddhism, which has over 160,000 documented cases of ascension after death. Verifiable by many witnesses and lots of physical evidence. However most of us will not be willing to spend ten to twenty years of the constant meditation that is required to achieve this.

The Law of One is part of my own personal belief system. It seems a little more clear and concise, even though the material is information dense and complex in some areas. Yet this material gives me comfort, for it is something that seems true to me in this confusing society. Many people have correlated the truth of these teachings over the past 34 years since it was received. But everybody has their own personal belief system, a system that is changing day by day and minute by minute. You choose your own beliefs for ultimately you are the only one responsible for your spiritual progress. This is not an attempt to change your beliefs here, this is only to expand your mind a little from another point of view.

Karma and your spirituality go hand in hand. Karma is basically like a gauge that points toward either positive or negative. You can choose to to be a positive person, a person of positive polarity. Or you can be a negative person, a person of negative polarity. Karma is like this score keeper that is always with you continously. It is always there, and it does not miss a thing. This choice, of positive or negative, is decided by our actions, by our thoughts, and by our intentions.

Karma is like this twisting labyrinth of your personal life path, a myriad of choices, that sometimes you are not even aware of the choices that you make. Infinite possibilities and infinite timelines that can be alternate realities. There is not much chance of always understanding karma, it is complex beyond our understanding of the concepts. So the safest choice is to usually be positive and treat others kindly. However karma, I think, sometimes pulls us into situations so that we are forced to make choices. These random events that happen in our lives, are often not random at all.

There are many sides of this concept called karma, it seems like a puzzle that is so vastly complex. Some of the basic rules are known. Positive karma attracts positive karma. Negative karma attracts negative karma. What we think and do will reflect back to us in the same manner. The old saying of “treat others in the way that you wish to be treated” seems to be very true. Yet other times it makes no sense at all.

Most of the time, I try to stay positive or at least neutral. Keep in mind that the cosmos will only allow a certain amount of avoidance of participation. It is believed that our life path has been carefully mapped out and planned out by our higher selves. This reality keeps nudging us along to follow the right path. Unfortunately most of ourselves here, do not have a clue of what that path is. But that is the only sure way to maintain our free will in making our polarity choice. If we knew the path, it would not be much of a choice, would it?

We know that our higher selves want to help us, which usually comes in the form of dreams. Sometimes however, things happen in your life that are just signs, usually to guide you through some situation or some decision you need to make. These signs are subtle at first, but intensify the longer you are not on the correct path. Very soon these signs will be in your face, so to speak, so obvious that you have to see them. I believe these signs may manifest from our higher self.

I also believe our higher self is the source for our gut feelings, our instincts, and that little voice that is always right, that we call our conscious. In fact, our higher self may be totally running this body, and we only do the thinking. Our bodies seem to know how to do so many things on their own. We do not think about breathing, our heart knows to pump, and we metabolize food and drink for energy. We have instinctual actions that we take in survival situations that are sometimes quite unexpected. Female bodies know how to develop a child and how to birth them. Is this knowledge from our higher self? Or is this from social memory?

It is sometimes hard to interpret the events in our lives. Is it a sign? Or is it karma? It really ties my mind up into a knot occasionally. When I was working on a project months ago, I experienced accelerated karma, which I had heard of, but never lived it. It was intense. This project I did was a very positive oriented and I had wanted to do it. While I was doing it, about a two week period, I experienced seven intense examples of negative karma coming my way. These were close calls, but the consequences of these events could have easily resulted in death or injury. So apparently I had attracted enough positive karma to counteract or deflect these events. Even though I was unharmed, I was shaken, and the world seemed crazy during that time. Thankfully it ended when the project was finished.

So there is another side to karma. There seems to be a self correcting factor involved. Something that tries to keep the positive and negative in balance. The yin and yang of life. Wikipedia says “Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.” Which can also be seen in ourselves, we have both polarities inside us. And our choice is which one are we polarized toward the strongest? The positive polarity or the negative polarity?

Karma is a direct reflection of our free will. We choose whether to be positive or negative. This determines where we will go as a spiritual being in between physical incarnations. We can only progress to the next level when we have enough positive karma, slightly more than negative. We can ascend through negative, but it is much more difficult to do. And the negative polarity is abandoned in sixth level. However, we need both positive and negative in this reality, to be catalysts to each other during this spiritual journey we are on. These catalysts can be exterior forces in our lives or deep inside ourselves. For spiritual progress to be made, we must prove which polarity is the strongest within ourselves.

For those of us unable to qualify for ascension, we are reincarnated into a physical body in the third density again. This will keep repeating until we do the work to spiritually progress ourselves. Many of us have been reincarnated thousands of times. Which shows how difficult this can be. Especially in a society that does not want us to know the truth of the spiritual nature of ourselves and our universe.

Karma is usually established in our life cycles from the time we are approximately four years of age until death. It is very real and one of the most important elements of our spirituality. Unfortunately, this lifetime is only a small portion of our overall cosmic karma. We have no idea what we have done in previous lifetimes. If you were extraordinarily negative in one lifetime, it may take several incarnations to work off all of that negative karma.

If we wish to be of positive polarity, we must treat others and ourselves with kindness and love. The first step of this is loving and accepting ourselves, which is done through meditation. Everyone is flawed, so there is no person who is perfect. But we must strive to be accepting and understanding of our own flaws and other’s flaws. To love ourselves and others, to achieve positive karma each and every day. Our spiritual progress is measured by our karma, and we will go to the next level when we are ready.

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(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including “The Law of One“. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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