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This is a set of images that are depicted from the descriptions of what we believe are valid testimonies from peoples’ souls during deep trance hypnotherapy sessions.



When our physical body dies, suddenly we find ourselves floating above our physical body. We have now transitioned to our energy body. Depending on how much of an advanced soul we are, there may be our personal guide(s), or other souls we love, within our awareness, to guide us to the portal to the Spirit World. We never die alone, there is always a spirit to assist us, since we will be disorientated from the sudden release of the physical realm. To progress, we will need to find the tunnel of light, which is the portal. This tunnel may right above us or it could be in space, or somewhere in between. We will always receive whatever assistance is needed to get us home.


Welcome Home


At the end of our light tunnel, we find a familiar scene from Earth. It could be any of our favorite places from the lifetime we just left. We will be greeted by our personal guide. We will be welcomed home by our loved ones, souls from our soul family, usually in forms we can recognize. Sometimes even our most loved pets greet us too. There is much celebration and congratulations on completing an Earth existence. We will even see our loved ones that are still incarnated on the physical plane. All of them will help us get reacquainted with the spiritual realm.

The Station

We can float to get around, and we can fly for some distance. But the Spirit World is immense and probably infinite, since it holds all of the souls for all of creation. So there are transportation hubs that some call “The Station” for us to use. We ride on ribbons of light in our energy form to travel to other destinations in the Spirit World.



While in the Spirit World, we can create from the energies around us. We can have any type of dwelling we wish, it will stay formed until it is no longer needed. In the case pictured above, a soul group or soul family has recreated a castle that existed on Earth. All of this soul group live there together in harmony.

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