What about Religion?

Recently I had a family member ask me, “What about Christianity? What about Jesus?” This was asked of me after reviewing some of this website. The following is my reply to him.

All I can do is to tell you of my beliefs at this point in time. Our beliefs can change in an instant and are always being modified by ourselves. I normally avoid talking about politics or religion, as these are very confrontational topics. Some people are so convinced that that their beliefs are right and if you differ from them, you are wrong. This is a closed mind viewpoint. There is no right or wrong, and every person has different beliefs. The subject is so complicated, I think that no one has it completely right.

There is nothing wrong with Christians. The whole point is connecting with our divine Creator or God. It does not matter how you get there. Jesus existed, he was a great spiritual teacher. To me, Jesus showed us that we could connect to our Creator without involving the church. Jesus taught us many valuable lessons, such as being kind to one another, to help others, and to love one another. These are all qualities we need to have to be able to ascend to the next level in our existence.

Jesus showed us that miracles can happen. I think that all of us, individually and as a group, are capable of miracles. The potential is within ourselves. We see real world examples all of the time. The mother who lifts a car off of her child. The person dying of cancer who is suddenly cured, caused by a group of people praying or meditating for them to be healthy. The majority of the time, near death experiences (NDEs) are a form of a miracle. Doctors and nurses have no rational explanations why some people come back from being clinically dead.

Prayer is a form of meditation. Meditation is a tool for us to connect to God, as well as a tool to remember who and what we are. We are souls foremost, energy beings made of light. We are here as spiritual beings having a human experience. This place is a training school, a proving ground. To see if we are in service to others (helpful, kind, loving), in other words, good; or are we in service to self (selfish, narcissistic, egotistical, greedy), or bad. We keep reincarnating here to fine tune these qualities and to learn how to make good decisions. We are defining our morals, in other words.

I think originally that churches were here to give spiritual guidance, which is a good thing. But somehow along the way, they were corrupted. The priests loved the feeling of having power over others and they modified the spiritual teachings to give themselves even more power. Which means that the priests wanted to be the middleman between us and our Creator. That we are supposed to believe that the only way for us to connect to God is through the church (and priests). Which is so wrong.

One of the strongest arguments for this is Christianity and the Bible. We have this King James version of the Bible, which is still in use. Who were these people who thought so much of themselves that they modified the Bible? In my thinking, they made the church into a form of control over the people. There were many critical things that were removed from the Bible. The church wants us to feel powerless, so that we have to depend on them for our spiritual purposes.

There were whole gospels (chapters) removed. Reincarnation was discussed, even by Jesus, but all of it was removed. What about Jesus’s spouse, Mary Madeline? What about all of the other teachings that were removed? (Book of Enoch, Dead Sea Scrolls)

I have nothing against churches or religions, they can still be used in positive ways. But at this point in my life, I just feel like I do not need them to be able to connect to my Creator. If I ever really just felt like I needed a religion, I would look at Buddhism, for it’s teachings have never been modified since it’s creation. I do not think any one religion has the complete big picture, but there are nuggets of truth you can find. Even an atheist (someone who does not believe in God at all) can live a good life, and still be able to ascend to the next level.

I believe that the Law of One has a more complete picture of our existence here and why we are here. The woman who channeled (connected telepathically) to the extraterrestrials (who we think are the Blue Avians) was a devout Christian. If you find pictures of her, you will always see her wearing a cross and the Bible was present in all of her channeling sessions. The Law of One is great for credible information and I recommend that people read it. It was channeled in the early eighties and since that time, several of it’s teachings have been proven true.

Carla L. Rueckert, fearless psychic who channeled the Law of One. L/L Research. Shown with her Bible.

Past life hypnotherapy is a great aid also. When you can access memories of your past lives, you know beyond a doubt that we do live beyond these physical bodies. I was able to access one past life, the most recent life before this one, and I experienced that death and the departure of my soul (myself) leaving that body. I now know that there is no reason to fear death. I know that it has been this society that teaches us to fear death, to use this as a tool to control us.

But, in my opinion, one of the biggest breakthroughs came by way of Dr Michael Newton. He discovered how to talk directly to our soul (our higher self). This involves hypnotherapy to get us to the state that is between our physical lives. And the testimonies recorded are remarkably alike. These souls speak of what I call the Spirit World. These testimonies show us our true selves, the layout of our true residences, and our true motivations. And better yet, there are a lot of correlations between these testimonies and what is in the Law of One.

I would love dearly to go through one of these hypnotherapy sessions, but such things are beyond my limited budget. It is called ” Life between Lives” hypnotherapy and it originates from the Newton Institute. They have over 4000 practitioners all over the world. I have read all of Dr Newton’s books, and in fact I take their newsletters. I have read books by the current Newton Institute practitioners and taken their newsletters too. People are greatly affected by this therapy. We can find out what our higher self planned for this lifetime, or what our purpose is here. We can feel what we would normally feel while in our spirit state and much more. We can know that each one of us is important and have goals and what talents we have.

The bottom line is we are greatly disadvantaged by this existence in third density. We forget who and what we are here for when we are born. Most of us cannot connect to our higher selves except through dreams. But this is the only way for us to have unbiased reactions and to make unbiased decisions – to determine if we are morally good or bad. Most of us have been through thousands of lifetimes.

But everything I have found says the same thing. We are trying to find our connection to our Creator. The irony is we are all a part of our Creator. We are one. When we are in spirit form, we can feel the connections to each other and our connection to God. But in this place, this third density physical world, we cannot feel these connections. That is why this is such a critical time for us. The apocalypse will be very soon, and we will have the opportunity for ascension into the next level. The veil will be lifted, and we will never feel unconnected and isolated anymore.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.


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