Mind Awareness

The materials presented are from a time capsule placed in our past by beings from our future. The elements of artwork, poems, and music are presented together just as the creators intended. These are exercises in abstract thinking for consciousness expansion. Raise the frequency of your mind to a higher awareness. Motivate and stimulate your soul.

Bring your thinking to clarity in your consciousness. Each stage is a progressive step up in your mind’s awareness of our reality. The videos listed below are in English. There are also presentations that can be translated, click the link below. Enjoy and be sure to share this experience with others.

For Translatable Presentations – Click Here

“These videos really do raise the vibrational frequency of your being. It is like hacking your mind, you first have to unlearn all the things you think you know and then be open to new concepts.”

(Videos are only available in English at this time)

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 1     9:26   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 2     7:10   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 3     5:39   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 4     6:12   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 5     4:57   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 6     7:46   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 7     6:38   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 8     8:18   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 9     5:54   EN

●   Mind Awareness – Stage 10   7:04   EN

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