It is Time to Wake Up

If you are confused, join the rest of us trying to make sense of this. Because none of this situation makes sense to anyone. We are in an information war, and we need to reevaluate who we trust for truthful information. Until we all see the bigger picture, the complexity of this operation will continue to be nuttier than Alice going down the rabbit hole. For what you do not realize, is that war has been declared on you. Yes, you. It does not get any more personal than this. There is indeed a small group of people who wish to erase your existence from this place. This is the operation that we are witnessing at this time. This is being done by lethal injections called “covid19 vaccines”.  

What are you expecting in 2021? I am sure it was not the situation we find ourselves in. We are seeing two very different narratives emerge. One is scripted and presented by the corporate news (fake news). This narrative pushes the globalists agenda. This is against the people. The other narrative is the truth even if you do not agree with it. The truth helps the people.

We are patiently waiting for results from the forensic election audits from several states. We already know that the 2020 election was corrupted. We are just waiting for the undeniable proof.

Meanwhile, the COVID agenda is being pushed hard by the fake news.

Mask mandates are a political agenda only. Masks cannot stop virus particles at all. The only scientific studies just prove this point. Wearing the masks is unhealthy for us, (also proven by scientific studies). It makes us feel more isolated. It is also said that the mask shows our obedience to the globalist elite. This is an erosion of our rights. And now they want to apply this idiotic mandate on our children.

Lets talk about these experimental injections. If you think you can just comply by getting the shot, and things will go back to normal, you are sadly mistaken. This is one of the biggest lies by the fake news. There is no way to go back to what we think is normal. For these evil people will seek you out. The globalists want you DEAD. They want your family, your children, and your friends to die.

These experimental injections do not cure and do not prevent the virus. This is admitted to by the drug companies and whistleblowers within these corporations. There are many reports and studies showing just how toxic these shots are by doctors wanting to expose the truth. Sometimes these injections kill immediately, but it has also been proven that the toxins in these injections will eventually collect at all our major organs and cause organ failure. There is also a metal component in these shots (nanotech), which has been proven by the magnet challenge.

If you want to find the truth, you have to search for it. There is an insane amount of censorship trying to suppress the truth right now. The fake news hides things and deceives the people. Only you can decide in what information that you believe. Here is truth that I believe.

Covid 19 is just a new label for the flu.
Only 40 to 50 thousand actually died from covid in 2020 in the U.S., which is right in line with the normal death rate from the seasonal flu.
The fake news reported 400,000 to 500,000 deaths from covid during that period. The fake news is scaring people into taking the experimental injections.
The virus has a 99.99x % survival rate, depending on your age.
There are at least two cures for the virus, hydroxychloroquine with zinc, or ivermectin (human type/not animal). (let a medical doctor prescribe the right dosages for you) Why would you need a vaccination?

Thousands have died from these experimental injections.
45 thousand have died within the first three days of receiving the shot.
Millions have suffered health injuries as a result of the injections.
The “Delta variant” is just another fictional label to hide what is really going on. Fake news.
We are now seeing an increase in deaths worldwide, not from the virus, but from these experimental injections (labeled vaccines).
40 % to 100% of the covid (delta) hospitalizations and deaths are comprised of vaccinated people, depending on the region.


The globalist elite are desperate to have all people take these lethal injections. (depopulation agenda) They offer awards for taking the vaccine such as cash money, free food, lottery tickets, etc. Now they are limiting our freedom with vaccine passports. You must have the vaccine to be able to travel, to attend concerts or sporting events, to eat in restaurants, to shop, etc. The elite have also forced corporations to have have vaccine mandates, where you must have the vaccine to stay employed there. Some countries are also forcing these vaccine mandates upon their citizens. (France, Australia) These actions are totally against our individual rights and freedoms.

Here in the U.S., I have read articles about our government (puppets) trying to force vaccines upon the people in a door by door campaign. (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) After all, we have empty FEMA camps with tons of plastic coffins that have been ready since 2014 for just this purpose of genocide. Do not be secreted away to one of these camps for “your own safety” only to die from a lethal fake vaccine.

It is expected that the FDA will approve these fake vaccines for use on everyone in a couple of days. Is that any surprise? The globalist elite control the corporations, the governments, the healthcare system, the mass media, and all agencies such as the CDC and FDA.

How many people will die before the world’s populations realize that these so called “vaccines” are lethal? How long before we put a stop to this madness? The people need to say “NO MORE”.

At this point in time, there are two paths unfolding before us. One leads to a dystopian society where most of the population is eliminated and the remainder are slaves to the elite (globalists). You will have no individual rights or freedoms, and you will be monitored around the clock.

The other path is the one I am interested in. This one includes a purging of evil and corruption from this world. Where we can rebuild a society that treats everyone fairly, and does not cater to a few. Where everyone has access to clean food and water. A world where advanced technology has provided everything that we need. There will be no need for jobs or money. We can pursue our dreams, to wherever our true interests are.

But our desired society is only attainable by the people uniting together now worldwide. We have to resist this tyranny in a peaceful manner. Our main goal should be to take these corrupt and evil people out of positions of power. They cannot be allowed to control our lives like this. They must be arrested for crimes against humanity. Anything we can do will help. It does not have to be protesting, it can be meditating to raise the vibration of the planet. It can be just attempting to spread the truth, like I attempt to do with this website. We need to end this corruption of our lives.

After we eliminate the globalist elite from power in our society, is when things should really get exciting. When we get our affairs in order worldwide, and everyone is on the same page, is the point where we should start getting astonishing truths. Advanced technology will be revealed to the surface population. Disclosure of non-terrestrial humans and UFOs will be possible. There will be a redistribution of wealth and resources among the people. And probably much, much more; more than I can imagine.

There will be Med Beds, advanced tech that resets an individual back to their original DNA, eliminating disease and medical ailments along the way. These devices will be able to eliminate all effects of these experimental injections, so there is hope for the vaccinated people. Also you can be regenerated into a younger version of you.

Video: Med Beds Are Coming

There will be free energy devices to provide power for whatever we need. These units create energy from the frequencies of the universe. And there will be replicators to provide material objects for us. (think of super advanced 3D printers) These devices will also provide food and beverages for us. We can have such a better society and a much better quality of life.

We are firmly on the Ascension timeline, which is expected to occur 2029 to 2030. At that time, our earth will ascend along with the people into a higher density (vibration). Those people who are not ready will be relocated.

You know, we are here to learn, to have experiences. To express ourselves through our emotions. And the most important emotion to have and to experience is love. We have to learn to love one another. To love people we do not even like. And the hardest lesson of all, how to love ourselves.

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J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.


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