Do Not Be Afraid

We are born into this world not knowing anything and we have to rely on others to teach us. There is a problem however. What if the ones we learn from are using incorrect information? Our family, our teachers, our peers, or our mentors are not aware it is incorrect, for they were educated by the same system in this society. This information, as incorrect as it is, is all we have to go on and we do our best. Little do we know that this teaching structure is purposely slanted toward keeping us afraid.

Often we can only choose from a variety of ideas that are confusing or that come with conflicting information. It is hard for us to believe in anything unless we experience it directly with our five senses of this physical body. We are all like this, for we have been taught to use rational thinking to evaluate our environment and situations. There are times, however, when we see evidence from ourselves or others that would defy any rational explanation. This is usually from the spiritual realm, or the unseen world.

As children, when we first encounter anything that in our mind should clearly be alive, yet is in a unresponsive state, so we are puzzled and immediately ask our parents about this. We learn about death for the first time. And our child self can sense that this subject is difficult for the parent to explain. There is a reluctance to discuss this, or maybe a sense of fear, or sometimes, an emotional mayhem coming from the adult. We learn that this is a natural cycle, that life is always followed by death. This is where the explanation usually stops, and the child is left wondering what happens after death to their consciousness. Their awareness of self, this question of what happens to me?

This is the question we will ask for the rest of our lives. Because it seems there is no clear cut answer. Everyone is so divided on their opinion of this. Every religion has different answers. It is so hard to find the truth of what happens in the afterlife. Our collective beliefs need to be unified. Our group consciousness needs to agree together. Perhaps, one day soon, this will happen. For now I can only tell you of the experiences I have had, which have only pointed my opinion in the direction of the obvious truth that we are eternal.

Some people think that this is all we have, that when we die, it is game over. The end, finished. There is only blackness, like going to sleep permanently. What a dismal view on life! I just want to embrace these people, give them loving thoughts, and tell them how mistaken they are. That we do this cycle of lifetimes again and again and again. These people need to believe in our true nature, that our consciousness does not need a physical body.

A prime example of this is ghosts or spirits, the ones that still interact with this dimension. These are the lost ones, the ones who cannot find their way to cross over into the afterlife. They may have a strong connection still holding them to the earthly plane, or maybe they think they have unfinished business here. Do you believe in ghosts? The only way to convince skeptics is to let them experience a ghost first hand. To see and hear and feel the unexplainable. After all, I was a skeptic, and that is what happened to me.

It is hard not to believe in ghosts when you fully experience items that are moved by an unseen presence. A door you just passed that was closed is now fully open. A rocking chair rocking back and forth with no visible person in it. Just a whiff of the deceased’s perfume. I count myself lucky that it was a benevolent spirit, my grandmother, who had very recently died. I never saw her manifest visually but her presence was felt. That was her favorite rocking chair. Her spirit just would not leave our house, so maybe she thought she was still alive. She would move items around on my mother’s dressing table, which frightened my mother. We moved to another house as quickly as possible.

This was very much a first hand witness account of a consciousness without a body. A person that I had known for years, since she lived with us. I was only twelve years old at the time of her death. Over the years, I sometimes think that we should have done more for my grandmother’s spirit. Maybe we should have gotten a psychic medium to make contact with her and guide her to crossing over to the afterlife. I cannot help but wonder if she still inhabits that house in her spirit form. She needs to be at peace and heal in her rightful place of the spiritual realm. I would help her if I could. My hope is that she is not still haunting that house and has crossed over to where she needed to be.

There is a staggering amount of evidence and accounts by people who fully understand that our consciousness can exist separately from our physical body. Ghosts are just part of this evidence. People who have near death experiences report hovering in spirit form over their body and can accurately describe what was happening in that area at that time. People with psychic abilities also know about our spirit form, people who can astral project or remote view especially. All of us need to realize we are non-physical beings. That this physical life is just a temporary existence, one of very many that we will have. But we are skeptical and afraid, for we have been conditioned to be afraid of death.

The media we have been exposed to our whole lives; music, television, and movies, often contain violence and death. There are many, many ways to die and it seems like the media want to show us all of them. The local news is mainly just a murder and violence list of the day. These things do affect the psyche of our minds, and manifest as fear in us.

The health and medicine companies seem to like to take advantage of our fear of death also, for it helps their profits. The power structures of this world like us to be afraid, so that the masses of people are more controllable. They want us to feel isolated and alone, that we have no power to affect society. But the truth is, we can make a difference, that when we are united in an idea, we can very much make a big change.

