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One of the lessons we are learning is that we must find our connections to the living cosmos. But to do this, we must first know and accept ourselves. The best way of doing this, is to look inward. And this is done through meditation. Meditation is a practice to empty our minds and fill our hearts. This is a way to nurture our spirit in the most loving way possible. And when you love yourself, when you accept yourself despite all of your flaws, then maybe, just maybe, we can learn to love and accept others. When we can start trying to treat each other in a kind and respectful manner, then we are making spiritual progress. And meditation helps us to find our inner calm so we can soothe our thoughts and temper our actions. Just a few minutes of daily meditation provides us with so many benefits, to both our body and to our spirit.

There are many groups doing mass meditation. This is a very good thing for our planet and for us. There is a planetary social consciousness that does connect us, although this is not always apparant. Anytime mass meditation is performed, it sends positive thoughts and feelings into all of us. It does not matter whether we are in a virtual group or a physical group, the energy produced is a sending of love to our earth, and sending of love to our universal Creator. It actually helps us and the planet progress in our spiritual development.

There has been scientific research done in the past that studied the phenomenon of mass meditation. Their results were astonishing. There were seven thousand Buddhist monks who meditated together for one day. It was found that during that particular day, the rate of violence went down seventy two percent at a worldwide level.

The groups that can be found online, usually have a clear purpose for their meditation. Which is often a shared purpose that can benefit many people. These groups mostly meet locally, in person, for their group meditation. We applaud their efforts, for the love is very much needed.

Yet it seems that we should be attempting to coordinate these efforts. There are probably a majority of people who meditate alone. If we could somehow have our meditations at the same time, worldwide, it would have a much wider and much stronger effect on our planet and our society. One of our goals at this time is raise consciousness among us and raise the consciousness of our world. The more minds who collectively join at any one time, will greatly expand the effort.

When raising consciousness, it is done in stages. The mind expands and stretches at certain levels, and it is always a progression. The mind cannot snap back to a lower level naturally, it is impossible. Our consciousness can only expand, and will never be able to contract. And this holds true with our planetary consciousness also. If we can concentrate our meditations at certain times of the day, we will increase our broadcast of love that will maximize our efforts. The stretching and expanding of consciousness on a worldwide level would be so beneficial.

This is not an attempt to influence the existing mass meditation groups, they have their own goals they are trying to achieve and we support them totally. This is only to add to their efforts in greater participation. In fact, some of the largest groups are listed below, with a countdown to their scheduled time. This is our society and our planet, it should be our collective decision to embrace healing.

It is known that our intentions have a great impact on our spiritual reality. And even if your personal meditation is focused mostly on your individual progress, please take a little extra time and effort to send loving thoughts to our earthly companions and to the consciousness of our planet.

Expansion of World Love Daily Meditation

To all of us who are not in a group, who meditate alone, maybe we could shift our schedule a little to be meditating as part of a larger group effort in your timezone area. To that goal, there is a countdown timer, that is hoped to be utilized as a common meditation time in different timezones of the world. Each session start time is four hours apart. These six sessions are called the “Expansion of World Love” Meditations. We hope that you will be inspired to participate. Meditate for as long as you wish to heal our society and our planet.

The following techniques should help you form your intention, which is the desired outcome that you want to happen while using this meditation. We are one with the Creator, our thoughts do affect our reality. In this case we will be using our emotions and desires, as well as our conscious thoughts.

● Take a cleansing breath, and let it out slowly.

● Use your normal procedures to get to a meditative state.

● Visualize the people that you care about the most in this life. Now feel the emotion of love that you hold in your heart for them. This is the emotional energy you will be working with in this meditation.

● Focus on radiating that love back into the earth. Sometimes it is good to visualize your most favorite places in nature and send this love to those places.

● Likewise, you can visualize people you know who live in distant lands, in receiving this love. Just hold the feeling of love and direct it to where you feel it is needed.

● Or just broadcast that love straight into the earth, if your location allows it, and let the earth diffuse that energy to the places or people that need it most.

● This meditation should be done at least ten minutes or more.

● Take a cleansing breath and end the session.

It is recommended that since you were working with the energy of an air element, that you do a grounding ritual at your first opportunity. All that means is to have bare skin against the ground for at least five minutes.

World Peace Daily Meditation

Daily World Peace Cyber Group Meditation. The largest daily world peace cyber group meditation in the world; as of February 2018, there are more than 932,000 participants. There are guided meditation techniques on their website. 

Key to Freedom Weekly Meditation

This meditation from The Portal, helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light forces and the Dark forces, finally setting humanity free. The number of people doing this meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process. There are guided meditation techniques and a link to a guided video for this meditation on their website. 

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