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The better name for our extraterrestrials would be non-terrestrial humans. It seems this part of the galaxy has a blueprint for humanoid shapes. The starfish shape, one head, two arms, and two legs. Almost all of visitors have this shape. Now imagine the other creatures that we here on Earth having an upright humanoid shape with their creature head. There is a lot of the non-terrestrial humans that look like that with lots of variations in between. There is abundant life all around us, but we are not supposed to see it.

There are non-terrestrial beings all around us all of the time in this Solar System. There are bases and settlements built inside the planets, the moons, and the asteriods. There are bases within our moon. Intelligent life is everywhere, in our universe. There are infinite variety whose homes are in neighboring star systems. But again, these things are hidden from us. It has to appear that we are isolated, so we can use our free will to make The Choice. The choice on whether you are of positive polarity or negative polarity. Each one of us must make this choice, it is part of your spiritual development towards ascension.

Humanoid Non-terrestrial Being – Artist Rendition

There are non-terrestrial humans who look very similar to us but with minor differences. Differences that can be kept hidden, sometimes just by clothes. They would not be able to deceive our doctors and diagnostic machines of course. But some of this type can walk among us and engage with us. But the thing that needs to be clearly understood by us, is the vast majority of non-terrestrial beings are of a benevolent nature and of a positive polarity. They are working toward their own ascension, and are building their own spiritual growth toward Service to Others, which means they are here to help us in the ways that they can.

These positive non-terrestrial beings are not saviors (this is some kind of notion that we are obsessed with). They are here as mentors and teachers to guide us on our spiritual path to ascension. They are beings trying to help other beings, which is us. They cannot be perceived by us due to their much higher frequencies at higher densities. These beings work behind the scenes to maintain this illusion of isolation. They will reveal themselves to us when we are ready to receive their teachings. This path to love and polarity choice will be guided by their assistance.

There are negative groups of non-terrestrial beings too, but there are far fewer. These negative groups are normally some species of reptilian beings and some species of insectoid beings. Although you could have negative individuals who are from positive polarity planetary groups. Unfortunately the leadership and influential power brokers of our world have been corrupted and deceived by one of these negative groups. These world leaders will be removed from their positions of power in the near future by covert groups of earth humans who are working within the organizations that are controlled by these leaders.

Reptilian – Artist Rendition

There is a staggering amount of information and higher technologies that has been hidden from our world’s general populace by our corrupt leaders. There are secret programs that utilize these technologies. Earth humans have already been scattered throughout the galaxy. There is so much to reveal in the form of disclosure to us. This is our mess, we will have to clean it up, and this will be happening very shortly.

We will be given a second chance, to have a much improved society. One in which each individual person will be treated equally and fairly. A society in which these advanced technologies and information will benefit everyone, instead of just the most privileged groups. We will be given time to heal and to advance our own individual spiritual growth. We might know peace and have a more unified world as a species for a time.

At this time, there are so few of us who are ready for ascension. The non-terrestrials beings have managed to delay the Solar Event, which when that occurs, will trigger a group ascension of us. We want as many people as possible to be able to ascend from third density to fourth density. That is what our spiritual path is all about.

On the day that disclosure comes about extraterrestrials, some of us will rejoice. For that is the day that our conditioned attitudes about races should disappear. For example, if you have a black man and a white man from Earth next to a twelve foot tall green elephant humanoid being who is from another star system, shouldn’t we realize that our genetic history and ancestry is the same? Yes, we are individuals and from different earth cultures and maybe have different languages, but we were born here on Earth. Our planet unites us. We are all Earth humans.

(Interpretations by the author of The Law of One and other sources)

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