Our World Affairs Right Now

This video explains very clearly the situation we are in. It is rather lengthy, over 2 hours, however you should hear and see the full message. It could be useful in opening the minds of the people around you.

This is the most important documentary ever made. It is the complete story of how we got here, and the truth behind the media, us, the world leaders, and covid 19. Download and share this video at https://awakecanada.org/the-complete-documentary-of-what-is-happening-in-this-world


Do not try to convince people, often it is like hitting a brick wall. Instead bring up a topic in an offhand way, in a conversation, to see how they respond. You will never change another’s beliefs all at once. If they respond in a positive or neutral manner, leave them with open ended questions about the topic. If they respond negatively, change the subject or walk away. This is not an argument, there is no right or wrong, at this point nobody can see the full picture. But you want to encourage them to research on their own, to answer those questions that you left them with. Often times they will slowly come around to some of the things that you believe in. And sometimes they can give you new insights and new information that they found during their research. This is about helping each other find the TRUTH. However, the truth can change dependent on new information.

This is about opening the people’s minds about the possibility of an evil group of people who have been gaming the system for a very long time. It is no accident that they have the majority of the world’s wealth. It is only now that their actions have been exposed. These globalist elites feel that they are superior to the people and want to be openly declared the rulers of the world. This cabal has been ruling from the shadows, hidden, using the weapons at their disposal. They rule through fear (pushed by mass media), blackmail, extortion, torture, bribery, and murder. Only now are We the People awakening to the knowledge that we are victims of these psychopaths. The COVID operation is just one more of their psych ops to force us to take these lethal injections, as part of their depopulation program. We are living through The Great Awakening. And one day soon, we will witness these globalist elites being tried for Crimes Against Humanity. 


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