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Are you looking for more tranquillity in your life? Do you need a change in your environment? It really is a matter of perspective. This story describes how to make that possible.

There is no better feeling than to have peace and calm at home. I literally unplugged myself from mass media and media news. There are a lot of things that I realized, that made me want to be independent, to do more critical thinking, and yes, it made me happier.

Nobody is saying to give up your favorite comedy or detective show. It’s the news that we question. Whatever the topics of the day that are pushed at you. These subjects also appear in daytime and late night talk shows. How do you recognize the truth? Because it was on the television? How do you see that a slanted perspective is being presented? Do you know when there is purposely omitted relevant news?

My first realization was that all mass media news anchors were using the exact same script. No matter if it was radio or television, no matter where the station was located, they were getting the same stories on their teleprompters for the announcers to read. Well I wondered about that and started researching about this phenomenon. It seems all of our news is censored, altered if necessary, and sometimes not shown at all. And the announcers are provided with instructions on how to spin it to the public. So what we see is scripted news that should provoke a carefully guided response from the audience.

Seeing how almost all media stations are owned by just a handful of corporations, then it starts making sense. The media news anchors are bought and paid for, to read the official script of that day. The approved stories that are being peddled as truth yet often are not, with you not being able to see the whole picture.

Try not watching or listening to mass media news reports. I avoid them altogether. Try alternative news from the internet, sign on with online news from other countries, get other reports from new sources. Compare between all sources, and use your critical thinking to choose which are reliable and trustworthy and use those instead.

I try to also avoid any program that is seeking a debate or something controversial. These shows are carefully crafted to entertain you with drama, often distracting you from true stories. They could also be trying to quietly modify your opinion of a current event or a staged event.

I try to avoid commercialism, which is impossible where I live. Yet I try to ignore TV commercials, online ads, billboards, promotions in stores, radio commercials, etc. They are all trying to sell you a service or a product. Which most of the time is something you do not absolutely need. Just think before you purchase. I don’t know how much money I have wasted on less than useful products. Save your money for things that are more essential to you.

How do you free your mind? Step One:

Once you see for yourself how these things are conditioning your mind, and how the news media entraps you and binds you to their narrative, you will realize to let it go. It is a false reality. And you will seek the truth on your own terms.

You will come to realize that most of what we are presented with, through radio and tv, the official scripted narrative, is not even close to right sometimes. You will start to look behind the scenes, discovering the motives being used to manipulate the general public. You will also discover that your news is censored, that some current news reports are not there, yet these stories are reported in other countries news agencies.

What do I watch? Mostly a paid movie service or an online video service. I go to the internet for news. If I watch any shows on free air channels, I just avoid or ignore the commercials. I have been unplugging for over ten years now. It is an ongoing process. I find that my clarity of thought and awareness has improved. You just need to get all these negative thoughts and emotions out of your head. These needless scripted dramas that are poisoning your thoughts. Declutter your mind. This modification to my lifestyle has resulted in me being a calmer and happier person.

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J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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