Thoughts of a Simple Nature

Are you confused? Our mass consciousness seems to be directionless, as well as each of our individual minds are lacking the correct motivations. We are born into this world confused. As newborn babies, in an instance, we have come from a warm, dark place where we feel safe and protected, only to be shocked by these new surroundings of brightness, strange sounds, and new sensations. So we voice our protest right away. We want to go back, back to the comfort of our warm mother, the one who we felt and heard her heartbeat, the one always with us. We felt a undescribeable sense of oneness with our mother, of togetherness and belonging.

Little did we know that our loud cry of protest would be repeated many, many years times during this life. We had no idea what this life was for, regarding what is our purpose here in this place. Sadly most of us still do not know. Only now, after years of living, do I even have a glimmer of what the truth of our purpose may be.

So here we are, born into this world of objects and people and all manners of physical life. And we have no knowledge of anything, our minds are wiped clean. This is very deliberate and carefully done. For this is the only way we can have new experiences, that create new memories. This is the only way we can learn from those experiences and adjust our reactions to be a more loving creature. This is how we progress and grow spiritually.

As newborn babies, we struggle with what these new sensations and visual inputs are, that are going to our brain. We don’t know what our senses are telling us. We learn to focus eyes that have never been used before. We learn that some noises scare us while other sounds may soothe us. We learn to associate smells with good things or bad things. We learn that we feel sensations through our skin, that we feel wet or we feel dry. Eventually we find our fingers and find our toes and realize that we have a body. For the rest of this life we try to interpret our surroundings and situations through our body’s senses.

The one fundamental fact is that we are energy beings, light beings, a spirit or a soul. It is so hard for us to conceive our true nature, the society in which we live makes it difficult to realize this truth. We are carefully steered away from the mystical, the unexplainable, or anything spiritual. Anything that is discussed about the soul, our essence, seems automatically entangled with religions and churches. Religions do guide us, yet often the message is incomplete. We are expected to be dependent on priests to interpret the lessons from these religions, but these teachings remain mysterious and somewhat clouded.

We are so unsure of our direction. Our personal beliefs are shaped by what we experience with our physical bodies. We seek the truth yet we sometimes deny these truths when we find them. But the denials are from a society conditioning us to not believe in such things. If you expand your mind, just a little, to believe that the things we call supernatural, are indeed possible, you can reshape your personal philosophies and beliefs. Reexamine your life, your experiences. Find those moments that you cannot explain, and try to find answers.

The evidence that we are more than just this fleshly being is all around us. It really doesn’t matter on some points, whether you experienced something directly or not. There are too many accounts by eyewitnesses worldwide to see the clear truth about our souls. Do you believe in ghosts? 45% of people worldwide believe in ghosts, and roughly 20% have had a direct experience with ghosts. That is about 1.5 billion people who have had contact with a ghost! Ghosts are us in spirit form, but it is believed they are lost, they are confused in their direction to go, or they just won’t let go of the earthly plane. On a personal note, I have had my own experiences with a ghost. My grandmother, who lived with us when she died, could not find her way to cross over. We moved to a different house shortly afterwards.

There is also near death experiences that people recount. It is usually an account of hovering over their body while others are trying to save their life. Many also report a tunnel of light during this experience. Still others feel an overwhelming sense of love and peace. Some see spirits of deceased friends and relatives. But this phenomenon directly shows how our consciousness lives on past death of the physical body. Roughly 5% of the population have had a near death experience, or 375 million people.

What about reincarnation? If you believe in the afterlife, surely you can see the possibility of reincarnation. There are just too many reports of past life memories. And sometimes people are able to find their past life selves in pictures, and the similarities in facial features is astounding. Children who have these memories can often lead others to locations and families from past lives. Some can identify their killer of a past life if they died by violence. And even more, through hypnosis regression, some people can recall their memories from past lives. There were no statistics available on how many people have past life memories, but there seems to be an abundance of information that just keeps increasing.

There is just so much pointing us in the right direction, if we just take time to look. Get away from the busyness of your life and take time to think. Personally, I have experienced all three of the phenomenon that are mentioned above. There is no doubt in my mind that we can exist outside of this physical body. That our lifetimes here could be a learning experience that keep repeating until the lessons are understood.

Another thing we have forgotten is that we are all powerful beings. We all have the ability to do remarkable things, using our mind, through our mental capabilities. Telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, astral projection, remote viewing, and many others. Not by stage magicians, but by real phenomenon in this life, by real people. But to achieve these things, we must be healthy, we must have functional energy centers, we must have an active pineal gland, and we must be focused.

We are all doing the best we can, it is difficult to navigate this place of restrictions. Some of us are barely surviving. Look past the boundaries of your container, find your personal truths and act upon them. Take time for yourself. Look inward to your essence instead of outward to a society that has been built to contain you. Explore the beautiful scenery of this planet, and reconnect with nature. Meditate to find yourself. Find out who you really are.

Accept that karma could very much exist, and that every little thing you do either has a positive effect or a negative effect. This cosmic meter is determining whether or not you will progress to the next level of existence. And it always maintains your score, throughout all of your lifecycles. Unfortunately we cannot remember this score, but it is certain that you and your higher self planned your personal mission of this life. This would have occurred while you were in the afterlife before being born here. Of course, we cannot remember our mission either. Yet we should have hope, hope that our higher selves are trying to guide us. But the loop of being reincarnated here usually means you have not learned the lesson yet.

Do not infringe on the free will of others, this creates negative karma for you. But at the same time, do not let others trample all over your own free will. Treat others kindly if you can. Be nice. Try to remain neutral when dealing with negative people. Keep your distance if you can from negativity. Anyone you have an emotional interaction with, positive or negative, presents the chance of you getting entangled with their karma. It is best that you are not entangled spiritually with negative people.

At this layer of existence, we are here to learn how to love. It sounds easy, but this is a daunting task in our turbulent society. Unconditional love is our lesson to learn here. To love and accept yourself despite your flaws. To love and accept others despite their flaws. To always have positive thoughts. This is how we are able to increase our positive karma on the cosmic meter. How can we affect others in a positive way? With enough positivity, we can all progress spiritually. In the afterlife, your karma is evaluated, and you are then able to go to the next level of this existence if you can. If we stay negative, we should not be surprised that we end up here again, reincarnated.

The simple answer is love. Have loving thoughts and positive emotions no matter what the situation is. Allow yourself to progress to the next level of this reality. Only you can be responsible for the consequences of your actions. Try to nuture your soul’s level of existence by being positive. Love yourself, love all others, and love our Creator. We are all one.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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