The Illusion

We are living within an illusion that is also within another illusion. Yes, that sounds kind of twisted. It sounds really messed up. But I do not know how else to describe what our truth is. I have heard “This is all a dream and we wake up when we die”. This is close to what is happening. This life is a temporary place for us, and this lifetime is a syllabus of lessons for us to learn. We knew this when we chose this lifetime. There is great adversity here and Earth is one of the hardest schools. We will talk about both of the illusions that affect us directly. One is self imposed, “The Matrix of Society” and the other is imposed from outside, “The Veil”. We can break free from only one illusion at this time, which is the Matrix of Society, and we must do it united worldwide.

Why We Come Here

Most people do not understand that we are eternal energy beings and that we only send a portion of our energy here to animate these bodies. What we experience here seems very real to us and there is an illusion of us being separate beings. But in fact, we are all connected to one another, just as discussed in The Law of One. In reality all of us that incarnated into this illusionary world are just small pieces of the same conciousness. You could say that there is only one conciousness in this entire illusionary cosmos and in our spiritual reality that I call the Spirit World.

We will spend our entire existence trying to understand our connection to the one conciousness, which is called many things in our human languages. God, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Creator, the Supreme Being, Lord, and many others. These all refer to the same conciousness, which again, we are under the illusion that the Creator is separate from us. Ironically we are all parts of this conciousness and when we fully understand this, we will merge back into this conciousness. Am I saying that we are all God? Yes, I am. But this merging and understanding will occur in the far, far future as we understand time.

We send portions of ourselves into this illusion to learn spiritual and moral lessons. We do this voluntarily. We want these experiences and to learn these lessons. This place is the dream, and when these physical bodies die, we will wake up to our true reality. We will merge back fully with our higher self and we will review what we have done here. We are not judged in the Spirit World by others, we judge ourselves. We are our own worst critic. If we believe we did not learn the lessons we desired, we will come here again.

The Veil

Being born into this illusionary world, we face many, many obstacles and challenges. We are in what the Law of One calls the third density. And being in this level, we are automatically subjected to what Ra calls the Veil of Illusion. This enchantment makes us forget our existence of being energy beings, in fact, most of us forget everything. We do not know who or what we are. This veil also causes us to not be able to feel our connections to each other, so we believe we are separate beings. These challenges are our biggest hurdle. However we can connect with our higher selves and our guides through meditation, dreams, visions, prayer, and other psychic abilities. We also have connections to all other consciousnesses, but on a subconscious level so we are not aware of them. But we do not know this, and we are discouraged from ever finding out by this society.

Our souls in the Spirit World plan meticulously for the lifetime that we have in the physical plane. We are doing this to better ourselves, to create the best version of ourselves. It is just we do not understand the rules here in this dimension. And nobody tells us. I often think, what kind of society this would be if we had been educated on what we truly are from birth. How different this world would be. Instead of words and languages, we would be communicating telepathically. There would be no misinterpretation between anybody. There would be no war. We would be so loving and kind to one another. There would be no secrets. We would build and create for the benefit of everyone. But we would not learn the lessons that we came here to learn, if such a utopia existed.

We have to view these lifetimes as opportunities. Opportunities to learn quickly. With such a great adversity between good and evil, comes many, many lessons. Why else would we continue to come back, lifetime after lifetime? Our higher self has all of the knowledge accumulated from all of our incarnations. And our higher self makes the decision to come here. This must be the way for us to progress faster in our quest to expand our consciousness. To go to the next level, to go beyond this third density reality. To escape the veil. To become more like the spiritual beings that we truly are. To become wiser. To progress as a species, as a mass conciousness. To learn what it truly means to be in service to others instead of service to self. To be a better person.

Piercing the Veil

The Veil is something of a baseline rule here. We are not supposed to remember our past lives so that we can make unbiased choices in this lifetime. Which makes sense to me, our choices define what type of being I am. Will I be good, in service to others, or will I be bad, in service to self? That’s what we are here doing, refining our morals. But each one of us carries both good and bad. Which will we choose under pressure?

The Veil is a condition that will stay with us until we can advance a level, to ascend spiritually. This place is a simulation, a place where we can practice. We learn lessons each time we come here. Our higher selves are eager to learn. To become wiser, and to be able to ascend when the time comes.

However we can pierce the Veil. Have you ever used your intuition? Anytime we are drawing on sources beyond our physical body, we are piercing the Veil. Anytime we use our metaphysical senses or abilities. We are each capable of many abilities, but we do not remember how to use them, and we are conditioned to dismiss these phenomena by society stigma. We are taught that we are powerless and cannot do such things. But we know these things exist. Telepathy, precognition, aura reading, psychokinesis, remote viewing, astral projection, dowsing, channeling, automatic writing, divination, energy healing, psychometry, plus more than I can name here. All of us are capable of doing these things yet most of us lack the motivation to do so. These abilities can be learned if we use our connection with the universe or nature, and if we use them on a regular basis. With practice we can learn to be more precise with these skills. Yes, I am saying we can all perform magic, with the right intentions. On two levels; as an individual and also as part of our mass conciousness.

The Matrix of Society

Somehow we have managed to allow megalomanics to control our society on this world. These people only care about themselves. They rule through wealth, which allows them to have power and control over others. This society we are in right now has been planned this way by these evil people for thousands of years. They have corrupted everything in our lives. The corruption runs deep and wide on planet Earth. Do you wish to become a human robot? For that is the goal of these people. To strip away all of your rights and do as you are told. And they have done this very stealthily and secretly through the years. This is the second illusion that we must shatter.

You have been lied to and deceived since you were born on this world. Just as our parents were and just as our grandparents were. We are not really sure how far back this goes. Guessing, I would say, when banking was thought of during the Roman Empire period. When money was envisioned as a means to control others. This deception is presented to us as truth yet it is a false narrative, a false reality that has been crafted just for us. A way to ensure our cooperation in this money making scheme. A way to keep us under control. This society is engineered to create wealth for just a small select group of people. With this wealth, they have been controlling the other seven and a half billion people on this earth. We have been mind conditioned and brain washed to accept this current reality as a truth that we cannot change. These corrupted people are stealing from everyone in plain sight. You have been lulled into a nice comfortable sleep where we do not question and we obey authority.
You do not think for yourself.

Defeating the Matrix

That is why we really need the everyone to wake up. We need you to understand. You need to see the corruption for yourselves. You need to wake from the dream, you need to see past this artificial matrix. You need to start seeking the truth. Research subjects on your own, think for your self. Do not just regurgitate the propaganda from the mainstream news. I remember when I started waking up. I started seeking other news sources, mostly alternative news and news streams from other countries. I soon realized there were two conflicting viewpoints on the same subject. I realized that some stories were censored, to the point of a media blackout on certain subjects. But that is what happens when you start seeking the truth, and quit believing the propaganda headlines.

The reality is, we do not know what the truth is. The only thing important to the corrupted is money. Every faucet of our lives is affected by this greed for wealth. Every war that has ever been started, has been done by these wealthy corrupt with the intent of selling weapons to both sides to generate more money. Our education is flawed, our sciences, our mathematics, our history. These things have been stifled, because any progress forward would affect the flow of money into the industries that make these people wealthy. We need to see the truth of this society and end the corruption in our world. We need to make this place for everyone, not just for the mega rich few who spread the corruption.

There is hope. We can change this society if we all have the intentions to do so. Wake up from your slumber, think for yourself, pursue the truth, and just wish for a better world by your own intentions. And united together we will have success in stopping the corruption. We will break free from this societal matrix. And we will create a world that can benefit everyone here.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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