Whose Side Are You On?

Do you support good, or do you support evil? Have you been an unwilling accomplice to horrific acts against the human race? Have you yet realized that everything you know has been a deception? These are questions that must be asked at this point at this time.

Are you brave enough to open your mind to all possibilities? Do you want to know the truth of this society in this world? You must first see past the illusion of lies that surround you.

You know, I was just like you. I always put my priorities on the things that were within my sphere of control. I left the rest of the world to fend for itself. I always focused on me, and on my family and friends. Things like government, politics, and world organizations were way beyond me. You see, I was educated and conditioned to obey and believe in the proper authorities. That their word was truth. And it turns out that this is one of the biggest lies of all.

About five years ago, I was shocked to discover that my official news channels were quite plainly lying to my face. And I thought to myself, “What else have they been lying to the public about over the years?”. And that realization launched me down a path to discover the truth for myself. And the truths you will find are quite ugly, and just filled with rabbit holes to go down. This can be a painful process.

I, myself, can see clearly now what is the source of our pain, misery, and suffering. It is this system we are trapped in. Would you believe that our world is run by criminal syndicates? Would you believe that just a few people control half of the world’s wealth? Would you believe that these elite criminals designed a system to funnel wealth to themselves?

“He who has the most money, controls a society based on money”

I am sorry to say that the corruption is throughout every aspect of our lives. But I believe we can change our society. I believe that the overwhelming majority of people are good. I believe that we can remake this world into an experience that is fair to every individual. Can we bring an end to our pain, misery, and suffering? Can we work toward common goals as a people? I believe, yes we can. But first we must rid ourselves of these criminal parasites that live off our hard work. We must end the corruption. We must give control of our lives back to the people!

Below is an excellent article by our friends at Prepare for Change.net This presentation will help you on your path to truth. Reprinted with permission to spread truth among the people.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

Planned Chaos All Assets Now Available – Zoom Call Sat

Prepare for Change is proud to announce that all articles and videos in the Planned Chaos: Days of Disclosure series are now all available online. The 10 days dedicated to connecting dots with all the crazy events this year and who is behind them and for what purpose is a vital resource to understanding the madness of this year and emerging events yet to come.

We’re enlisting the help of Citizen Journalists and other truth seeking platforms, to share our Planned Chaos educational series as a resource for your friends and loved ones. The series was created by a dedicated and thoughtful group of Prepare for Change volunteers who provide well-researched findings on topics affecting us today such as: Media, Covid, Race Riots, the Election, Arson, Financial Wars, and

The series is meant to inform people and to get them across that chasm that exists among the unaware masses who are just beginning to see the disturbing reality of their corrupt leaders. While we see events as triggered by the global deep state cabal, we use examples and refer to the foundations of chaos as set forth by the controllers: problem, reaction, solution.

Through the Hegalian Dialectic and critical thinking we see that both sides of the political divide are acting out as puppets for a more evil and greedy ruling class. It is through that lens that we adamantly assert that humanity need to first understand the tactics of control, the motivations, who the guilty parties are then apply that learning to political leaders and the intel movements that are gathering many followers.

The Planned Chaos series uses our intel, research, and work of many in the community to establish our thesis. We believe it’s time to connect the dots in a compassionate way for those who are in the process of awakening – and to try to reach others in differing camps.

With the election coming up, there’s not much time to get this info into as many hands as possible to help voters make an informed decision.


1. Media exposed video:


2. Covid exposed video:


3. Race exposed video:


4. Election exposed video:


Here are the links to every key article in the series:

1: Media: Tell A Vision & Predictive Programming
2: Covid-19: Plan, Scam & Resulting Order
3: Riots: Racial Divide = Civil War  
4: Election: No Ordinary Election 
5: Swamp Draining: Swamp Draining is Real & Global
6: Arson and Eco-terrorism:   
7: Financial War: Power, Corruption & Money 

8:The Spiritual Connection

9: Darkness Drives the Madness
10: What Now? Improve Discernment


We hope that you enjoy our series and please distribute the videos and articles. We also want to humbly thank our volunteers without their contributions, this series would have not been possible.

And, please join us on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9 am PST for a wrap up zoom call where you can meet some of the project participants and ask some questions about the project or information.

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