Why Are We Here?

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That is one of the greatest mysteries in our human life. We all have a planned out purpose or purposes to be here. We have goals, in other words. We very likely spent a good deal of time and effort to plan out this human lifetime to reach our goals while we were in the Spirit World. Unfortunately we forget everything when we are born. But that is the only way for us to learn from our experiences here on Earth. If we did not forget, we would know we are parts of our Creator and we would not be able to have new experiences to develop spiritually. And we would not be able to learn the lessons that we wish to learn to reach our goals that we set for ourselves.

How can we overcome this? This amnesia of who and what we are? We are always told that we must look within ourselves. If we can establish a connection to our Higher Self, or what some call our Oversoul, then we can discover our purpose. There are spirits all around us, and they eagerly try to help us always. We receive dreams and visions to guide us, or we can receive messages in the form of intuition. Besides our Higher Self, we have personal guides, or members from our soul family assisting us in this life journey. They want us to succeed, and to reach our personal goals. There are hints given to us every step of the way and you can find them if you pay attention. With an open and attuned mind, you can navigate this life journey a little easier.

Yes, a good majority of us may be here to balance out karma that we created during previous lifetimes. But we are also here to potentially achieve the many tasks that we planned for as a soul. However sometimes this is not the case. One soul reports from spiritual regression hypnotherapy:

“A life does not always have to have a purpose. I have to have certain experiences. The experience itself is enough. I do not always have to do stuff. It is enough just to be, to experience life without always striving.

That life was important because it gave me the opportunity to experience humility. I have a tendency to want to do great things. I have to do ordinary things as well. It does not hurt to have a few messy deaths. I have to learn to be patient. I always want to go somewhere.

I am unique and it is enough just to be myself. I have read about this place (Spirit World) where people can go. So I have expectations that might not be met. I have to let go of what I have read and just allow my own journey to unfold.

I have a feeling of excitement. An aliveness. There is something about appreciating that feeling. I do not have to do anything with it. It is a sense of being more alive. I do not have to do anything. I just have to be it and radiate it. I am to relax and do whatever I feel like doing. I am supposed to enjoy my life.”

(Quote from Karen Joy’s book, “Other Lives, Other Realms: Journeys of Transformation”)

So we see that sometimes we are here just to experience life, to enjoy the moment. Which is what I think we all should be doing as part of this lifetime. If we learn to quit listening to our “ego” mind. You know, that mind you have that is so obessed with appearances and your pride. You have to let all that stuff go. Learn to listen to your instincts, listen to your intuition. Go with what feels like the right choice. Listen to your gut feelings. Listen with your heart.

We are all here to experience this life, to experience our emotions as we are living it. Yes, there are high points and low points throughout this life. But your life and your experiences here are uniquely yours alone. Your experiences may be teaching you lessons, or they may be balancing karma, or they might just be for your enjoyment. Do not overthink your actions in response to obstacles and challenges. Do whatever feels natural for you to do. Usually you will make the right choice, and if you do not, you will face the consequences further down the road.

One of our biggest challenges is how we interact with all these other souls here, close to eight billion now. The best way to treat others is how you would want to be treated yourself. A good portion of this physical experience is to learn how to love yourself and to love all others. To learn forgiveness. To realize that we are all connected, that everything in this place is connected. That the soul you are interacting with at any given time is a reflection of you.

Just live your life, to the best of your ability. Present to others the very best version of yourself. Be accepting and forgiving, and do not be judgmental of others. They are struggling with their own lives here and you do not know their perspectives or what they have experienced. Do not fear your physical death, for your life here is only a temporary existence. We are avatars in an imaginary world. A holographic reality that feels very real to us.

One soul, during spiritual regression hypnoptherapy, admitted to being incarnated on the physical plane over five thousand times. That is a shocking number to me, and yet it brings me comfort since it confirms that we are eternal energy beings who are enticed to enter into a physical incarnation for spiritual development.

“Our lives are dynamic. Many forces and influences come together to make a life. Our existence as a soul is dynamic. We have countless lifetimes playing many different roles, having many different experiences and creating many different relationships. I am sure we create numerous diverse alliances with numerous diverse souls.”

(Quote from Karen Joy’s book, “Other Lives, Other Realms: Journeys of Transformation”)

So why do we come here? There are an infinite amount of reasons. The short answer is we ourselves wanted to come here for our own reasons in order to be a better spiritual being. But to make the most of this experience, we need to let go of the negativity that tends to restrict us here, and to flow more easily with this life. The most honest answer to being here is to focus on the simplicity of true loving and connection. Be loving to yourself and to all others. Connect with nature and connect with others. Live in the moment. Think less. Love more. Live your life.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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