Why Do We Reincarnate?

Who am I deep inside? I don’t mean this human identity and fleshly body. I am talking about my nonphysical self, my spirit, or my soul. Most people I have known in my life realize that we are something well beyond this human skin. These physical bodies we have are a costume for a temporary event, a single human life span. Is reincarnation a natural occurrence or a contrived circumstance? Does karma play a part in this?

Reincarnation is a belief or matter of faith, which cannot be proven, even to yourself, until after your rebirth and if you retain memories of different lives. It is a highly personal belief. For me, it is a hard truth. All that can be done is to describe the experience to others. Listen to others that have similar experiences. Most of the world’s religions describe or talk about reincarnation. More than half of the world’s population believe in some form of afterlife.

There is also a growing amount of other evidence that there is an afterlife at the death of our physical bodies. People who survive near death experiences remember hovering over their body. Earth bound spirits of humans, also called ghosts, have been well documented worldwide. There are people like me who have memories of past lives. Uniquely skilled people can astro-project their minds away from their body. There are camera images that show our souls or spirits leaving our bodies. Science is trying to explain this, through quantum physics. I feel like we are getting closer to the answers we are seeking.

We are some sort of nonphysical being, that exist beyond this physical plane of reality. Some call us beings of light, and others call us energy beings. For we are made of stardust, the same atoms of energy that exist everywhere in the universe. We are part of another dimension, or more properly called a density, when we leave the body in our spirit form. That is if you believe that other dimensions exist, that you cannot perceive of through your normal five human senses.

Dimensions Are Layered Together

Here is the theory that I believe in. We are trying to ascend, from the third density to the fourth density. Densities are pressures established in changing frequencies of vibration. Different religions sometimes describe this ascension event, but usually in vague and mysterious ways.

This is the goal that we are all trying to achieve, even though we don’t remember deciding it. When we are born, we have a large dose of amnesia, essentially our memories are a blank slate, so that any experiences we have in this current life cycle can be new to us again. This leads to learning and spiritual growth. Also these new experiences and new environment help shape your personality in this life cycle, although you retain your basic personality traits throughout your life cycles.

Karma very much exists and is the reason that we keep reincarnating. Every action and decision you make, results in consequences. Every consequence is either positive karma or negative karma. You are responsible for the totality of your karma, throughout all of your lifecycles. You will keep reincarnating until your negative karma is cancelled out by positive karma. If you have an excessive amount of negative karma, it might take several life cycles to get rid of it.

It’s really very simple. Just be nice to people, help people. Do tasks that are a service to others. Love one another. Have a positive influence on someone. Make decisions that affect others in a positive way. You are the only one responsible for your karma. Be negative and you will be stuck in an endless loop of reincarnations. Or be positive and progress in your level of being. It is up to you.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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