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Here are links to some of the best sources for alternative news in the US. There are video links and written article links. The globalist elite are trying to silence the TRUTH. As such, we must pursue the real story for ourselves, no matter where we find it. The truth is finally coming to light. We are the news now.

 X22 Report

Dave does Financial Reports and Political Reports. He publishes everyday except Saturday. His website is    Video channel is

Prepare For Change

Their website is

The Last Refuge

Their website is at

Destroying the Illusion

Jordan Sather takes us down the rabbit hole with his coverage of current events. A very wide range of topics. His website is at His video channel is  Destroying The Illusion


Stillness in the Storm

Justin Deschamps’ website is 

Rotter News

Steve Rotter’s website is

Project Veritas 

Their website is

Y.T. Channel:    Veritas Visuals

The website is

Benjamin Fulford is the former Toyko Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, who claims to have insider connections. He issues weekly reports.

The Epoch Times

One of the last independents. Their news is politically unbiased. 

Their website is

Gateway Pundit

The website is

Friday Night Live

Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts embark on a journey of truth-seeking and conscious awakening. These videos may be about current news, awakening documentaries, or could be from the latest conference they attended. Often they will have interviews with special guests. 

They are now located at Rise TV, web address is


Consciousness News

Space Weather News

UFO Update

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