SSP Disclosure

Why is so much knowledge hidden from the public? It is yet another method of control imposed by the Cabal. Anything that would threaten their livelihood of stealing from the people is kept under wraps. Anything that threatens their power is disappeared. (Epstein did NOT kill himself) However, the people sometimes find disclosure in astonishing ways.

In the summer of 2015, a remarkable new show came out that was called Cosmic Disclosure on the Gaia channel. Corey Goode stepped forward with his testimony on the Secret Space Programs. The host of the show, David Wilcock, promised a look into secrets that really no one else had heard of. Aliens, space, and UFOs was the subject matter. It was an exciting time to have more meaningful insights into a world that was deliberately hidden from the public.

I had been following David Wilcock for years on Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and also on Wisdom Teachings on Gaia. The guy was very knowledgeable in subject matters that the powers that be wanted to keep secret. David always verified his presentations with references.  Soon I became trusting of David and his information. 

David introduced Corey Goode to us and thoroughly validated him. David goes through their history of email exchanges and explains the vetting process of Corey. According to David, there were 64 distinct data reference points of Corey’s story that correlated with David’s other insider’s testimonies. Well, that was good enough for me. I could count on Corey’s information to be true.

And what a wild ride that was. All sorts of disclosure. Bases on the moon and Mars. All types of non-terrestrial people. Advanced technology and spaceships. I watched every episode. Unfortunately Corey and David left the show in July 2017 due to unknown reasons. The episodes that they made were suddenly gone from the channel. I was very disappointed, especially since I could not access their episodes any more.

However, here we are, years later, and I discovered through some breadcrumbs in an article, that I found the information had survived. At the time of writing this, the battle of positive and negative still continues in the background, away from public eye so far, but I am confident that the positive will win. There are operations going on that involve the astral plane, the esthetic plane, and also on the physical plane. Basically all dimensions are involved.

After rewatching some of the shows, I had the idea that people could benefit from this disclosure information. Sometime in the near future, there will be people who will want the knowledge of these subjects. I was actually retaining more details and understanding more intricacies the second time around. It seems this information is more pertinent now than ever. A lot of what is described is happening right now.

“The website listed below was created in response to the censoring of Cosmic Disclosure episodes featuring Corey Goode by Gaia. This record must be held available to the awakening public by cosmic law, and the universe itself will stop at nothing to ensure this content remains available to seekers of the full truth. It is fortunate that Gaia has chosen to revoke this responsibility, for now this content may be made free to all, forever.”


J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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