Who Are We Really?

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This would be one of the main questions we want an answer to in this life. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here? According to our own souls, our guides, and our teachers, we are made of light energy. We have no physical body in our natural state. We also can never die, energy can only be transformed into another state. We have our existence in the Spirit World, or we finally become so pure that we can merge back to our source.

So obviously our natural home is not here in the physical realm. This reality on Earth is like a training exercise to us. These physical bodies are only a temporary vessel in this place. Some might compare us to avatars in a video game in this setting. Yet the conditions imposed upon us here, those give us our greatest challenges. These lessons can be extremely hard, but we ourselves chose this lifetime and this body to learn a specific lesson that we wanted to achieve. And sometimes it will take several lifetimes to learn one particular lesson.

The forgetting, the amnesia, some call it the veil; that is the condition that is the biggest challenge to us. We are forced to learn everything anew, from a society that is not mentally stable. We are conditioned that to be successful in this life, we must be wealthy and famous. We are taught here that to be triumphant, we have to have power and control over others. But that is not what we are here to learn. Our goals are not measured in dollars and likes. It seems that our spiritual lessons are about learning about our emotions and the consequences of our actions. It is about exposing our flaws and trying to correct those flaws. The forgetting we experience when we are incarnated into a physical body is necessary for us to have totally unbiased free will to make our own choices in this life, whether for positive outcomes or negative outcomes.

So upon the death of our physical body, our soul is released. The silver cord is cut. We transition to our energy being state. And when we are ready, we always find our way home to the Spirit World. We may be assisted or unassisted, depending on how much of an advanced soul we are. But generally we have at least our personal guide to help if needed. We are never alone, our guides can feel our need for assistance if we are disorientated. The first thing we feel upon leaving the body is one of peace and contentment, and we feel we are lighter, and that we are free of the density of the physical plane. There is a tunnel of light that will take us back home, and we seek it out.


To greet us into the Spirit World, we usually see our personal guides and our loved ones. Even the souls of our loved ones who are still incarnated on Earth. (That is a discussion for a later article.) We feel these overwhelming feelings of love, of kindness, and of acceptance from these other souls. We instantly know that we belong here and they are here to help us in any way they can. We realize that we can feel our connection to all of these energy beings, these souls. And we can feel our direct connection to our Source, our Creator, our God.

We also realize that we are mentally communicating with these others, telepathically. That everything is open here, there is no hiding anything from others. Nobody judges anyone else, everyone knows we are all flawed, and make mistakes. There is only calm acceptance with love from others. Our spirit home is free of all negative emotions, they simply do not exist here in the spiritual plane. Negativity only exists in the physical realm, and is the main reason we incarnate physical bodies there. For us to truly understand the choice between positive and negative, we must experience both conditions. We must understand all of the consequences from the choices we make. This process is how we correct our flaws in our being and it can be accomplished much quicker in the physical world. Everyone’s shared goal is to be positively pure to the core of our being, enabling us the ability to merge back to our source.

After many greetings and brief conversations, we see the joker of our soul group. He is appearing as a tree, off to the side, to see if we will notice and have a reaction. Having energy bodies, we can take on any appearance we wish. But there is no deception, we can recognize each other almost instantly. We are each a unique frequency, and we can feel this through our energetic connection to each other. All souls also have a visual aura around them, in which the colors displayed indicate how advanced someone is in their spiritual training. But there is no one here in the Spirit World who has power over others or can manipulate us. There are young souls and there are more advanced souls, but we recognize that we are all equal. We are all a part of one source and each of us has free will. The more advanced souls become our guides, our teachers, or our mentors. We treat each other with respect, kindness, love, understanding, and with acceptance of our imperfections. Everything that is accomplished here in the Spirit World is with the idea of us trying to progress, how can we evolve into a better spiritual being.

We are telepathic communicators yet we do not probe another’s mind, because we respect each other’s privacy. But most of the time we can guess another’s thoughts by their projected feelings and actions. Although it is possible to have a private conversation. Two souls can overlap their auras to achieve privacy during communication.

Being a non-physical being, our form when at total rest is a pear shaped blob of energy that glows from within. There are no genders in the Spirit World, although most of us prefer one gender when incarnating. But all souls have been incarnated as both genders during our hundreds of reincarnations. It depends on the lesson that we want to learn. Some lessons are better understood by a masculine lifetime, and some by a feminine lifetime. Genders only exist in the physical world. Although the equivalent of physical sex does happen in the spiritual realm. Two souls, usually primary soulmates, can meld their energies and experience an ectasy that is way more orgasmic than anything on Earth.

We tend to take a form that we are most comfortable with, such as one of our bodies from our past lifes in the physical plane. We also might form our personal space from a place in a past life, maybe our favorite place from when we were incarnated on Earth or another planet. We do have recreational activities with other souls. There are social gatherings, we pretty much have our same personalities, however without any negative emotions.

Although we put forth the most effort on trying to progress spiritually. We must keep evolving. So we review our past lives and try to find our mistakes, and to understand the consequences of those mistakes. Our guides and teachers assist us. We study with our soul group mainly, but some of our physical incarnations may involve souls from other groups. We help each other, we plan lifetimes where interactions between our physical selves will result in teaching us lessons that we still need to learn to advance our progress.

Our soul group is like a family to us, in fact we will often incarnate as a physical family on Earth. Although members of our soul group may also be our friends or neighbors or just someone who is only in a small part of our lives. But for the most part, interactions between souls are mostly planned for, before we even get here. Somehow, we can see the timelines of a physical lifetime, and see if we will learn the lessons that we need. When we are in the Spirit World, we are outside the concepts of time and space, which only exists in the physical reality. We cannot understand this, since we are inside time right now, but we are assured that we have free will even if this does sound like destiny has a part in this physical incarnation.

So who are we really? We as spirits are a better version of ourselves, we have the same personality but only with the positive traits. We are made from energy and can shape energy. We are eternal beings who are a part of the one source, our Creator. We never die, our energy can only be transformed. And when we can purify our energy enough, we will merge back with our source. This physical lifetime on Earth is the illusion, a life of making positive and negative choices, and hopefully learning the lessons that we wanted to learn. The karma we collect during these lifetimes also plays a part in our spiritual progress and in our other incarnations. The sad thing here that we have all been deceived and manipulated our entire physical lives in this illusion. But a great many people worldwide are starting to see through to the truth, in a great awakening of our times. And part of this truth is us becoming more spiritual in our physical lives. We are imperfect beings trying to achieve perfection.

The author researches for the truth, and these writings are interpretations of these truths. Especially, with what happens to us after death of the physical body? It seems that there are a lot of answers to be found in hypnotherapy. There are thousands of cases that hypnotherapists have recorded and documented of patients who have entered a very deep trance and a communication has been established with our souls. Our souls can describe all of our past physical lives and can describe our activities in the Spirit World. It is hard to remain skeptical when all of the souls in these unconnected cases, start describing the same activities and same surroundings in the Spirit World.

(Please note: The ideas presented above are interpretations by the author of several sources, including books by Dr. Michael Newton of the Newton Institute. Awakened beings can draw their own conclusions.)

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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