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Do you ever wonder about where our level of technology is? We make giant leaps in cellphone and computer technology, but we are at a standstill when it comes to transportation. Yes, we are making some progress using electric motors and magnetic levitation. But we are still driving what we were driving one hundred years ago. Where is the technology that we have long expected? Warp drive, time travel, spaceships, anti-gravity, and true advanced technologies.

This older guy, we will call him Rick, worked in the same building that I did. We would see each other at certain times of the day at the smoke pit. That is where smokers can go outside and attend to their addictions. Well Rick sure did love to tell stories. He would tell me amusing anecdotes and strange tales from his life to pass the time.

Then one day, Rick asks, “Do you believe? “. In what I ask. “Extraterrestrials” Wow, well yes. I have been a lifelong fan of science fiction and such. I am an avid sci-fi reader and a captivated viewer of sci-fi films. Rick then started telling me stories that were clearly science fiction. He spoke of a huge space navy and spaceships of every shape and design. Rick talked about extraterrestrials and space bases. He spoke of settlements on other planets and other civilizations.

These things had to be made up, fictional, right? His stories were all good stories but fictional. It was too fantastical to be otherwise. Yet when Rick was doing the telling, it seems like he was remembering. Like his stories were memories. How could that be? Yet his stories were so detailed, so realistic. I could not see how Rick was pulling these stories out of thin air.

Rick just kept on telling his stories. He spoke of secret space programs and the different types of aliens. He also told of black operations and advanced technologies. I finally convinced myself that Rick had read these stories and had a photogenic memory to be able to recall these stories in detail. That was the only reasonable explanation.

Rick kept mentioning different higher technologies and I have listed them here. It is just another question in our existence. What if these are real?

Free Energy

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A device that could generate usable energy from the energy fields that are around us. This could also be done in space. Anyone interested in the plans, download here: 2014qed


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Device that could be able to replicate anything that will fit inside the interior of the device. One such usage could be of providing any meal instantaneously.

Car Engine Refit

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Car engines could be coverted, with a few modifications, to run on water. The engine uses the hydrogen from the water to burn. The oxygen from the water is released as exhaust.

Warp Speed

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This could exist on spaceships we have never seen. It is faster than light speed to travel stellar distances.

Portal Gates

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These could be used in traveling as in point to point. There also could be larger gates that could go to other planets, systems, or galaxies.


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This could be used in all types of products, especially in all forms of transportation, machines, and toys. It could lighten the weight of any object so it would not take as much energy to move the objects.

Health Advancement

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Advanced higher technologies could heal anything wrong with the body. All healing is done at accelerated speed.

Age Regression

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If this could exist, shouldn’t there be limits on usage? I just cannot think that this is a good thing. My belief is that we are more than just this body and we are more than just this place. We shouldn’t want to stay here too long, for we would not able to progress in our spiritual existence.

Smart Glass Pad

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These could replace any computer. This could be a tablet that is about the size of our tablets. But it would look just like a piece of our plexiglass, slightly flexible. It was activated by mental commands. And it would connect to the shared database of the extraterrestrials.

These are the technologies that Rick had throughout his stories. I would have to think that these would be very beneficial to us. But these were just fictional stories. There is no way that such a huge secret could be kept. Rick described large masses of earth humans participating in these scenarios. I just don’t see how this could stay a secret, if that many people were involved, that at least some people should return with similar stories exposing this secret.

Surely news reporters would be all over something like this. So this has to be fictional, right? What kind of people would voluntarily keep a secret like this from the many people who are suffering on our world? I cannot even imagine the total lack of empathy of these people for our own population. We are supposed to help others and be kind to others.

Update: 11/9/2021, Video: Med Beds Are Coming

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