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Well, if you have gotten to this page, you must be curious to what is exactly going on. I can only tell you what I believe, and it is partial information that I have obtained through sources that I trust. We are in the middle of a struggle between good and evil. There is an ongoing effort to remove the power from the elites and give it back to the people. The elites are getting desperate and using their emergency plans that have been in place for years. You should know that the elite’s goals are to depopulate the world and make human slaves for themselves from the remainder, while setting themselves up to be the permanent rulers of this planet.

Some of the scenarios that are a part of this preplanned event (cv19) are listed below. You will need to make informed decisions and guard against these agendas which will strip your fundamental rights of being an earth’s citizen.

  • To separate families: force testing of family members and send some members into forced quarantine away from home. A team would come to your home and force all occupants to be tested. Then (example) your kids would be taken away from you for their own safety. Or it could be your wife, your husband, your kids, your brother, your sister, or your parents.
  • To force vaccines upon the world’s population. These have been prepared and ready for this event and will be unveiled later. But these have been called “special” vaccines. They will have unknown toxins and possibly nanotechnology in them. Along with that comes micro chipping of individuals, to mark who has been vaccinated. (Also note: the 5G technology is rumored to be what activates the nanotech, once it is in your body.)
  • To force mail in voting in the next US presidential election. If the elites can keep this lockdown in place, this is how they can cheat to get a president that they can control. Your vote will not even matter.
  • To force the world economy to crash. The elites want to create as much chaos and confusion as possible so they can achieve some of their objectives. Also, they will blame as much as possible on Trump.

The elites have infiltrated all segments of our society through corruption and blackmail. The ones that could not be controlled were killed. But there are good guys throughout our society who have formed the Alliance. This alliance is worldwide and is all about taking the elites out of power before they can kill or enslave everyone. They are also the ones who asked Trump to become president, as a president that the elites could not control.

If you are still watching mainstream news, just stop it. Turn off the TV. They are pushing fear through lies and deceptions. All of the mainstream news is controlled by the elites and they are promoting propaganda. Anything to promote the elite’s agenda, which has been outlined above. The media has single handedly blown this virus way out of proportion to cause people to be afraid. They want the people to demand these “special” vaccines.

What you need to question is ” Why has this particular virus triggered a lockdown of this magnitude across the world”. This has never happened before, and we have had virus outbreaks plenty of times before. SARS, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu, and Avian Flu just to name a few. This is an indicator that this particular virus outbreak was a preplanned event. An event to strip away your rights.

The truth is we can recover from this virus and build our own antibodies against it. (Do We Have a Solution?) A vaccine is not even needed. It makes no sense to keep healthy and recovered people in lockdown. Let the people who are the most susceptible with compromised immune systems be in self quarantine and use masks in public. This virus is far less deadly than anything we have seen before. Do not believe the inflated numbers from the msm.

For those people in countries, states, or cities that are still in lockdown, your rights are being ignored. This is not even legal. Voice your protests. For the ones who are in authority in these places, they are being controlled by the elites and are now being exposed. It makes no sense to keep the economy in lockdown. The people united can stop these adversaries. Claim your right to be free. Claim your right to freedom of speech. Claim your right to participate in your religion. Claim your right to work to provide for your family.

The good news is that in this war between good and evil, it appears that the good guys are winning. We know that the trafficking rings in pedophilia, sex slaves, and forced slavery are being taken down. We know that a lot of these victims that were enslaved have been rescued. We know that the drug cartels are being taken down. We know that the majority of DUMBS (deep underground military bases) that were used by the elites have been captured or destroyed. (From Dark to Light)

It really amazes me how many people are still believing the false narrative that is being put forth from mainstream media news. The truth is out there online, but you have to want to find it. You have to want to critically think for yourself, instead of just believing what is broadcast to you. You have to quit being lazy, and discern your own truth. There are plenty of citizen journalists presenting factual evidence.

One thing I have learned over the years researching fringe material, is that 95% of these so called conspiracy theories turn out to be true. You need to adjust your thinking and adjust your beliefs. One day soon, the power will be given back to the people with all of our constitutional rights intact.

#Trust the Plan

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the mainstream news should be held accountable for lying to the people?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?
Should the corrupt (controlled) politicians should be held accountable for their actions?

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