Are We Ready for Evolution?

This was something that resonated with me strongly. We do need to be united to end the corruption in our world. We need to support each other to have the world we have always wished for.

“Humanity cannot evolve until we reclaim our power from false authorities, like governments, corporations, religions and various organizations, and in fact, this is exactly what we need to do in order to evolve. In case you haven’t noticed, the Universe has been turning up the heat and pushing us in this direction for a while now! So, when you see tyranny or you experience suppression, try to remember that this is the Universe conspiring on our behalf – to wake us up so that we will re-claim and embody our power as sovereign and free beings – and consequently, we will live the way nature intended. Believe it or not, there’s a growing number of conscious people sprouting up all over the world, and we’re slowly becoming the majority…..but since many of us are spread out, or in some way secluded, we have to do the work to find one other.”

By Nanice Ellis

Excerpt above from the post “The Renegade Burn: What Really Happened at Burning Man 2021 and Why It’s So Important For the World” published by Wake Up World


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