One of the things that used to make me afraid of death was religion. Some religions use these concepts of heaven, purgatory, and hell as our afterlife existence. Most people interpret these as actual places in other dimensions that are used for reward or punishment. These teachings are terribly misleading. Even if people believe we are souls and survive death, they will be afraid of Judgment. But my understanding now is that these concepts may be metaphors for the events that really happen.

In reality, after death, there is no Judgement by any god. Our Creator loves us unconditionally, for we are all a part of our Creator. Our flaws are expected and accepted as a part of us. There will be no judgement by others. There will be a review of our lifecycle that we just finished, however this is only an evaluation for what polarity we chose. It will determine if we were positive or negative, and how much karma we collected. But it is not some judgement condemning you to the religious concept of hell.

Let’s look at those religious concepts and what they really mean, as far as our choices in the afterlife. Everything is determined by our polarity and how much karma we have of that polarity. Now if we qualify to ascend to the next level, going from third density to forth density, that would be the equivalent of the concept of heaven. That outcome means we are spiritually progressing, becoming a higher frequency being with a greater understanding of our existence.

However, if we do not qualify to ascend, we will be reincarnated again at the third density level on a third density world. We just keep repeating lifecycles with different bodies until we are able to finally ascend. What is challenging in third density, is that we are born into each incarnation with essentially no knowledge of what our goal is. This is done to maintain free will, to let each of us choose our polarity. These repeating cycles of reincarnations sounds very much like the religious concept of hell. And we are already familiar with that reality, for we are here now.

Now the religious concept of purgatory would be where our ghosts are. These souls are somehow between the earthly plane and the afterlife. There is something that is binding them to the earth. It is not known what the reasons are. It could be confusion, or maybe they do not realize they are dead. It could be there is a perception of unfinished business here. It seems like the best action for any soul would be to have a plan for this. To be ready for death, to recognize when it occurs, and cut all the possible cords that could bind someone here. We want the best chance of getting to the afterlife realm when we do die. It is unknown how long these ghosts will be stuck in between these planes of existence. Maybe until that soul perceives that it’s business is finished with the earthly plane, and attempts to cross over into the afterlife.

The point of this story is that we do not have to fear death. That it is natural, physical life is always concluded by physical death. But the most important aspect is that we continue to exist without this physical body. We are non-physical beings, beings of spirit. Somehow I think if we were taught this by one unified philosophy when we were young, we would not be so afraid of death. In a perfect world we would be told that this physical life is an adventure, a temporary event of existence. One of many physical incarnations that we would have. But that teaching would only occur if we had a unified caring society, which we do not have right now.

Let me make one thing clear, I am not advocating death at all. Death will occur at the natural time for each one of us. No matter how bleak a situation looks, suicide is not an answer at all, and your spiritual progress would be set back greatly. It is better to stay physically alive and do the spirtual work now. A premature death caused by you would require a lot more spiritual lessons, which in turn requires a lot more reincarnations. That would be the murder of self, which then receives a lot of negative karma attached to your soul. Have faith that the situation will get better, and just live this physical life. Life in third density is arranged to be challenging so that your responses and choices bring out your true self, whether that be positive or negative. Remember, positive karma that we project from ourselves will attract positive karma toward us.

The other event that occurred in my life told me with all certainty that we do indeed reincarnate. My higher self sent me a vision. It was a past life memory. To be specific, it was the last day I was alive in the previous lifetime, roughly seventy five years ago. It really was not pleasant, and having to relive my death was not desirable. I was killed by violence as a teenager. After the death of that body, I hovered over it and watched the man responsible dump that body off the docks. It was not a kind memory, and it put my present body into shock for awhile, but it told me the truth of reincarnation. And apparently my higher self thought I needed it.

So please do not be quite so afraid of death, we do survive it in a different form. We transition back to our normal spirit form. This physical lifetime is a temporary event of our eternal existence. It can be an adventure and is an evaluation of our soul. After the death of this body, we will meet with our higher self in the afterlife and plan the mission for the next reincarnation. We will also see versions of our loved ones, which are their higher selves in the afterlife. But our goal is to keep progressing in our spiritual development and growth.


If we are faced with an intensely dramatic death, we have a built in mechanism to avoid most of the pain. When we recognize that we are in a situation where there is no chance of survival, we will automatically vacate our physical body. 

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