This is a short story, probably more like a free form poem. It is a story of my journey of awakening. We live in times where we will see great changes taking place. There are so many events happening right now, and I cannot write about all of them. Some subjects are actively suppressed. I have had previous websites that I just had to take back down because of the subject matter. It is really kind of frustrating, actually. My spiritual mission has been to help guide the people to the truth, so I do as much as I can. Sometimes words and phrases get stuck in my head, and I have to release them by writing it down. My hope is that someone will get awakened by the message. Enjoy:

In the Process of Becoming 

In this place, we are the children of the dream,
No memories to remember, every day a blank slate.
Other sisters and brothers who are from the same origin,
Will they be nice, or have a twisted streak of wickedness?
I was in the process of becoming human.

Emotions and feelings overwhelm our actions at times.
As we share these experiences, it can be disappointing,
Yet sometimes it can be blissful, for we seek happiness.
Our paths twist and turn along these clouded lifetimes.
We were in the process of becoming humans.

I remember the day clearly, a day like any other,
The day I discovered the truth of mainstream news.
The day I learned I was being deceived by all of their lies,
A false narrative being presented to the masses.
I was in the process of becoming awakened.

It forced me to become a truth seeker,
What was the real narrative of this world?
I plunged right in, diving down so many rabbit holes,
Just like Alice, I was unknowly in a wonderland.
I was in the process of becoming awakened.

I learned about the blue bloods, the wealthiest of the wealthy,
Who have shaped our society, who present the false narratives.
The ones who wish to control this world with power over us,
With agendas as dark as their own cold black hearts.
I was in the process of becoming awakened.

Their evil agendas to make us powerless as sheep,
To strip our rights and freedoms, to make us their servants.
To reduce populations and maximize wealth to themselves,
They have infiltrated our society with corruption at every level.
I was in the process of becoming awakened.

These manipulators, who stay hidden behind curtain,
Are now slowly being exposed, their crimes evident to all,
Their corruption is being eradicated, little by little.
The people are rediscovering that they have power,
There is now a sense of optimism for our future.
We are in the process of becoming awakened.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered my Spirituality,
That we are spirits having human experiences for lessons.
And this place is an illusion, a place made of frequencies,
Of light and sound, a place that is only temporary for us.
I was in the process of becoming enlightened.

Our decisions must be unbiased from previous lives,
The veil of forgetting is an enchantment from birth.
It is all about free choice, did I make the right decisions?
Did I learn the right morals, and define the genuine me?
I was in the process of becoming enlightened.

This place is challenging, but we should not fear death,
Death is a release of our soul, from this physical body,
Awakening from this dream, merging with our true conciousness.
Did we achieve our goals here and learn our self imposed lessons?
I was in the process of becoming enlightened.

When will we be fair, understanding, and respectful of each other?
Our goal is to be kind, loving, and compassionate in our actions.
We have to learn trust and forgiveness, then we can reshape our society,
And be free of the corruption, manipulation, and deception in our lives.
We are in the process of becoming enlightened.

Will we gain wisdom to acknowledge our strengths and our flaws?
Will we expand our thinking and open our conciousness to others?
Will our awareness finally recognize that we are all connected?
Will we experience the direct sensation of love from our Creator?
In that future, we will be in the process of becoming ascended beings.

And so we wait, for the process of becoming.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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