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So what do we do in the Spirit World? It seems like a fact that we are relaxed and happy. We are surrounded by other souls and there is an atmosphere of caring and loving. We can feel the connection between us and the underlying feeling of quiet acceptance. Nobody is above us, except for our Creator, and it is felt that we are all equals in this place. We are all flawed and we are determined to overcome those flaws. Sure there are more advanced souls, but that only means they have had more training and teachings that have resulted in learning more wisdoms. We are all very aware that everything that exists is from one source. It is only by making ourselves free of flaws that we are able to merge back to our source, the Creator.

The majority of us will be guides, mentors, and teachers in the Spirit World. All of us on Earth have at least one personal guide and often loved ones’ spirits will watch over us. Just because we cannot see them does not mean they are not there. We have very limited senses with this physical body. And all of these unseen entities are making sure each of us on the physical plane will feel like we are isolated. This is so we can use our free will to make a spiritual choice, to either be a positive being or to be a negative being. We incarnate into the physical dimension because we can progress spiritually so much faster here. (And it should be noted, that reincarnation is totally voluntary, we as a soul make this decision.) But that is here, let us look at the Spirit World.

We all wish to progress in this existence, so we strive toward learning how to do just that. There is a never ending cycle of learning in the Spirit World. Older, wiser souls are teaching the younger ones. As we as young souls begin to achieve spiritual advancement, then we begin to have our own students to mentor and guide. It does not matter how at advanced we become, we always have wiser souls guiding us. The Spirit World is not subject to time, so it seems that we would be eternal spirits there. We each learn our lessons at our own rate of progress. Soul groups tend to stay together because the souls involved are at roughly the same level of spiritual advancement. However if one soul is progressing at a much faster rate, that soul will sometimes join a more advanced soul group.

In our soul groups, we teach each other the lessons we learned in our previous physical lifetimes. And of course, we teach of our failures also. Usually as a group, we plan out our physical incarnations so that each of us learns whatever lesson we need to benefit our spiritual advancement. Soul groups are usually our family members or close friends, or maybe someone that we see regularly here on earth such as a coworker. Although sometimes it might be someone that comes into our life for a certain period of time. We as souls, plan meticulously for our next physical lifetime. Our guides help us with the planning and the lessons that we want to learn. Most of this studying is lost as soon as we are born into the physical world. However some fragments of our plans may show up in the form of dreams or visions.

There are other activities we can do in the Spirit World besides studying and teaching. It really depends on what our soul is best suited to do. What we are really passionate about, you might say. What gives us the highest level of feeling accomplishment and satisfaction. Each of us is different and unique in that way. This contributes to the idea that our Creator wants to learn of all the qualities about itself.

Some of us who are skilled with interacting with others may end up on what a great many call a Council of Elders. They are advisors who help us clearly see the path to the goals that we ourselves want. They do not dictate to us, remember we are all equal in the Spirit World, these elders only advise us. We will usually see the the Council right after a physical incarnation. They will help us understand our mistakes and our successes during the lifetime we just completed. We watch our Life Review and usually judge ourselves harshly. We are the only ones that judge our actions, there is no judgement from anyone else. The Elders will present us with another perspective, in which our mistakes are marginalized and our accomplishments are highlighted. They guide us through this process with understanding and acceptance. We often also consult the Elders before we undertake a new physical incarnation. They review our plans for the lifetime and advise us of the ways to meet our goals as a soul. There are many different paths that we can take to end up with the result that we want and the Elders will point that out. We as souls are allowed to make mistakes in judgement and learn from them. This is our choice of free will.

Some of us may especially like to watch over newborn souls. This would be the equivalent of working in a hospital nursery in the physical plane. Although the birthing of these newborn souls is somewhat unclear. The few references I can find mention infantile light energy stored in honeycombed chambers until they are to be used. The nursery souls are motherly figures who project thoughts of love and encouragement to these unformed souls.

A few of us may have excellent skills of the ability to work with the life energies. As energy beings, we all have these abilities to create with energy, but some have more control and finesse. These souls may elect to go into creation classes. The elementary classes are in the Spirit World, where souls practice shaping energies both in groups and individually. When they reach a certain level of skill, souls may start shaping rocks, minerals, and crystals on a young planet in the physical universe. Then move on to creating with the other elementals, air, fire, and water. This planet is called the World of Creation and Non-creation. The souls there are in spirit form, there is no need to incarnate. It is a place of learning and they can only use the elements that are already there. They take these basic elements and charge them with impulses of energy that will change those elements into something else. They cannot create from pure energy like in the spiritual realm. There are only small lifeforms, no intelligent life on the planet. The students, when they acquire the necessary skills, can modify and transform lifeforms into other lifeforms.

And I know some of you may have problems with us as creators because of religious views. But we have to understand a very key concept, one that will take a lot of thought during our existence. We are all one. Everything in all of our realities are one with our Creator. Since we are a part of our Creator, why should we not create? Even when we are incarnated here on this physical plane, we are somehow creating our reality here. Maybe on some subconcious level, or maybe from our mass conciousness? I know this concept explains why we are able to split our soul essence. Part of our soul is left in the Spirit World, and only a part of our soul comes here. We get this ability from our Creator. Our Creater has split itself into countless souls for the knowledge and experiences we have. This is in an effort for our Creator to know itself.

These are just a few of the activities that are mentioned by our souls’ testimonies in the afterlife hypnotherapy sessions done by the Newton Institute. As more sessions are done, we will gain more and more knowledge of our natural home in the Spirit World.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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