Working With Crystals

I have been seeing a great amount of conflicting information about crystals on the internet. As a novice myself, I am hoping that this little bit of guidance will help someone else. These are just a few observations I have made working with crystals to achieve a specific purpose.

If you are wearing a crystal just because it is pretty, then it will probably have either a random effect or no effect at all. Most people just expect an effect to happen when it is worn or carried, and are usually disappointed when it does not work in the way they expected. Crystals are not enchanted charms like you see on TV shows or movies. They just do not work that way.

If you research crystals before buying them, you will see a long list of things that can be accomplished with each specific crystal. You cannot expect all those things to happen on their own. Crystals are multi- dimensional and must be focused (programmed) to achieve the end result that you desire.

Some people have said their crystals were cursed, and in a way that could be true. These people have not focused their crystal and have possibly lost control of the crystal to a negative entity, since crystals are multi-dimensional. Here is the best way to put it:

“Crystals do not control you. You control the crystal by programming it to achieve your desired result, which is set by your intention”

You must set your intention for your crystal (verbally or mentally), to instruct the crystal on what to do. You are programming the crystal to fulfill a specific task. It can be as simple as “I want this crystal to diminish my arthritis pain”. That is setting your intention (desired result).

Think of it this way:
An unfocused crystal is like a boat in the ocean that has no steering. Yes, you will get somewhere, but it is not likely to be where you wanted to go.

Always clear the energies from your crystals as needed. This should be done before you use it, after you brought it home. If you are using a crystal for an extended amount of time, you will need to periodically clear your crystal and reset your intention. (every 2 weeks, or monthly, or when you notice your crystal’s energy diminish)

To clear energies from a crystal:

Leave in sunlight for 2 hours or more (some crystals may be damaged by this method).

Leave in moonlight for 2 hours or more.

Leave under running water for 2 minutes or more. (some crystals may be damaged by this method).

To clear energies from objects:

I would use either white quartz or clear quartz. Put object and crystal together for a few hours or overnight. The quartz acts like a sponge and will absorb negative energies. Then clear the quartz crystal. (you can also use this method to clear other crystals if needed)

I hope that novice crystal workers will gain some insight from this advice. Remember, intention is key to desired result. Love and light.

J is a website designer, graphic designer, and author. He lives in the US and researches the spiritual aspect of this physical dimension.

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