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People standing up for their rights. People resisting tyranny. This is worldwide.  Everyone should see this:

Originally published 20-12-2021

by The Counter Signal

Written By Keean Bexte

Millions protested vaccine mandates over the weekend, and the media barely mentioned it

Protests across the Western world exploded over the weekend with righteous indignation over vaccine passports and mandates, and the mainstream media responded with blatant, intentional silence.

In major cities across the Western world, tens of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands in each city, marched against their government’s anti-freedom, anti-human agenda regarding COVID-19, mandatory vaccines, and the dehumanizing apartheid state the entire world seems hellbent on imposing.

These protests are so widespread that it would almost be easier to list the countries which didn’t have demonstrations rather than those that did.

Nonetheless, here are only a select number of cities that saw massive pro-freedom demonstrations, collectively constituting millions of freedom fighters:

London, England saw an easy hundred thousand protesters come out in solidarity against vaccine mandates, wielding signs of non-compliance and demanding the government return their freedoms as they marched on Parliament.

Paris, France, saw thousands gather in front of government buildings, raising their flags and a massive sign that reads “LIBERTE!”

As Michael Senger notes, this will be the 24th consecutive week of protests in France over the “draconian vaccine pass regime and the COVID tyranny spreading across Europe.”

In Vienna, Austria, tens of thousands of freedom fighters tore down barricades and stormed the streets to protest lockdowns and vaccine-based segregation.

Those in Vienna were joined in protest by their brothers and sisters in Salzburg.

Tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands, of Germans rallied in Hamburg to protest the emerging state of totalitarianism that hasn’t existed in the country since WWII.

They marched day and night through the cold Fatherland to no avail and without recognition. The media remained silent.

Australians picked up the torch once again in Melbourne on December 17, filling the streets to oppose COVID prison camps and vaccine passports. Again, barely a mention by the mainstream media.

Tens of thousands filled the streets of Madrid, Spain, on Sunday, demanding the return of their freedoms.

They were joined by their countrymen in Barcelona.

Thousands of Swedes held a twilight vigil to mourn the loss of their rights, begging the government to end the oppression. There was silence from the media.

In Israel, tens of thousands of Jews marched in Tel Aviv against their own Prime Minister — going so far as to protest outside his residence — even as police fired water cannons at them.

On December 18, the Prime Minister of Slovakia was arrested by his own state actors for the audacity of showing solidarity with his countrymen by marching in a protest against the vaccine mandate — a mandate that his government managed to shoehorn into policy against his will.

In the streets of Brussels, Belgium, tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, formed a building-to-building protest so large that you’d need satellite images to capture the sheer scope of it. Yet, it barely got a mention in the local papers.

In Canada, thousands marched through the streets of Toronto and forced their entry into the country’s largest shopping mall to sing Christmas Carols after the Ontario government announced additional restrictions for Christmas.

Thousands of Albertans marched through Calgary on Saturday, with no media personnel in sight.

In America, hundreds of BOEING workers descended on Washington to demand the government “Stop the Mandate.”

Meanwhile, in New York, protesters blew through barricades and occupied bars, much to the chagrin of authorities, to celebrate their victory over tyranny.

Again, nationwide protests exploded in Italy, with crowds uncountable over the vaccine passport.

A massive protest in Denmark lasted all night and even saw a huge police push back. Where was the media?

Protesters in Greece are finally making their voices heard.

In the Netherlands, protesters are literally attacking the police for enforcing the lockdown.

The Irish filled the streets of Belfast by the thousands to protest the government’s COVID tyranny.

Even the Swiss are rising up against COVID mandates and passports.

Argentinians are protesting, too. Where’s the media coverage?

These are just some of the protests that occurred across the West in the span of three days. This response to tyranny is not indicative of an insignificant, potentially newsworthy moment: this response to tyranny is historic.

The movement captivating Westerners right now is so ubiquitous, so all-inspiring, so historical that it is no longer possible for anyone in the media to claim ignorance about the pro-freedom movement underway.

The journalists currently abstaining from covering the protests aren’t abstaining because they are unaware the demonstrations are happening or are ignorant of their scope. They’re abstaining because they are actively trying to suppress the truth of the global movement against tyranny. Their silence is a means of misinforming the public through calculated obfuscation and misdirection to keep people demoralized and feeling isolated — as if you are alone in the desire to have your rights and freedoms returned.

Whether the mainstream media wants you to believe it’s true or not, they do not have a monopoly on truth. And the truth is that you are not alone.

Millions across the Western world are revolting against the oppressive COVID regime, and millions more will join them. Now, it’s only a question of how long before the governments of the world budge.

Source:  The Counter Signal


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