The Forgetting

Do you wish that you could discover your purpose? For most of us, that is a very difficult proposition to achieve. Sometimes that requires us to have a more flexible way of thinking, a mind expansion, that goes beyond what we think we know.

As we go through our day, we are constantly using our phones or tablets, our laptops or desktops. We are immersed in social media, or scrolling memes, educating ourselves or staying up with the recent news. But every now and then, the screen freezes or something glitches. We hardly ever think about the software driving our apps, this magic we have come to expect on demand. And I have to think, well it’s trying to do what it was programmed to do and failing badly at it. It was programmed by humans and humans are flawed. No matter who we are, we all have flaws. We are the same, each in our own original way.

I sometimes think that our lives are like that software, that we come here with clear intentions and clear goals and we just cannot remember deciding these things. Our programming is somewhat incomplete. It is not understood how we leave a part of ourselves in 6th density and we also exist here in 3rd density. But that is the way it appears that the universe works. And we planned this, when we were our complete selves, in between incarnations. We had definite goals we wanted to complete in this incarnation, in this lifetime. Somehow our minds lost those goals and reasons.

Somewhere in the birth canal, when we are born, we forget everything. And I understand the why of that. We have to start with a blank slate. For us to have new experiences, and also to learn the lessons that life is teaching us. And most likely, we have been reincarnated thousands of times. This place is a proving ground, a school, and the crucible of our being. Will our results be of positive polarity or negative polarity?

“The call was given throughout the universe for souls to come to earth to help. When they come into a body, like all of us, their memories are erased. I have asked, would it not be easier if we could remember why we have come? They said it would not be a test if you knew the answers.” Delores Cannon 

The forgetting is absolutely necessary, yet I often wish I had some kind of basic outline of my goals to accomplish here. Without a doubt, my higher self is crying out, you idiot, when I make mistakes. But my higher self tries to help me, to reconnect to me through my dreams, and through other states of consciousness. Meditation is a proven key tool to connect to our higher selves. We must recognize this assistance when we receive it.

Meditation is Crucial to our Well Being

In fact, I received such help and I recognized this assistance when it happened. Mine was in the form of a past life memory recall. This is discussed in the reincarnation section of this website. This made me realize that there was a lot that I didn’t know. Ever since then, I have been on a search for truth.

We are so often caught up in the demands of this physical life, the busyness of this life, that we neglect making any substantial spiritual progress. And I do not mean religions, although that is fine for some people, it is not for me. Religions seem to make you focus on someone else’s interpretation of beliefs. I would rather define my own set of beliefs by myself. Your spiritual beliefs and the care of your soul is a highly personal issue. These are the most personal items that you have.

But we don’t know this, we have no knowledge, we have forgotten everything about ourselves. Most of us are searching for truths, hoping to define our purpose here. Maybe you are considered successful in this physical life, but you know something is missing. You are totally unaware that the real purpose here is to develop and progress your own spirituality. True wealth is treating others with love and acceptance. Success is measured by realizing that we are all the same. We are flawed, yet we deserve love despite those flaws. Love yourself and love all others.

The forgetting is the start of your experiment. Karma is the meter that measures our positives and negatives. We can escape the loop of reincarnation by learning the right answers and by making spiritual progress of our soul along a positive path. We are energy beings having a human experience in a physical world. This is test of our true character. Reincarnation is the method of recycling these physical lives. And we will keep being taught the same lessons, from a different perspective, until we learn the right answers for ourselves.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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