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Here are articles from other news sources (mainstream). Please remember that news from these sources always has an agenda.  Clicking the links will open a new tab.

Please use your critical thinking to get the small bits of truth that are in these articles. Until the media is controlled by more benevolent forces, there is always an agenda against the people. Please disregard any portions of these stories that promote fear or that are trying to divide the peoples of Earth.

There will be no invasions or wars. Do not let any falsehoods, or untruths, or contrived false flags get your emotions stirred up. The real extraterrestrials cannot interfere with us, we must have free choice in our lives. The truth has been here for the last 75 years, yet we are only seeing small slivers of it just now. Do not be distracted by these tiny disclosures. One day we might get full disclosure, but we are not there yet.

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Mysterious lights filmed off North Carolina’s Outer Banks:




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