Will You Comply?

How many of you still believe the talking heads in your TV? Are you the ones who wear masks outside biking and jogging, or driving by themselves wearing a mask? These are the people who comply, who just trust the wrong people, and believe that what the officials say is right. A few minutes of investigation of articles from non-corporate news would show you a whole different side of the story.

Studies show how masks do not work, that they cannot stop a virus particle, and other studies show that masks actually harm your health. The stuff your body is trying to expel from itself is being trapped in the mask, and you are breathing it right back in. Do you think the officials care about your health? Or is this about compliance?

There are now studies about what is actually in the vaccines, and the scientists are frightened by what they are finding under the microscope. Millions worldwide are dead from these injections, hundreds of millions have been injured, and yet, you will not hear anything about it from official sources or corporate news. I see heart wrenching stories of people regretting getting the vaccine, for now they are handicapped for the rest of their lives. Or parents sorry that they got their kids vaccinated, for their once happy children are now crippled for life. Or the other segment of the population that you will never hear from, for they are dead. And all of this situation is from compliance with unconstitutional and illegal mandates.

The people have stopped getting these shots voluntarily, so the globalists have forced their corporate lackeys to enforce vaccine mandates on their employees. This is not about the virus, (which only kills 2% of infected people), this is about compliance with their agenda. And the globalists do not care how many people die.

Below is an excellent article about mandates and compliance from Steve Rotter of Rotter News:

OSHA Vaccine Mandate – January 4, 2022 Deadline

The OSHA Vaccine Mandate deadline is set for January 4, 2022. Companies with 100 employees or more are required to mandate covid vaccines for employees or face fines.

The Beijing Joe administration has released the new rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring 84 million private sector workers to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

I don’t remember seeing OSHA listed in the U.S. Constitution or how they control our lives. I do however, remember the Constitution stating that people are permitted and encouraged to overthrow the government if it becomes tyrannical or controlling.

The administration has also announced its rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Assistance (CMS) requiring 17 million health care workers participating in federal health programs to be vaccinated, per the OSHA Vaccine Mandate January 4th 2022 deadline.

The White House is pushing back the OSHA Vaccine Mandate deadline for workers in those sectors, as well as federal contractors, to get fully vaccinated to Jan. 4, 2022, according to a senior administration official.

“We wanted to do this because we’re really aligning it to make it easier—to make it as easy as possible for businesses to implement these requirements and for workers to comply,” said the official, when asked about pushing back the deadline.


The biden (LET’S GO BRANDON!) administration received multiple letters from industries requesting the deadline for vaccination be moved back until after the holiday season.

The OSHA Vaccine Mandate rule requires employers with 100 or more employees to put vaccine requirements in place for all staff or face fines of up to $14,000 per violation. The agency is allowed to put into place an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) when it determines workers are at “grave risk.”

Something To Think About

IF an employer PAID the $14,000 fine per employee, does that make the workplace safe?

Will the deadly Black Plague covid go away with the $14,000 pay off, and the employee allowed to keep their job?

Is $14,000 paid monthly or yearly to keep the virus away?

How does paying money to the government ban a virus and create a safe work environment?


What constitutes a company of 100 or more employees?

What if a company has 2 locations with 60 employees at each site? Technically, these companies would not need to comply with the OSHA Vaccine Mandate or vaccines for employees.

What if there are 50 locations for a company with 10 employees each?

We go back again to how smart viruses are. Viruses can count and tell the time. Remember when government said you are not allowed to be in bars or public places after 10pm?


Do you think companies are going to pay the $14,000 fine (per employee) for the tyrannical OSHA Vaccine Mandate ruling?

The OSHA Vaccine Mandate will cause more problems for companies than it will for employees.

Companies not willing to pay the $14,000 OSHA Vaccine Mandate fine (per employee) will find themselves without employees fast.

Companies losing quality employees equates to companies suffering and failing. THIS is what government wants.


Remember 2 weeks to flatten the curve? It’s coming up on 2 years believe it or not and things are getting worse!

COVID has always been a tool for controlling people by installing fear to force them to comply.

Governments around the world are threatening arrest and job loss for non compliance. Do you see what they are doing? There are millions of us and so very little of them. Why would you even consider doing what you’re told by people who are supposed to work for YOU! YOU pay their salaries!

EVERYONE IS FREE and NO ONE has the right to control anyone else or tell them what they can and cannot do. Why are some people even listening to these satanic puppets? The simple answer is, they’re brainwashed and cognitive dissonance has taken these people over.

Under the OSHA Vaccine Mandate rule, workers who are not vaccinated are required to submit a weekly negative COVID test at no expense to their employer. Unvaccinated workers are also required to wear masks when on the job. Health care workers do not have the testing option.

Since it is known the PCR test is not meant for Covid testing, these covid tests will come back with varied results whether you have the hoax virus or not.

I’d be willing to bet the next step for the unvaccinated is to have false PCR tests show they are always positive, which means they need to stay home, and would probably result in job loss since they are “always sick” and refuse to get the jab.

The ETS requires employers to determine and keep record of the vaccination status of each employee and report all COVID deaths and hospitalizations to OSHA.

The government wants a record on you and your vaccination status! This is a Hipaa violation.

The OSHA Vaccine Mandate rule takes effect immediately upon publication, scheduled for Nov. 5, in the federal register.

White House officials say the new ETS is well within OSHA’s authority under the law and consistent with OSHA’s requirements to protect workers from health and safety hazards, including infectious diseases.

Officials claim there is well-established legal precedent for OSHA’s authority to evaluate existing scientific evidence and apply data to develop safety and health standards.

The ETS says it preempts state and local laws that ban or limit an employer from requiring vaccination, face covering, or testing.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Oct. 11 banning Texas businesses from requiring vaccines for employees or customers.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis filed suit Oct. 28 against the biden administration’s order requiring employees of federal contractors to be vaccinated.

Several Republican governors and attorneys general have vowed to fight the new OSHA rule in court.

It’s your body, your choice, your life and your health. NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do. NO ONE!

STAND YOUR GROUND when this OSHA Vaccine Mandate deadline arrives. You are NOT alone!

Isn’t it generous of the biden administration to push the OSHA Vaccine Mandate deadline to Jan 4, 2022 so people can enjoy the holidays before they die or become severely disabled from this shot.

This OSHA Vaccine Mandate is about one world banking and government and depopulation.

You can bet the big banks and investors are behind this OSHA Vaccine Mandate agenda.

The only way to deal with this is to refuse and stand our ground. When the elite don’t have anyone to pick up their trash or defend them against others, they will reconsider just like southwest airlines did. There is strength in numbers and we outnumber them!

To businesses enforcing this unconstitutional OSHA Vaccine Mandate mandate, you will be held accountable for the damage you cause and the federal government is not going to help you. The government is using you to do what they cannot do. So before you force your employees to get jabbed or be fired you better think long and hard about the consequences.

Can I afford to be sued x amount of times? What will happen to my business if they don’t get vaxed and I fire them?

There are lawyers working against this and those who perpetrate this covid agenda and OSHA Vaccine Mandate.

Source: Rotter News

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