The subjects covered here are highly controversial. These writings are meant to be a guide only. Everyone’s path is different, but we can learn certain lessons to gain wisdom in our own development. You may not agree on certain topics presented here, but you should at least ponder the possibility that these things exist and to do some critical thinking of your own. These are my interpretations of certain teachings and certain sources that have been proven satisfactory to me as truth that should be shared.

My journey for the seeking the truth began in 2008, when I realized there was a lot of information being hidden from the general public. I wanted some kind of understanding of  “why am I here?” and “why do I exist?, or what is my purpose?”. It seemed to me that we should know these things. And it was frustrating knowing that certain issues were very apparent, yet any answers were denied by science and academia.

I have always been interested in fringe science and alternative news. This interest was definitely from me being involved in and participation in psychic events throughout my life. Prophetic visions, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, and past life memories. These I cannot deny, for they happened. 

Other subjects on this website are things I totally believe in for there is just too much evidence. It does not matter what non-answers the official naysayers give, there are very well researched phenomenon that have been proven true. Yes, you can call me a conspiracy theorist, for most of these conspiracies are real. The truth is ugly, and the public will be outraged when they realize the extent of the manipulation that has been done.

I am just an average guy, have a family, wife and kids. I used to live in this bubble that only existed for my family and friends. I had no interest in politics or government affairs. My motto was to not intrude upon others so that outsiders would not intrude upon me and my bubble members. After my kids were grown with own families, I separated from my wife because of personal issues, and I had a realization.

I had done exactly what society wanted me to do, and I was thinking “now what?” “Am I going to spend the next forty years just waiting to die?” That was when I went all in, all my efforts went into researching and looking for the truth. For I felt there was something missing in my life, answers to questions that were unknown to me. What I discovered was there were so many issues that I had no knowledge about. I had once been the clueless sheep that society wanted. 

My first goal here is to awaken more people to the situation of reality that we live in. That this society is built upon lies in a matrix of deceptions that is designed to provide a concentration of power and wealth to the elite few and also the mega corporations that they control. This impacts everyone on this planet.

The second goal is an awakening of a different type. This is the question of our purpose here. Our goal is make progress in a spiritual way. My belief is in the truth of The Law of One. That we are here to make a choice and to do the spirtual work to get to the next level of existence. However we must first realize that we are eternal spirits, and this lifetime in the physical realm is only a temporary reality, that this is only a stepping stone in our progress. There is purpose in each person’s life and the greatest mystery is how to find our mission for this lifecycle.

Everybody’s belief system is different and those beliefs are constantly evolving as we live our lives. Every subject discussed here is part of my own personal belief system. Sharing this knowledge is an aspect of my service to others. Even if others do not agree with these writings, if it has indeed helped expand other’s consciousness in any way at all, then it has been a worthwhile endeavor. The goal is to help in our evolution toward spiritual progress.

Love and Light,
a Wanderer

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

A majority of the images used are:

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This website is not commercialized in any fashion. There is nothing for sale here. Any links are guidance toward related subjects. The information presented here is shared in the spirit of giving. It is hoped that this material will be used for consciousness expansion and spiritual development. The goal is for all people to gain ascension into the next level, and to acquire wisdom and insight. 

Many thanks to Cobra for giving me many self realizations. Victory of the Light!


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