Awaken, awakened

The Momentum of Awakening

From the moment we are born into this world, we are surrounded by a system of control. We do not realize this, as our minds are starting as a blank slate. We are much too busy just trying to learn about this world and how to exist within it. It is a beautiful world with many wondrous sights, and sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. All the things that ignite our passions through our human senses. We can feel our connection to our world, but we oftentimes do not explore this connection because we are distracted on purpose.

Yet we have to function within a human society. A society that is built upon control, carefully designed and structured to ensure that our spiritual progress is slowed or even stopped. We are taught what to think, how to feel, which of our attitudes and behaviors are acceptable. We never imagined that the people who surround us have been conditioned by the same system of behaviors. That the material they are teaching us is from their own perceived truths, that are unknowingly deeply flawed.

This system of control has been in place for thousands of years and has been refined to a true art of manipulation. It is present in all levels of our lives. From the substances we ingest, to the entertainment that we watch. We are very carefully taught and conditioned to accept these rules and laws, and to not question and obey authority. To only think within the box that the ones in power so precisely construct for us. They do not want us to think for ourselves, to question our reality.

However in recent years, more and more people are awakening. Awakening to the suspicion that there is something really wrong, that there is a lot more beyond this predefined box of reality that we are forced to live in. That there is a lot that is hidden from us. That there are lies and deceptions that we believed as truths in our past. That every part of our lives is being manipulated for greed and power. That everything we know is part of the mind conditioning to keep us enslaved to this system.

Trapped in the System

Humanity is awakening and demanding the truth. We are seeing past the lies, recognizing these deceptions for what they are. We are rejecting the conditioning from the mass media and Hollywood. We are unlearning our educations. We are beginning to see the system’s manipulations and the corruptions that affect our lives. We are realizing that our past is vastly different than what has been presented to us in our history classes. We are learning that innovative technologies and inventions have been kept hidden from us, all in the cause of profits.

We are learning to think outside this box that the powers that be so desperately want us to stay in. We are learning that the so called conspiracy theories are often true. That the deceptions presented to us are often originated from conspiracies and secret societies. And the people are awakening to this. All it takes is one person with an expanded mind to present new and different ideas to others. This momentum of awaking is affecting all people and expands geometrically. All of humanity is wanting the truth, so we can rebuild this society to benefit everyone, instead of only benefitting the self privileged wealthy.

It is thought, that right now, there is a war being fought. A war that is hidden from the masses of people. There are forces of good trying to topple these self proclaimed rulers, for their uncaring abuse of our people. And these forces of good are rooting out the corruption of our society, wherever it may be present. When that happens, these dark rulers will be held accountable. These guilty parties will be tried for crimes against humanity.

One day soon, this will happen, and humanity will know the truth. Then we will have a chance to change our society, and to change our world into a safe and loving place. And then our spiritual selves will progress greatly.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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