How to Change the World

The only way to change the world is for the people to want to change it.

This transformation has many obstacles that must be overcome. The main obstacle is how to motivate the people to want change?

People resist change. Change is scary, it is the unknown. People get lazy and unmotivated when they feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes it takes changed circumstances for people to want to change. Sometimes emotions will make us want to change. Sometimes it takes change to one’s beliefs to initiate change. In other words, sometimes it takes a slap to the face to get us motivated.

But change can give us great benefits once we get past the changing process. Sometimes you are eternally grateful that you made the change, for all of the improvements to your life, where you go, “Why did I not do this sooner?”

This is the crossroads we are at right now. The people must be motivated to want a change to our world and to our lives.

When you were a child, and you were told by your mother that the orange flame was “hot”, did you know what she meant? No, you did not, you stuck your hand in the flame. And you learned very quickly what “hot” meant. This is called “learning the hard way”.

Even as adults, we retain this practice. We cannot be told something, we must experience it ourselves. Learning the hard way. This is what is happening right now. We cannot be told that criminal societies have been running this world for hundreds of years. We must be shown the corruption. We must be shown that the very concepts we believe in, that only benefit these criminals, are very, very wrong. We must experience the travesties that have been committed. We must experience the crimes against humanity and recognize the malice against the people.

This is the “Great Awakening” (17). The process of when we come to recognize that these well dressed criminals only care about themselves, not the people of the world. Where wealth and power are the only goals to these criminals, and are achieved through corruption such as bribes, blackmail, and death threats. Unfortunately many of the people of the world cannot be told, they must learn this the hard way.

So how do you enlighten the people who are still asleep? The ones who believe mainstream news is to be trusted. You must show them, you must let them experience the corruption for themselves. This is a theatrical show, to let the people see the plans of the criminals. You must show the sleepers all of the lies and deceit coming from the mainstream news. You must show the censorship from social platforms. You must slap them in the face with the truth to motivate them. “Enjoy the show” (17)

You see, I believe that the battle between good and evil has already been won by the good guys. That this period of time is part of “The Plan” (17). The corruption in this world is so excessive, it must be shown in bite size chunks to be digestible by the general public. The people will then be motivated to change this world once this truth is shown.

We the people want to take back control of our own lives. We must make this world a place that benefits everyone, not just the criminal 1%. We want our rights to be respected, we want our voices heard. Everyone deserves to have a decent life here on this planet. To be treated fairly, without poverty or hunger. This is achievable, if we proceed with truth and honesty in every faucet of our lives.

The motivation is coming soon, and then we will change our world.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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