Activation by Light Language

Have you ever heard of light language? I was so impressed with the spiritual healer being interviewed in the video below. Quite frankly, I was intrigued by the whole idea. My DNA could be activated to my spiritual purpose by a language? I can hope it works for me.

See interview: (Amanda Drain interviewed by Laura Eisenhower)

Light Language and DNA

Amanda Drain is a spiritual healer who gets downloads from her spiritual guides. She seems very connected to the higher frequencies. Her website is Incorporeal Healing .com

Here is an excerpt from her website:

“As an awakened lightworker/ starseed my mission is to assist folks along their ascension path. I support brave souls in balancing karma, transmuting lower frequencies, and aligning with their higher aspects.  I bring forward light codes and universal activating energies to individuals ready for the next step in their soul’s evolution.  Trust the process, if you are reading this… you are ready.”

There were a couple of things that really resonated with me from her website. This is how I feel myself.

  • “feeling of “I don’t belong here” and “I don’t want to be here anymore “.”
  • “our DNA remembers how it feels to be of a higher frequency.”

On her website Amanda also has what she calls “Activation Art” which she does when connected to her spiritual guides. This art is also used in her activation videos.

What is Light Language? 

Light Language 101:

Her YT channel is 12D Light Language. Below is a list of her latest videos. These can be regular videos, light language videos, or guided meditation videos. Go to her YT channel to see all of her videos.

Suggested for Chakra balancing and healing:

Root / Sacral Chakra Light Encoded Meditation / DNA Activation / Frequency Attunement 256HZ- 417HZ  (5.12 min)

Sovereign Stance Solar Plexis Light Encoded Activation Attunement 364Hz-528Hz  (4.32 min)

Initiation into The Universal Torus Field / Heart Chakra DNA Activation 528Hz-639Hz  (3.49 min)

Third Eye Throat Chakra Light Encoded Meditation Activation 852 Hz and 741 Hz  (4.51 min)

Christ Consciousness Activation / Meditation / Attunement / Frequency Upgrade 936 Hz – 528 Hz  (3.33 min)

Complete Energy Body Clearing, Light Language Encoded Chakra Healing, Balancing, and Attunement  (4.45 min)


Full Chakra Healing Activation Light Encoded Ambient Frequencies for Intentioned Meditation  (17.07 min)

Note: You may not feel different or believe there was no effect. It is a matter of finding the videos that resonate with your dna at this present moment. You may not feel any effects as these activations and frequencies are for your higher conciousness.  You can only resonate with the frequencies that you and your dna are ready for, again in this now moment. The energies will be used as they are needed.

(Artwork above is a portion of activation art by Amanda Drain)

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