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The Law of One

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I have to admit, for most of my life, I have had doubts about organized religions and churches. There was too much ambiguity, symbolism,  and mysticism. I could not understand why I needed a middleman between me and my Creator. I could not understand why it was perceived that we needed priests to interpret these puzzling religious writings for the common person. You see, I feel like there should be a more personal connection between myself and our Creator.

So I kind of drifted along, without any really spiritual guidance at all. However I was always seeking for spiritual truth along the way. I could feel my connection to nature, and to this world we call home. I was self professed “spiritual” in nature. Even though I felt a connection, I wanted to understand more of what I was feeling. So I would research all manner of mystical occurrences or things that could not be explained. I was trying to add to my own constantly evolving personal beliefs and views, you understand.

I somewhat accidentally kept hearing about “The Law of One” being mentioned occasionally in the commentaries and documentaries that I was watching over the internet. Finally one day, I decided to check it out. It was not what I anticipated and yet it was way more than I expected. It’s origin was a little suspect, but no more suspect than the ancient texts that are used in our religions. I like that “The Law of One” didn’t speak in riddles and gave straight forward answers. If you can learn the terminology that they used in the answers, it is fairly clear to understand.

The Law of One is a series of question and answer sessions over a four year period that were channelled through a sensitive medium. There are over 100 sessions. The origin of these telepathic sessions was a non-terrestrial social memory complex who was identified as Ra. And no, this is not an evil god from the Egyptians. However this group did say they had contacted the Egyptians directly in the past with these benevolent teachings. Unfortunately the Egyptian priests distorted these positive teachings into negative practices over time, to gain power over their audience.

The group that received these channellings was L/L Research. Their website,, has the original 5 books of “The Law of One” with all of the details and resources regarding any of their channelled material over the years. There are translations of these materials into other languages. (go here) There are now several other books and other resources that are connected to “The Law of One”. There is an incredible amount of information on their website. For free downloads of their books, go to the L/L Research Library. To purchase their books, go to their online store.

L/L Research is a nonprofit organization who maintains and distributes  this information freely for all spiritual seekers worldwide. Sales of their books and donations received do help maintain their organization. They also offer a lot of resources such as meditation sessions and forums. In short, the people of L/L Research are of positive polarity and are on the path of Service to Others.

I want to emphasize that “The Law of One” is not a religion, nor is it a philosophy. It is simply a spiritual teaching, an explanation of how our universe works. And who better than a group of beings far, far older than the human race, to provide the answers we need? This material just strongly resonates with me as being truth. I am particularly fascinated by the history of earth humans and the history of our solar system, as well as how we will evolve as a people in the future.

I am however, am somewhat of a novice to “The Law of One”, having discovered this material only a year ago. These teachings captivated me so much, that I absorbed all five books in about three weeks in a fit of binge reading. It will take me quite a while however to process this information to a point where I have a decent understanding of it. There is just so much material, it is very dense with info, and in some areas very complex. But it also explains so much, including experiences in my own life that I could not understand.

An invaluable tool for anyone trying to study and understand “The Law of One” is the website at  This website was created by an associate researcher of L/L Research and it was inspired by the “Relistening Project”, in which this researcher relistened to all of the audio tapes that were recorded in the original channelling sessions. The really great functions of this website include doing keyword searches, category searches by subject, session searches, and several bonus insights. I was really wowed by his website  The entire series of the “Law of One” is available to be read and researched online.

Help for Beginners

The quickest and easiest way to learn “The Law of One” is to go to the online version that has all of the material. It is advised to not go by the session number, they are in chronological order of the channelling sessions, but it is much harder to understand. Often one subject may be in several different sessions that are spaced far apart on the timeline.

The online version will let you choose the subject, as a category. Then everything about that subject is presented regardless of the session number or time it was channelled. This is much easier to understand and comprehend the material. There are a variety of subjects, but the teachings of ascension, densities, our higher selves, positive/negative polarities, and how to progress spiritually are the most important. But there is also the history of our planet, the history of the solar system, the pyramids, Atlantis, the Tarot, UFOs, Wanderers, and more.

It is advised that people who are new to this, start with the “Law of One” category for the beginning teachings.

Go to the Online Version: The Law of One

The thing is, “The Law of One” has filled me with hope at one of the bleakest times of my life. It has given me spiritual direction. I am now on a more positive path and have more trust for our future.

We are all one. Go in the light and love of the Infinite Creator, as Ra advises.

Please note: All of The Law of One materials are copyrighted to L/L Research and are intended for personal use only.


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LL Research – The founders of this research team were Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, and James McCarty. This group was responsible for channeling and compiling the Law of One material. It is a series of question and answer sessions over a four year period that were channelled through Carla, who was a sensitive medium. There are over 100 sessions. The origin of these telepathic sessions was a non-terrestrial social memory complex who was identified as Ra.



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Subjects Covered: Spirituality, The Law of One, Ascension, Extraterrestrials, Physical Reality

*Much of their material is available to read online or to download as PDFs, go to the Library section of their website. 


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