Here it is, in a nutshell:

This website is devoted toward self improvement, to finding our soul. This process will also help us to determine the truths and reveal the deceptions in our lives.

You may be going “huh?” You have probably seen my topics. There are reasons for including each and every one. This is a journey that is recommended for each of us to take. At the end, you may thank me, or you may say I am insane and go crawl back under your rock. But the fact of the matter is this, we all need this, we need to prepare for what is coming. We all need to be awakened and aware beings.

This is also a journey I am still on right now. In fact, you could say that I am rather obsessed with the idea. In the last two years, I have watched well over 1000 videos, films, shows, or documentaries on these subjects. I have also read about 300 books, articles, and blogs on the same subjects. This is not to boast, it is simple fact. (I had the time with very little distractions.) I did this because I felt like that there are too many things that were wrong in my life. And there are too many wrongdoings in this society. I wanted to know more about how to fix myself, and it led me to a quest for truth. And now I want to share that knowledge with others so they can improve themselves. At some point, it will take all of us to fix this broken society.

And it all started with one guy with a show on Gaia. Someone who showed me concepts that I could not understand at first. Yet he slowly and patiently explained these new concepts. He gave references for the discussion materials. And yes, I double checked a lot of those references. And I gradually began to trust the guy. He sometimes mentioned other sources. Then I would go check on those sources, to see if they were trustworthy too. My knowledge gathering started cascading. Anything I felt was untrue, I discarded.

Every bit of material presented here is something that has now found its way into my own personal belief system. It is funny how when I get excited over new concepts, I have to write about it. It somehow helps me to understand the material more fully. Best of all, I am still learning new things everyday. But I want to share, I want to assist others on their journey of self improvement. This is my way to freely give the gift of knowledge in hopes it will benefit our mass consciousness and ourselves.

Unfortunately some of the truths I have learned will never make it to these pages. There are just some subjects that are being monitored too closely and I cannot share. Along my own journey, in the recent past, I have been forced to torch another website completely. That particular website was simply telling the truth to the people, but it was deemed unsuitable. But I view it as just another learning experience for me. Hence, the reason why, as the author, I am staying somewhat anonymous on this site.

Just try to bring an open mind. Ask yourself if these things can be possible. And you might go down the rabbit hole like I did. But do your own research. Do not let others tell you what is true, decide for yourself. For me, everything has changed, and I am not the person I was. There are new perspectives to look from. I can see past many of the deceptions. And I have learned to listen to the whispers of my soul.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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